An Award! - thanks!

Wooos and a-rooos!
Hope everyhusky & dog had a good Thanksgiving Day.
We sure did! The day started out with a surprize - our bi-peds took us back to the dogpark! It was a banquet of smells!

We were joined by some other big dogs (thankfully). There was a big ole Borzoi boy and his 3 Silken Wind Hound sibs, and a boxer joined us. The lady with tose SWH said they are a "rare breed". Looked like everydog to me - four legs, 2 eyes & ears, lotsa fur and a tail. Jack seemed to be having fun tormenting one of the females, but she was a tough little thing & gave it right back to him.
Then a boxer showed up - I love to play with boxers! They're so much fun! This one ran so fast & Jack couldn't even catch up - and he's FAST!

We got back home & hu-mom cooked one of those very tasty big birds. We were treated to a scrumptious Thanksgiving Day feast. We finally made it on-line - and guess what? We were given the Be the Blog Award...not once, but TWICE!

We'd like to say thank-you Team Husky's Autumn & Summer, and thank-you MayaMarie in the window. We are really enjoying your blogs too. A-wooooooos!
They said that the BTB award is "presented to a successful blogger, one who can be the blog, make it our own, stay with it, interact with our readers and just plain have fun." We are honored to accept it! We're glad our hu-mom she stuck with it till she figured it out, with a little help from a few bloggin dog's owners. We feel like all our bloggin'dog friends here are our extended pack members. We love coming here to howl our stories, and to have hu-mom read yours to us. (and we love looking at your pictures!)

We'd like to pass this give a BTB award to Hollyballyboo, cause we love reading her blog. We think she's pretty terrific!
Can we give this award to a dog for the second time, too? We'd like to re-award the BTB Award to Meeshka, she's the reason we started bloggin, & she is the Queen of bloggin' dogs, for sure!

Woos and a-rooos,
Star & the Jack-a-roo

PS - Mikki, not even my cute little Penguin that I really really really like can take your spot in my heart! Wooo are silly to worry!
~ your Jack of Hearts


A. Penguin's Tale

Wooos & A-Rooos to yous!
You pups did it - you convinced her - Mom is posting the penguin story!!! Just remember, he's a bird-brain, so don't believe everything he says.
~Star & the Jack a-Roo
A. Penguin’s Tale

by A. Penguin

Hello everyone. I’m going to tell you my story, and you might want to keep a box of tissues ready cause there are some very sad parts.
I was made by Santa’s Elves at the North Pole many years ago. I was a happy little penguin, with a cute little squeaker, red rope arms & legs, warm earmuffs and a fine little hat. My colors were bright and my polyester fur was soft.

I was thrilled when I heard that I was going for a ride in Santa’s sleigh, to find a home of my own. I was so excited while I waited with other toys, wondering what little girl or boy would see me and make me their own. One day a lady picked me up and smiled when she heard my cute little squeaker. “Oh, Star & Rosie will love this!” she said, as they put me in a pretty bag. “Oh boy!” I thought, “TWO little girls! How lucky I am!”

I waited patiently in my pretty wrapping paper, and finally it was Christmas morning & suddenly I felt the paper being ripped right off of me! Oh dear, there must be a mistake, there were two big furry creatures grabbing at my arms and legs – “Oh stop it, stop it” I squeaked! But they didn’t stop, and I discovered that “Star and Rosie” weren’t two sweet little girls after all.

They played tug-o-war with me, dragged me through the mud, bit off my ear muffs, chewed off my arms and legs, and pulled the squeaker right out of me!

The mama sewed me back up and gave me a bath, and I lived in a big box for a long time with lots of other poor souls the dogs ravaged. Once in a while I was dragged out and chewed on, just for good measure.

One day all of us toys got another bath, and I was set in the sunshine to dry.

All of a sudden, a strange new big black wolf jumped up – uh-oh, I thought to myself, here we go again...

Sure enough, he carried me off and chewed on me in the grass,

then he carried me into the house and chewed on me some more…

and now people say how cute it is that he carries me everywhere with him…. but I don’t think it’s cute at all.

Just look at me, I’m not so cute anymore, and frankly, I’m not sure how much more abuse I can take before there’s nothing left of me!

We’ve come to the end of my sad tale. Now you know what a tragic life I’ve had. Just in case I don’t make it till December.... I’ll say it now –
"Merry Christmas everyone."

~A. Penguin
Won’t someone pleeeease send me back to the North Pole Repair Shop?


Aint' nothing goin on...

Woooos, everyhusky & dog,

There is nothing going on to report to you. We are bored. Haven't gone anywhere other than our daily walk routine, haven't met anyone interesting, it's dark so early, we don't get to see all our favorite kids who pet us & tell us how wonderful we are.

Well, we do have this little toy thing going on between us. I have lots of toys. Jack steals them. I take them back, Jack steals them again. I hide them, Jack steals them. I bring them inside, Jack takes them outside. I guess we'll have to keep this up till something else interesting happens....

One thing that does entertain us is Meeshka's recent series of TV scripts & new programs- have you checked them out? Queen Meeshka is pure genius! They're much more entertaining than real TV. Those striking screen writers should check out her blog & learn a thing or two about what huskies really want to see on TV.
While I'm on the subject of improving the world for huskies, I'd also like to talk to someone about making an iPawed so I could take all my favorite music videos, pictures, phone numbers, appointment book, gps, snacks, (and anything else I might possibly have the slightest whim for) with me where ever I go. But until then, I'll go take a nap.
Wooos, Star

A-rooos to yous,
Star's lying, I can so play with those toys too. Sheesh! See my little penguin? I wish mom would post the story about him. She thinks she should wait till closer to Christmas, but I say, post it now! Do you want to wait that long to see it?
~ the Jack-a-roo


Four months into Eternity

Wooos to you all, Star here.
Hu-mom is working on a very cute post, "A Penguin's Tale", but it isn't quite ready.
We don't mean to be morbid, posting about another RB husky so soon after Anna, but today marks four months since our dear Sherman left us. Mom was feeling very sad, and made something special for Sherman. This sort of thing helps our humans cope when we must leave to go North of the Rainbow Bridge. I liked it, I think Sherman would too, so I wood to her to post it here on my blog.

November winds are blowing bolder,
November air is growing colder…
Four months, dear boy, four months since you left,
it feels like it's been forever, it feels like it happened yesterday.

In eternity there is no time, only now.
I miss you every moment of “now”.

The wind blows, and I miss seeing you run like the wind.

The sun shines, I miss how it gleamed on your coat.

The gold and red petals drop from the stem, I miss those tuffs of golden fluff you dropped everywhere.

The moon shines, and I look for you, angel-white in the moonlight.

The rain falls and mists rise, and I miss how the droplets perched on the tips of your fur.
Soon the snow will blow, and I will miss seeing snowflakes on your snow-nose.

I see a rainbow, but where is the gold at the end of it?

I strain to go past the rainbow, where you crossed, but I cannot follow.

To see you again, I look within.
The warmth of your memory shields my heart against
the coldness of your absence, my golden butter-boy.
I close my eyes and hug the air,
beckoning your spirit to come near,
Yet I know you couldn’t be any closer, not ever,
because your love fills my heart from the inside out, forever.
I miss you, dear friend, I miss you.



Sweet Anna....run free!

Woooooos, everyhusky & dog,

We were very sad to learn that our friend Anna (from another board), made her trip to the Rainbow bridge Monday. Sweet Anna was 13.

She had been parted from her first family for many years because of circumstances, but they unexpectedly found her again this past year & started visiting her. On one visit they noticed she had a ruptured tumor that was going untreated by the elderly woman who owned her, and convinced the woman to let them have Anna back so she could be cared for. The tumor was treated & Anna recovered. These past few special months have been full of joy for Anna & her family, who were so happy to have their husky girl back. Then about a week ago, Anna seems to have injured her back, and slowly became paralyzed. Anna let her family know she was ready to go. Bless them for setting her free, the hardest decision a human can make for us.
She was still a playful fun girl, loved to woo, & really into garbage dispersal. The house may be cleaner, but her sweet wooos will be missed.

We are wooing wooos of sympathy to Anna's family (bi-peds,3 bordercollie sisters & big Newfie sis). And we'll be looking for her bright light to join the dance in the Northern Lights.
~Star & Jack
and humom Pat


Here's Lookin' at Woo, Kid!

The wind is howling and rain is blowing sideways as we are treated to left-over hurricane here on the East Coast today. It's a perfect day to stay inside cozied up to hu-mom's feet next to the 'puter. When she talks to us, we pick up our heads & stare at her....and she's been thinking how cool our eyes are.
So here's to us....all the huskies she's owned & loved....and our beawootiful soulfull eyes...

Wooos, and a-Rooos,
Star & the Jack a-Roo

"Here's looking at Star, Jack, Sherman, and Speedo"
(click to enlarge)