It's a Jack a-roo Birthday!

Woo-hoo pups! It's my birthday today! Wednesday!
(excuse the feeble-minded biped)
Count the candles on my khake - I am 5 years old!
pengie cake

We got a furry special package in the mail -
Moo checked it out first-
"Hey Jack, it's fur woo!"
Fur me??? Woos, it's a Happy Hearts Birthday Club pack, with lots and lots of yummy cookies, a Special Day card,
and a couple other khool surprises!

Woos, it sure smells good!

I love Happy Hearts Cookies!
And look at this--
MayaMarie's mom made these especially fur me- HH pengies!!!!!
I love love love my pengies!!!

This is about the nicest special gift anyone ever made fur me...
Thank Woo, Miss Gerri!
Mom has a furry busy day, but she will take me for a special Jack-only trip to the Petco later, and I'll have more pics for my special day for woo tomorrow. In the meanwhile... pass me a pengie or two, please?

A-roos from the Birthday Boy,
jack a-roo and sister moo


View from the Moo: Monday Moo-vee

It's clear to me that they really need me here to show Jack a thing or two. He got this cool toy from Santa Paws, and all he does is sit and stare at it. Well, it took me all of .05 seconds to figure this one out! I thought maybe a demonstration video would be good - so he can study it over and over:


I do try to give it my best.
And that's this weeks View from the Moo

Miss Moo


Sunday Switch-a-roo

Jack high, Moo low
... and SWITCH!
Moo up, Jack down
Works fur me!

Hoping your weekend is working fur woo!

a-roos to yous,
jack a-roo & moo too




Tricks of Traits of the Siberian Husky

Do you think we made her wait long enough, Moo?
Oh yeah!

Coming, Mom!

We hope you enjoyed this demonstration of Siberian Selective hearing.

a-roos to yous, and toodle woo,
jack a-roo & moo too


Monday Moo-Vee

Monday's View from the Moo is a special treat -
something we saw at the beach.
Enjoy the Moo-Vee!
One of the things I like about gong to the beach is that woo just never know what you're going to see. There always seems to be something interesting going on!

Till next time, Toodle-Woo,
Miss Moo


Beach Stroll

A-roos to yous!
So many of woo commented that you especially like pictures from our beach strolls, we're posting some from yesterday's walk. Enjoy!
Our weather's been furry nice, perfect for a stroll on the beach.
We like to stop & smell the sand.
It feels good on my paws to walk on the wet sand
(Mom edited our leashes out -we aren't allowed to run free.)
I like to give Mom hugs with my wet sandy paws.
Jack pee'd in the ocean, watch out! Tee-hee-hee!
Not many peeps here fur such a nice day. Maybe it was too windy fur them?
Come back tomorrow, cause I have a special beach treat just fur woo!

Miss Moo & Jack a-roo


Happy 500 posts!

Woos & A-roos!!!
Mom just figured out that yesterday was
our 500th post!
Since we "missed" it, we'll celebrate today with our 501st!
***Do woo have a favorite post from our blog?***
Please share it with us!
500th post

Khake fur all!
Jack a-roo & Moo too

PS from Mom:
We're celebrating all our friends out there in the blogosphere! We're glad you enjoy our silliness & adventures, and grateful for the words of comfort you share with us in times of sorrow. If it weren't for these blogs & online groups, who knows? We may have never met, and what a shame that would be. Our lives are richer for knowing you.
: ) Here's to the next 500! ~Pat


Tasty Thursday?

Moo, I don't think Mom will like the way
you're looking at her flower...

a-roos to yous & toodle-woo,
jack a-roo & moo too


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Irish Moo

Did woo know that St. Patrick lived on an island....
just like us!
irish jack a-roo

a-roos to yous,
Irish Jack O'Roo & Bonnie Molly-Moo!


Monday's View from the Moo

I think that today I should call this "Monday's View UNDER the Moo", ha-roo roo roo!
Here on the East coast, we had rain by the bucketfulls allllll weekend long. It turned our yard into a swamp! The wind howled so loudly Sat. night, Mom thought we were having a hurry-cane! She was up half the night and got flashlights ready when the streetlights went out, but our lights stayed on ok. But this storm left us with very little to do, since we couldn't go outside & play in the muddy water like we wanted to.

So.... we hung out and snoopervised Mom as she cleaned out the hallway closet. Mom said we were "underfoot", but we were just being good look-outs and making sure no one came up or down the stairs without proper notice. Moo kept an eye on the bathroom window so no squirrels could sneak in.
Jack even found a new wall to hold up!

I hope its dryer today so we can get in a few rounds of bitey-face & husky smack-down outside. I think maybe I'll go dig around in the mud, too. I love digging in the mud!

Miss Moo


Friday Flick

It's Friday! Wouldn't this be a great time to pop a bowl of popcorn & watch an exciting action flick? We thought so too!

Have you ever heard this one?
"The only difference between
huskies playing & huskies fighting
is the amount of blood shed."
(Good thing I have a nice thick ruff! ~Jack)

Have a nice safe weekend!
jack a-roo & moo too

PS: (Don't worry, jack got me back - off camera, so not to hurt his "good boy" image! We actually have lots of fun torturing each other ~Moo)


Monday's View from the Moo

A few thoughts from Moo on "the Ocean"

The sea shore is furry interesting. The wet stuff moves a lot. See how the water goes way out, leaving lots of wet sand for us to walk on? Last time we were at the ocean, there was hardly any sand at all to walk on, it was almost all under water!
I like walking on the edge of the waves, then all of a sudden, wham! They smack right into my snooter & wash up under my pawsies!

Here's some other critters that like to play with the waves too. These little birds walk along the wave out to the ocean, then when the waves wash back in, they turn around and scurry real fast towards shore. They look really funny with their little legs moving so fast! It looks like they have a dozen legs, ha-roo roo roo!
I was furry good at the beach yesterday and didn't dash round scaring the seagulls, either.
I kinda like watching them. Some of them were fishing - they'd fly right into the waves!
And that's this weeks View from the Moo

Miss Moo


Iditarod & Iditawalk

Well, in a few hours, the real Iditarod race begins, and teams of huskies will begin racing across 1049 miles of rugged wilderness from Willow to Nome. (Yesterday was a ceremonial start). Here's a link to the official site, for those of woo wanting to keep up to the latest news. There's all kinds of furry interesting stuff and links on their home site. Enjoy the woos!

A few weeks ago we started our 2010 Iditawalk. It's a fund raising event sponsored by the Boy Scouts Troop 298 of Nome Alaska. Pawticipants sign up and walk a minimum of 1049 minutes between Feb. 1 & March 31. Those who complete the walk get a furry cool pin! Last year, a whole bunch of us from the SiberMal Society pawticipated as Team SiberMal International. Mom kept up a blog, with interviews, facts, and photos of all the team members. Check it out if you have time.

This year she has a lot of stuff going on, so she hasn't done a blog about it, but we're doing our walking faithfully! Yesterday we walked on the beach, which meant extra fun watching other pups & peeps, waves, birdies, not to mention all those good salty-sea smells!

Walking with dad while mom took pics
Everyone was out enjoying the sunny afternoon.
What Moo was looking at....
Moo, just checkin to be sure mom is still
at the other end of the leash --
wouldn't want to loose her at the beach!
Happy Jack just loves walkin on the beach!
And we just added another 30 minutes to our Iditawalk time! Thanks fur coming along!

a-roos to yous,
jack a-roo & moo too



Our favorite sporting event of the year starts today - the Iditarod! It's every sled dog's dream to pawticipate, and if we can't, then we can woo from wherever we are to cheer on these fabulous athletes! Mom said that the distance these dogs cover would be like a human a running a full marathon every day for 40 days straight - whew!

We're rooting for Karen Ramstead and her North Wapiti team of purebred Siberians! Go Sibes!!!! This pawtographed picture of Karen's 2007 team, aren't they beauties?

Lots of us Sibes are posting about this today, but be sure to go over to the Thundering Herd - they even have a video from Pretty Sled Dogs, Karen's video about her beautiful team. Great music, too. How can woo not love and admire the spirit of our breed and this race?

a-roos to yous,
'jack a-roo & moo too


Chew on this...

Woo-hooo! New chew toys!

Relaxing with Rex
Galileo Moo Chew
Then we switched....
Jack the Giant Killer
(The Galileo only received minor wounds)
Moosasaur* meets T-Rex
(the Moosasaur inflicted heavy injuries to the Rex)

Both the steely-jawed beasts and the nylabone contenders lived to do battle another day....

a-roos to yous,
jack a-roo & moo too

* this is a Moosasaur, not to be confused with a Mosasaur


Huzzy Wednesday?

Now tell me again why you need pictures of me lying on my back????

Woo owe me a belly rub, mom...

Miss Moo