Tuesday - Jack a-Roo View

Hey mom, can I do the "View from the Moo" this week? 
She doesn't look like she wants to.
Sure, Jack, go for it.

 Here is this week's "Jack a-roo looks at the View"
Ha-roo roo roo!

How's that, Mom?
Nicely done, Jack.

Oh sure, let him mess it up just beacause I overslept...
...and that's this week's  Jack-a-Roo View!

A-roos to yous &

Jack a-Roo & Miss Moo


Monday's View From the Moo: Toofer Tale

Ha-woo everyone!  It's me, Miss Moo,
finally back with a View from the Moo!

The pawrents have ben awfully busy lately, so not m much posting going on...  I would have posted, but I wasn't feeling very well myself for several weeks.   Seems that I broke one of my toofers and I had to go to the VetDentist and have it taken out.  It was my pre-molar, with 3 roots, so it had to be cut out in pieces.  Can woo see my Poodle-paw?   Don't woo just hate when they do that???
At least I'm feeling MUCH better now.    

I'm feeling well enough to go outside and help Mom & Dad trim the hedges in our play yard!   I'm helping mom rake & bag.    Jack came outside to help, too.    He likes to hang around dad & Mr. Trimmer.   Not too close when they're working, of course, but just to share guy-time.  

"Nothing like a good day's work to make us working breeds feel satisfied!"

And, of course, the after-work petting and treats are nice, too!

Wooing about treats reminds me ...... its almost October, and will very soon be time again for our annual event.
"Show Us Your Treat Jar" Day will be October 27th.   
New readers can read upon the link, but its a day when everypup & kitteh posts a picture of their Treat Jar (or bag or cupboard or box, however your pawrents stash your treats).  And, all bipeds are encouraged to take a box of treats to your local shelter, because every furkid deserves a treat.    

We have a surprise for this year, and we'll tell woo more about it as we get a little closer, but do plan to pawticipate!     And that's this week's View from the Moo...

Miss Moo


"Loss" so beautifully expressed...

Ha-roo, all.  
 Mom came across this deeply touching painting done by a fellow artist on an art website she frequents.  Mom wrote to the artist and asked permission to post it here, because we just know all our furiends in blogland will appreciate it.
... a fitting image to express the heartache wrought by the 2001 and 2012 September 11th attacks.


The painting is huge... 8 1/2 feet across, and its currently displayed in an art contest in MI.  The mural artist's name is Eric, and its used here with his permission.   Please respect that it is copyrighted.  We're furry grateful he allowed us to post it.

wistful woos,
Jack & Moo