Well this whole pet food thing has really boiled over. Seems like almost every cat & dog we know has been affected. Our GSD friend Delila almost died about a month ago, before the media announced ithe tainted food. She was eating some of this stuff! The vet said he thought it might be something in her diet, and thankfully she has recovered, but they came awfully close to putting her down because they had no idea what was causing all the bleeding & stuff.

We've been switched over to Canidae, which is yummy and free of corn, wheat, gluten, and has brown rice grown in the USA. Hu-mom siad it was very pricey, but WE'RE WORTH IT! To be honest, our change of food really had nothing to do with the grain scare, but the grain thing tipped the scales in favor of changing now. Plus, we LOVED the samples of the stuff we got at last year's Adopt-a-Husky Hike!

If your human is looking for a grain-0free food, check it out at www.canidae.com. (courtesy endorsement, we just want eveydog to be healthy.


What...only one day of spring?

We got to go to the dog park on the ONLY spring-like day we've had for three weeks. Many of our friends were there, and Hu-mom was in a picture-snapping mood. On arrival, everyone is required to sign their pee-mail name on the community post. See everyone lining up behind Sherman? The tree-walking hound is Bella. She's a lot of fun, but she's terrified of me. That makes chasing her down all the more fun!

Next: Sherms and Gretchen. Poor dog, they only gave her half-legs with that full body. She makes a good effort at keeping up, though.

Hee's a pic of our favorite pals, Brutus. He's ALL legs. Never seen a dog that could run so fast in my life!

Marty the schnauzer wanted me to roll him on the ground, really! (Hee hee hee)

A small group shot of us planning our next move...

Once Issac the boxer got there, we all ran zoomies. He really gets things going!

So much for spring. It's snowing out now. Which is fine with us huskies, but we get to missing our friends. They don't go to the dogpark in the snow, short-coated whimps. It is good to be a huskie.



Got "Easter bunnies"?

Just popping in to say
Happy Easter everyone!
Maybe mom will let us out to run around...I can taste those delicious Easter bunnies now! No, I didn't mean the chocolate kind.

-Star, bunny hunter supreme