Friday Flick: Guest Feature

A-roos to yous!
We haven't posted a Friday Flick fur quite a while, but mom's friend sent her a link to a flick you just gotta see! Gosh, we never get backyard visitors like these, but they sure look like they have fun. They are "Moos-s of another kind!


Wednesday Woos

It's been so hot & muggy, we've had to take on inside jobs:
On duty as hall moniters:
*Holey Moley* Pupdate:
My new Mole Moat design is a success!
The moat filled with water during the storm, which attracted a mole to come dig in the soft ground. Last night Mr. Fangs snatched one right out of the dry moat! I heard my Mom screech with excitement when she found it out there by my igloo this morning! Nice work, eh?
President of Jack A-Rooters
And special assistant Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo

Too hot to play, so I'm chasing Jack
around in my imoogination...
Woo! look at him go!
And that's today's View from the Moo

Sending soft woos to my oldest son & his fiance, as their darling little Nuku crossed the Bridge late Friday night.
They loved her so much. There was nothing more they could do at the Emergency Clinic but send her gently to the beautiful place across the Rainbow Bridge, where Star will lovingly watch over her.
~Husky hugs & kisses to Liz & Dan from all of us,
Mom, JoJoe, Jack & Moo


A Fine New Product

What'ca doin' there, JackieBoy?
Want to see my latest invention? Look here:
I call this design my Holey-Moley Mole Moat".
It goes along with my Holey-Moley BOSS* Mole Catcher,
which, by the way, has been very successful.
Very clever! A few more scoops and your igloo will be completely surrounded!
Yuppers, another fine invention from
"Jack A-Roo-ters"
Excavators and Exterminators Extrordinaire" !

I think I'm about ready to go into business, Mom. How about a nice logo?

A-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo, Pres.
Jack A-Rooters, Inc.

*BOSS= Bottom of Stair Steps


Thankful Thursday

A-roos to yous! We were pretty worried earlier this week. Saturday night mom left without us and went to take pictures of lighthouses & stuff. She always takes us with her, but not this time. And something bad happened...
She woke up with a very hurty eye and dad took her away to the human vets. She came back and we realized she had been abducted by Pirates! I mean, just look at her!
Fortunately, dad must have been good at negotiations, and we got her back!
No more Pirate Mom! (She's all better now, btw)
We're thankful she's ok again.
We've been thinking up ways to prevent that from happening again.
From now on, no more walks on the coast without us with her fur protection!
Harrr, Agreed!
Playing Pirates is fun, but not when somebody gets hurt, especially when its our mom.

Have fun, but be safe! Make sure woo protect your eyes from blustery sandy Pirate winds.

a-roos to yous and toodle-woo,
Black Jack a-roo & Bumboo Moo


Monday's View from the Moo: Diet Plan

Good morning, pups & peeps!

Jack went to the vet this week for his annual check-up and shots. He's lost several pounds since his last pre-Moo visit. Mom thinks he's looking really good, and asked me to share my diet secrets. So just fur woo, there's the skinny on the Moo Diet plan:

That last step is furry important, so don't furget that part.

Actually, the vet thinks Jack has lost a little too much weight and said "We don't often get to tell people this, but you should increase his food a bit." Jack likes that recommendation!

"Got more treats Mom, I'm a little hungry!"

He scores! And that's this weeks' View from the Moo

Miss Moo


Friday Fotos

Not too much going on right now. We're mostly napping and watching the 'matoes grow.
Did we show woo our 'matoes? Mom said she just had to get these. They're Siberian cherry-red 'matoes.... (um, mom? Those don't look red, they look green.)
We want to show our Siberian Flag too - its the one Jack got last year fur raising money fur Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue. Now it welcomes everyone who comes over.
What? Why is there a cat on the landing? That's in memory of mom's kitty, Chow Chow. It marked his grave back in OH, but we couldn't bring him with us, so this cat will be part of a special garden she's going to make here at the new house.
Moo & I have offered to help her with digging the ground fur the new plants, when she's ready. We like to be helpful that way. We've dug several holes, but I guess none of them are in the right spot yet.

Have a great weekend- toodle-woo!

jack a-roo & miss moo


Monday's View from the Moo!

Yesterday Jack told woo all about guarding the ladder so Dad could go on the roof. Well... the boyz aren't the only ones with jobs around here!

Here I am practicing my "Greeter" smile:
Pretty nice, eh? Its my job to greet all the guests this way.
The pawrents ended up working on house stuff all day. Here's Dad back on the roof, adjusting the wind thingy.
And here's dad up close with the wind thingy.
Look! Its our yard!
Here's the tops of the grove of trees we like to play in!
Woo know who takes most of our pics, right?
Well yesterday, Mom got up on the roof too! She helped scrape & sand the cupola so dad could repair it. Brave Mom! She usually does the painting around here, but she was none too happy on the roof. (She's scared of heights) She screamed like a little girl as dad was trying to help her get back down, so....
Dad got to do the painting too. Nice job, Dad!

I promise we'll post a pic of the cupola when its makeover is done.
In the meanwhile, that's this week's Birds-eye-View from the Moo!

Toodle woo!
Miss moo


Working on Sunday

A-roos to yous!
We working breeds have to be ready to work at any time on a moments notice. And this means that I am working on Sunday. I'm guarding this ladder so no one moves it. Its a furry impawtant job, you know why?
Cause my dad is up on the roof! If anything happens to this ladder, he won't be able to get back down here.
Its important to be alert and use all your senses.... so I am snootering, watching, and listening for the sound of his footsteps...
Dad appreciates a guy putting in a good days work and lets me know it.
Aw shucks, Dad, woo can count on me to work fur woo anytime!

Don't work too hard,
jack a-roo



Today is Sherma-versary, 3 years since we lost our darling golden boy to cancer. He was only 4 1/2, far far far too young. Time does mellow the pain of loss, and warm memories of him fill our hearts with joy and put smiles on our faces when we recall his antics, his big bear-head, love of peanut-butter, and his wonderful smile.
Everyone who met Sherms fell in love with him, he was the most mellow, laid-back husky you can imagine. I know, "mellow" and "laid-back" aren't usually in the same sentence as "husky", but Sherman was a treasure. He's gotten lots of company over the past 3 years, as many furiends have crossed, and last fall his sis Tori joined him, and most especially, his beloved Star crossed to be with him forever. Knowing they are together makes me happy too. Those two were genuine soulmates.
In honor of you, Jack & Moo will get a big blob of peanut butter on their cookies tonight, Sherman. We love and miss ya, big guy.

~your biped Mom & Dad

Friday Fotos, & Sad Woos

We stayed inside on July 4th because there were so many crazy fireorks going off in the neighborhood (RI just legalized fireworks), but earlier that evening, Mom took us fur a drive to a big park and we watched the Great Maker's fire-sky display:
It was pawsome!
It was so furry beawootiful- sparkles of red and gold everywhere!
Then came the Grand Finale!
Woo-hoo! I don't think the biped's fireworks
could outdo these!

A-roos too yous, and Toddle-woo,
jack a-roo & miss moo

Lastly, we send sad woos to our furiend Meeka's family. Their dear sweet boy crossed the Bridge yesterday, joining God's team North of the Rainbow Bridge.
May he wear his silver harness proudly as he races across the sky. Our hearts go out to the rest of his pack as they mourn his loss.


Wednesday Waves

We're posting something a little different this week. Since so many of us are having a heat wave, we thought we'd treat woo to a sample of what our bipeds experience when they get to go out on the wet waves.
A-hoy Matey, enjoy the ride!

Could woo feel the wind in your fur?
Stay cool!
Black Jack a-roo & Bumboo Moo


Happy B-day Mom!

Happy Birthday to our Mom, a dog-lover from way back...
Mom and her family's first dog, Tex
For her birthday, Dad is taking her out to dinner at the Black Pearl with some friends. HEY! that's the name of Jack Sparrow's Pirate Ship! I hope she doesn't get kidnapped by Pirates! Arrr!
For her birthday, Jack gave her one of his bestest soft-eyed
"I love woo, Mom" looks
and I kissed her about a billion times.
I think we're going to have
khake & ice creme tonight to celebrate!
Wanna come over?

a-roos to yous,
and toodle-woo,

jack a-roo & miss moo


Monday's View from the Moo!

Ha-roo everyone! Hope woo are all safe & sound after the 4th, with all paws & whiskers accounted for. Today's View from the Moo demonstrates the Moo View on Life.
I gave mom big kisses for treating me to a Spa Day. I'm not exactly sure what Jack gave her, except a lot of grief... and a lot of loose fuzz! Ha-roo roo!
that's tday's View from the Moo...
and remember...
Shake it, baby, shake it!

Miss Moo



Happy 4th of July!
Here's an appropriately" Yankee Doodle Dandy" pic of Dad & his bro in standing on the site of the Boston Massacre in front of Boston's Old State House, where the Declaration of Independence was first read from the balcony on July 18. 1776. God Bless the USA on this, her official birthday!
Are your peeps celebrating today with a BBQ? We hope to snag a hot dog or hamburg later today! There were already some big boomies around the neighborhood, (they just legalized fireworks in RI), so mom is planning to keep us indoors while the nutty neighbors are playing with firey explosives.

Besides napping with our feety-feets up on the walls, we thought that Frankie's Name Game would be a fun thing to do. Since Mom knows more about this than we do, we'll let her take over the blog.

Of all our dogs, only the first two were the ones we got to name.
Our beautiful first Siberian was only 5 weeks old when we adopted her, and we (DH, DS & me) each gave her a name. "Blue Moon Star" was named after her blue eyes & her mysterious yet Star-quality personality.
She was aptly named, a true once -in-a-Blue-Moon girl, who reigned as Queen of the Universe till the end. Actually, we're pretty sure she's still Queen of the Universe.

I fell head over heels in love with this ball of fluff the moment I saw her. Twenty-pounds of 16-week old puppy; the funniest, goofiest, silliest girl I ever met. "Rosie" just seemed to fit her.
"Rosie-Posie", "Rosie-beans" and Rosie-Rita" were my favorite nick-names for my sweet girl. We decided she needed an official-sounding name, so she became Rosie Whitecross of the Black Clan because of the white cross on her chest.

And then there was Sherman...

Sherman arrived with name in place. AKC "Destiny's Raise the Bar" didn't really suit him, but Sherman sure did. He had lots of nicknames: favorite one: The Shermanator", followed by Shermansky. He & Star adored each other, and I imagine they are inseparable now, across the Rainbow Bridge. (You'll be hearing more about Sherman later this month)

Destiny's "Tell Me a Story Tori" was Sherman's litter-sister. She had been well-named, because she loved to talk & sing to herself.

Jack's registered AKC name is Destiny's DaVinci, which is a way-khool name, don't you think? We have no idea why. We don't know why his call name is Jack, either, so we can't tell you that. But we do know that his nickname, Mr. Boy, is because Jack is such a puppyhead at heart. He just doesn't seem to have grown up. He's really very sweet and innocent, like a little kid. We also call him Jack a-roo (woo already knew that!), Jackeral Mackerel, (like a Jack Mackerel fish), and Cracker Jack. The name "Jack " is really wonderful, you just never run out of possibilities for related nick-names!

Isn't "Moo" a great name for a dog? Moo's peeps told us that when she was born, that without the typical Siberian mask, her all-white face looked more like a baby cow than a baby Sibe, so they named her Moo. (They also raised cows). Her AKC name is Liyaza's DQ Moolatte, beause that was a popular drink back then.

We've unofficially changed her name to Moo-na Lisa, because it seems to be a natural along with our DaVinci. Her pet names are Moo-bear, Moosy, and Moosetta. She became Miss Moo because, well, just because it seemed to fit her so well.

So, that's how efurryone got their name/nick-name. Thanks fur listening!
Now go grill a hotdog!

Be safe this 4th!

jack a-roo, miss moo, and Mom