Meet New Penguin!

A-rooos to Yous!
Last week we mentioned getting TWO packages - first; biscuits for taste-testing, and the second package was a BIG surprise from my sweet sibette, Mikki. She sent me a beautiful letter that Mom read & put up over my water bowl so I can look at my beautiful Mikki every day! (and every night, thanks to our nightlight) And.....

...look at THIS! A NEW PENGUIN!!! Woooo, what a great surprise!!!
THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart!

Mom's been TRYING to get pics of me playing with my new penguin, but I stop playing every time I see that camera-thingy! A-roos, Mom, this is important! I want some dignified pictures of me & Pengie- (that's what I call him)

OK, Pengie, let's check out your new home.

I'll show you around...

This is the corner, can't go past here....

This looks out over the hill - there's always lots to see out this way...

I like to lie by the fence, so I'll set you down here.

We stayed out till it was dark for a good reason - look up at the sky, see that star? It's ours! That's right, New Penguin came with a very special surprise - his own Star! We got to name it and have it registered officially & everything! Mikki suggested we name the star "Sherman", for Star's special dear friend, so we did.
That makes ALL of us very, very happy!

I'm looking forward to all my adventures with Pengie. All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, dear Mikki! (You are the bestest girl a guy could ever have!)

Wooos & a-rooos,
Star & Happy Jack of Hearts A-roo

PS - Star says thanks you for the delicious homemade jerky you sent along, too - it's yummy-yum-yum!


A Salute to Canines in Military Service

We salute the canines who bravely serve with our troops in the thick of war. Please take a moment today to reflect upon their loyalty, dedication, bravery, many making the ultimate sacrafice that we may be free.
Read their stories at this site and other war dog sites.
Follow the links on the left-hand side down to "NEW V" and meet some of the many dogs NOW SERVING in Iraq & Afganistan!
(There are about 2000 dogs currently in service in the Dept.of Defense! Here's an interesting article with links.)

21 Wooos & A-roos to our canines in military service!

Star & Jack a-roo



Woos & a-rooos!
We had an exciting week, we got mail! Two packages for US! That means two posts for you!
First Post: We volunteered to be taste-tester doggers for MayaMarie's mom's new dog biscuits. What a great job! (Who says we don't earn our keep?)
Curious Jack -

Patient Star -

I'll shake you for one...

Here, shake my other paw...I'll even look at the camera for a cookie!

But I'm eating inside... mmmmmm!

It's unanimous! These tasty biscuits meet with our approval! Humom is doleing these out frugally, but the good news is that MayaMarie's mom plans to make lots and lots more of these! A-roos!

Next post: Wait till you see what Jack got in the mail!

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack "don't woo with your mouth full" a-roo


Memoir Meme Game

A-rooos to yous!
My friendCap'n Mavericktagged me on his blog to play the new game!
Here's what you're supposed to do:
Write your own six word memoir.
Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.
Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.
Tag at least five more blogs with links.
Don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

So, Here I am in 6 words:

1. Happy

2. Silly

3. Busy

4. Talkative

5. Fast!

6. Photogenic

Now I'm gonna tag:
Prince & Summer, my sweet Mik, Cosmos & Juneau, Togo & Tagar, and since she didn't do it yet, Star. (She'll get around to it in a day or two.) Have fun, pups!

Jack A-roo


Star's Boyfriend

A-roos to yous,
Something's going on that just isn't fair. Star has a boyfriend, and I'm not allowed to wrassle with him. His name is Moon.

Sometimes we stop by Moon's house, sometimes he and his humans stop by ours. They stopped by yesterday and mom took pictures. Although you can't tell by this one, Star really adores this big guy, Moon. She gets all flirty whenever she's around him- they jump up & hug & do chesty-bumps, they play bow, they box, the jump over each other....
I think she's too old to be doing this sort of thing. Why, she's practically ancient! And me? I have to sit by & watch. I complain loudly and try very hard to dominate Moon, then I get dragged away. *sigh* I just wanna play! (Mom edited out the leash holding me prisoner)

Moon is very laid back, and pretty much ignores me. But he doesn't ignore Star, oh no, he likes her as much as she likes him. But I guess "Star and Moon" do sort of go together. Too cutesy if you ask me, I'm s'posta be the cute one.

I wish my cyber-girlfriend Mik lived close by so I could visit my sweetie, too...

Jack "3's a crowd" A-roo


New Camera!

"Hey Star & Jack, look at the new camera - say CHEESE!"
"Aw Jack, what a good boy!"

"You are so darn cute, Jack!"

"Star, ....look here! No, no, don't look away!"

"Come on, sweetie, look here, please?"

"Tsk, real nice, Star....Hrumph grumble grumble grumble...."

:) Ha-roo roo roo! Ya gotta make em beg, Jack, gotta make em beg.


and the winner is....

Aroos to yous!
Mom wanted to see who we would be if we were people, and took the
Dogster Celebrity Quiz She says "Oh yeah, I can see the resemblence!" - what do woo think?
Star would be Angelina Jolie, Traditional Beauty:

"Just like with Hollywood superhero Angelina Jolie, they broke the mold after they created Blue Moon Star! Defying the conventional meaning of the word pawpular, Blue Moon Star can't scratch behind an ear without it being reported and talked about. Blue Moon Star leaves pets of the opposite sex blubbering and babbling nonsensically after each encounter, their cuteness and charm receptors bubbling over with excitement. Always one to entice a broad audience, Blue Moon Star not only loves to strut her stuff on the dogwalk, but digs every chance she gets to make a difference, adopt a pet in need or dish out for her favorite charity."

And it comes as no surprise to those who know him, that Jack would be Will Smith, Leading man:

"A fresh prince in the pursuit of happiness, Jack DaVinci is megastar Will Smith!
Putting the jazz back in jazzy, Jack DaVinci is always moving and grooving to the beat of his own internal drum. Not one to settle for second best, Jack DaVinci only takes on projects that are sure to draw attention and improve his pawpularity in the pack. Jack DaVinci's broad appeal across breed, age and gender lines means that his actions often lead to his being named best in show. Smooth, suave and debonair... he's the perfect pet to take home to Mommy. Not lacking in the looks department, Jack DaVinci‘s toothy grin would send even the most furrocious group of alien invaders spinning helplessly back into space."

Mom says that she must be our Personal Assistant, and we are probably just as pampered as our Superstar twins. But we have it even better, cause we don't need no stinkin' make-up to look good - we just look this good naturally!

Wooos & A-rooos,
Star, the Star
and Jack "Welcome to Earth" A-roo