Saturday Morning Scramble

Every Saturday morning, Mom fixes us a scrambled egg. Then she shouts
"It's your Saturday morning Scra-a-a-a-a-m-ble!"
like she's announcing a WWW wrestling match. We race into the kitchen & sit pretty for our egg. We love it! This morning, we thought we'd show mom some Saturday Morning Scramble, Siberian Style! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend, and don't furget to watch the US vs. Canada for the Hockey Gold on Sunday!!!

jack a-roo & moo too!


Friday foto

Nothin' but rain for 3 days now, here's a picture so we can remember what it was like to go for a walk....

Happy tails, er, trails!

a-roos to yous,
jack a-roo & moo too


1 Moonth Annimoosery!

Today we're celebrating Moo's 1 month anniversary since joining our pack!
She & Mom have been having a love-fest since she set paw here. If woo met Moo, woo'd understand - she really is a sweetheart.

I love my little sis, she's fun to play husky smackdown, chase & bitey-face with. We like to laugh & tell jokes too.

Happy Annimoosary Moo!
Khake fur all!

Love from Mom, Moo, & Jack a-roo


Colorful Sunday

(Jack in an artsy mood)

Blue Moo

another colorful RI sunset over Narragansett Bay
Hope woo enjoyed our colorful mood.

a-roos to yous & toodle-woos,
jack a-roo & moo too



Woo, Moo here!
Our furiend Huffle is judging the Cat-o-lympics Napping event.

I know when I first arrived, I was impressed with Jack's rather unique approach to napping. I thought he should enter his step-head technique for the competitive event. Here he is, inconveniently located on the landing between two sets of stairs.

I haven't really shown my napping style to its fullest yet, but mom caught me in my fully relaxed pose. Her Iyengar Yoga teacher used to call this "Savasana". It means "corpse" pose. You just breathe deeply and hold still, allowing your muscles to s-t-r-e-t-c-h & relax.
Woo should try this sometime - its furry refreshing!

Maybe I'll demonstrate my MooBun pawsition and have mom take a picture for woo. Till then, nap like woo mean it!


PS - I almost furgot -- here's our entry fur "Synchronized Snoozing"!


Wednesday: Moo's Woos

Telling off the little bipeds as they go by?

a-roos to yous and toodle-woo!
jack a-roo & moo too


These are a few of our favorite things...

HUZZAH! We're so furry honored to receive an award from Captain Maverick!

We like how there is even a boat in the picture on the award, furry fitting for our Captain, eh? We're supposed to list 10 of our favortite things, then pass the award on to 10 bloggers we enjoy. With no further ado...

1. Zoomies
2. Naps
3. Treats
4. Toys
5. Walks
6. Playin Bitey-face
7. Big & little bi-ped friends
8. Blogging furiends
9. Car rides!

and we'll pass this on to:

1. Sitka (we're still wooing fur woo!)
3. OP Pack (go pengies!)

Wooing at woo tomorrow!

jack a-roo & moo too

"S" day

SUNDAY was Moo's first trip to SEE the SEA!
We took her to Sachuest Beach...
SKY-SURF-SAND-SNOW... all at the same time!

Oh yes, we also had SUN & SHADOWS!

...and more SNOWDOGS! This is Buck.

Moo sniffed seashells & seaweed in the snow. Jack snoopervised.
Seems like it was Sunday for Dogs at the beach!
But we are also sad, as our dear furiend SITKA is sick. Please send her some prayers & sibe vibes to her. We know the vets are taking furry good care of her, but its always a worry when woo have to stay in the hospital away from your pack.
We love woo, Sitka!

a-roos to yous, and toodle woos,
jack a-roo & moo too


V-Day 2010

Will woo be our Valentines?

puppy love ,
Jack of Hearts
True Blue Moo


Serious on Saturday

We're about more than just fun & games.
We can be serious if we have to.


OK, have a seriously fun weekend!

woos & a-roos to yous,
jack a-roo & moo too


W Day

Today's post is brought to woo by the letter W.
Window Watching

Window Wondering

Window Wandering

and ....
I wonder where she wanders?

We're wistfully wondering why we have to wait before we go walking?

woos & a-roos & toodle-woos
from jack a-roo & moo too

PS--oou, do woo see our leashes glowing for the flashy beast? WOW!



Woos & a-roos! FINALLY the snow made it to our island!
A few of woo asked how Moo likes the snow....see fur yourself...

Moo's a Snowdog, through & through! She sure is fun to play with in the snow. My little biped furiends were having fun sledding down the hill along our walking path. I'm thinking maybe the snowmen will be making a return, too.

See woo later- gotta go back out to play in the snow!

a-roos to yous, and toodle-woos,
jack a-roo & moo too

Woo hoo, it's Snowing!

Last night Moo & I put lots of energy
into dreaming about snow....

and today our dream is coming true!
Our snowfall has started!

Not sure if we'll get the 6-9" they predict,
but what the heck, it's snow, we'll take it!
Hope woo are enjoying whatever weather woo have too.

a-rooos to yous,
jack a-roo & moo too


Still No Snow

C'mon Moo, let's go back inside.
There's still no snow.
"They" say that tomorrow fur sure we're getting snow. "They" are so sure of it that dad's boss just called and said everyone is getting a day off tomorrow so they can stay home to shovel.
Well, that's what "they" say.
I say "Show me the snow".
OK Jack, lets give it overnight & see what morning brings. Maybe "they'll" be right and we'll be playing in the snow tomorrow!
(Pssst....I want to show woo how I play with my pengies now that I have a sisfur who eats stuffies. Mom lets me outside to have private pengie time, no sisfurs allowed. Isn't that nice of my mom? She knows how much I love my pengies!!! Sometimes she even comes out & plays toss-the-pengie with us.)

Paws crossed fur snow!!!

a-roos to yous and toodle-woos,
jack a-roo & moo too


Just Another Monday Movie

a-roos to yous & toodle-woos!
jack a-roo & moo too


Blurry Fury

It's Saturday afternoon, Moo.
Do woo notice what's missing?
Yeah.... me pouncing on woo! Take that!
.... followed by a furiendly hip check!
Is that what woo meant, Jack?
No no no!!! I meant, where's the snow??? Everybody south of us is getting heaps of it, where's ours????
Ohhhhh, that. Well, I guess we'll just have to wrestle while we wait for it, won't we?

wrestling with my silly sister while we wait for snow,
jack a-roo & moo too


Happy Trails!

Hi everyone! It's me, Moo, here to tell woo about what we're doing!

We're officially starting our pawticipation in the
This is an event to promote physical fitness in the spirit of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. The Iditarod Sled dog race is 1049 miles long from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. Off we go!

Our walking path doesn't have any snow, glaciers, polar bears or igloos or anything like that, but it's still pretty nice. Jack says to keep an eye out fur evil squirrels, especially down the hill by the fence.

The official site says "To complete the Idita-Walk, simply walk 30 minutes a day for 35 days betweenFebruary 1, 2010 to March 31, 2010 for a total of 1049 minutes(any combination of minutes will work - just reach 1049 during the 59 day event!)."

Pretty khool, huh?
I think Jack is thinking about when he got to be a sled dog with his friend Moon last September at the TOTTSHR Hike....
Next stop......Alaska!
Woo can still pawticipate, just follow the links above and sign up.
See woo on the trail!

jack a-roo & moo too


Almost Wooless Wednesday

My new and improved favorite sleeping pawsition:

a-roos to yous,
jack a-roo & moo too


PUPDATE: MangoMinster Votes

I think that's pretty darn remarkable fur a Siberian Penguin herder! I'm truly honored by all of you voting.
Three cheers for woo -
A-roos to yous!
A-roos to yous!
a-roos to yous!


Mango Minster is judging the Herding group now till Tuesday dinner time... Please vote fur my brother Jack, the Penguin herding Siberian.

If woo haven't seen it, watch this instructional video he made fur me from yesterday's post. Woo'll be impressed!

thank woo,
new sis Moo