Woos to HULA

I'm going to catch up on old business today...

First, my official HULA bumper sticker arrived, doesn't it look great? (See how it matches my eyes?) It will be the perfect touch on the bumper of my own personal transport vehicle, my Siberian Outback. I'll get a picture of it on the bumper, once Hu-mom gets around to cleaning it up. The reason I look like I do is because hu-mom woke me up from a nap to take a picture. I'm trying to nap up for the upcoming blog-a-thon. Many of my bloggin' friends are doing it - so many blogs, so little time!

Second - Finally FINALLY, Hu-mom figured out that little blog-link thing, so now I'm working on adding all my blog buddies to my sidebar. (This will be an on-going project, if you don't see yourself there, please be patient with me, I only have two typing paws!)

Third - eons ago, I got tagged for telling 7 things about myself.... (forgive me, I don't recall who did it, I can't find your note, woos of sorry) then Sherman got sick & I spaced it out. Better late than never-

1. I'm in charge around here. I direct the play activities at the dogpark, I tell (or told) Sherman what to do and when to do it, I use my psychic powers to make humans do my bidding.

2. I LOVE my stuffie babies. Do not touch them.

3. I'm a very picky eater. What is this unadorned dog-food doing in MY bowl?

4. I hate being brushed, I like my fluffy left right where it is.

5. I adore attention from people (humom says I'm a big flirt) Why shouldn't everyone have a chance to tell me I'm pretty?

6. My registered name is Blue Moon Star.
(Hu-mom, dad, & boy each gave me one of my names.)

7. I love tiny little dogs, and cats, too. I really really love kitties.



Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Star.. I have to say, you look very cute with your bumper sticker!!! I love your 7 things and I love your full name. Mine is SAJA Bella Bleu Eyes Sitka. The Blue is spelled the French way and it also comes from my birth mom (as well as Eyes).

elyse said...

Woooo, Star! I love your just slightly sleepy look. I enjoyed your seven things and I think your full name is beautiful. And you are, too. Hope this finds you (and your humans) well and happy today.
Elyse (and Cassie cat)

Shmoo said...

Wow, I love how that bumper sticker stylishly sets off your beautiful eyes.


Turbo the Sibe said...

We like the Siberian Outback, but my Human bought a Dodge Durangwoo instead.

The Husky in the Window said...

Star you are toooo much! Good thing your humans have your around to give orders. What would they do? Your 7 things are good!
Did you get to go back to your nap? And, since she woke you up, at least you deserved a treat.
Husky Hugs. MayaMarie

Holly said...

That is the best bumper sticker! My human has one in the back of her car too! She is very proud of it!

We are all very excited for blogathon! We will be very busy reading Meeshka, Steve and Kat, and Tucker all night. I better start resting up early!


Amici said...

You look fantastic next to that bumper sticker. It really does match you eyes. :) I love little dogs too. I don't know about the kittens since I've never been around them. Sounds fun though.

-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Hiya Star,
Cute bumper sticker & it does match your eyes. I'm a picky eater, too. It upsets my mommy when I don't eat but I try to tell her that sometimes I am just not hungry. We added you to our sidebar thingee (took awhile 'til mommy figured out to do this blawging stuff), hope you do the same with us. Stop by our blawg sometime to say hi-woo.

Kapp pack said...

Love the list! I hate when the humans wake me up too!

-Kelsey Ann

Kapp pack said...

OOO....I forgot to tell you my mom has a Sibe Vibe....she thinks that's so cool

-Kelsey Ann

Sasha said...

Very nice bumper sticker. Apparently I'll have to swipe the credit card and do some shopping...