Got "Easter bunnies"?

Just popping in to say
Happy Easter everyone!
Maybe mom will let us out to run around...I can taste those delicious Easter bunnies now! No, I didn't mean the chocolate kind.

-Star, bunny hunter supreme


Turbo the Sibe said...

Good luck with the bunny hunt!

Shmoo said...

Now here is a true husky! Not like those wimpy A04 huskies that "like" cute fluffy bunnies.

You guys are ok in my book, and you really should submit an entry to join the Husky United Liberation Army (HULA) and join the HULA Hoop.

(I like you so much, I'll even link to you)

Shmoo said...

Hey, you already are HULA members. Eesh, I can't keep up with everyone's achievements. No wonder I like you.

Ok, so you're linked on my blog now, I hope others come over and read your wonderful exploits because you both are very deserving of attention and fluffiness.


cyber-sibes said...

Thanks Meeshka! You are our inspiration! Guess we better figure out how to post the HULA logo, huh?

Freda said...

Happys Easter, Star and Shermans, from Freda, the DeltaBunny. Hope I get out of here in one twos one twos (one) piece.

In a war far, far aways, my secretary went to Ohio U. for one twos one twos (one) year. But he had a girl friend and goofed off, so he had to visit his Uncle Sams for a while. But he did enjoy the times he spent in Athens.

You would love it here. There are lots and lots of jackrabbits on the golf course. AND NO PLACE TO HIDE...


Freda Ƨ

The Army of Four said...

Hope you guys had a happy Easter!
PS: I can't BELIEVE Meeshka said that. We are NOT wimps. Stormy would kick our collective fannies if we hurt a bunny, though.

cyber-sibes said...

Dear AO4,
The secret is...swallow fast. Of course, this only works with the new ones. The larger ones do require chewing, but staying well hidden from others is the key here.
(Sorry if this is more than you wanted to know.)


Holly said...

Hey there, Holly here! I, too, like bunnies, and squirrels, and birds, oh yes, birds are my favorite cuz they are easiest to catch! My human woman usually isn't too appreciative though. She happens to like the "wildlife" around our house.

I promise to stop in! I like Huskies, cuz there are 2 at my house also (oh yea, and 2 Samoyeds). I will put a link to you on my "friends" list so it will remind me to stop by!


ps. You are both very be-woo-tiful.!!