Monday's View from the Moo: 999 and counting.....

Ha-woo everyone!

This is Mom's 999th post on our Cybersibes blog, so I'm going to use it to let woo know that we are going to do a furry special for our 1000th post!

Mom's going to do a retrospective in photos and re-visit some of our most favorite moments, going back to 2006, when she first started blogging for us.  A  lot has changed since then, but the adventures continue for the Cybersibes.

We're hoping that maybe some of our "old friends" will comment now if they have special favorites that Mom can include, so let your humans know if there was a post (or series of posts) that have stuck with woo over the years.  We're also going to do a drawing for a cool prize- just comment on our 1000th post & your name is entered!

Jack & I are so happy we're doing smack-down sumersaults!

"Say "Uncle", Jack!!!!"
"Uncle Jack!  Uncle Jack!"

With work & all, she needs a few days to work on this, so we will plan to publish our 1000th post on Saturday, March 1st.  We hope woo will drop by & say "Ha-woo"!

And that's the View from the Moo,



Goooood morning!

Ha-roos to you! 
(Psst...Moo..... picture time!)

Breakfast was good to the last lick!
Have a yummy Sunday!

~Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


Enjoying the Snow while it lasts!

Before playing in the snow......

....after playing in the snow!

I really like playing in the snow!

It makes me feel snow good!
Ha-roo roo roo!

A-roos to yous!
~Jack a-roo


Happy Valentine's Day!

Jack's eyes are brown,
Moo's eyes are brown & blue,
we know how to use them
to stare at lovely you.

Happy Valentine's Day, 
to all our furiends!

Well, it may not be a perfect poem, but we hope it conveys our affections!

~Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


Sunday View from the Moo: Our Iditawalk begins!

Jack!  Jack!   Guess what?  We're going fur a walk today - do woo know why?
It's time fur the Iditawalk!    

Get your serious walking face on, we're headin' to the Cliff Walk!

Wooo, look at those waves down there!

   Here, too!    

We passed quite a few other pups on our way - including a beawootiful blue-eyes Siberian sweetheart.  I wanted to be furiends, but Jack got in her face - silly boy.    I'm not sure if he understands that barking in your face  does NOT impress a girl....

We clocked our first 40 minutes towards the goal... a perfect day fur an Iditawalk!
Now we can chill out while the peeps watch the Superbowl & toss us snacks!

Have a good Sunday, pupps!

Jack -a-roo & Miss Moo