Bye bye, 2013....Hello 2014!

snuggly buddies

at a boat dock


                                                         love those snow zoomies
with mom, walking in Newport                                              Gotcha!      


                                enjoying hugs & a nice walk at our windmill with the peeps

                 our peeps went to Hawaii, and all we got were these inedible flower lais!

                                      Meeting Mr. & Mrs. Wild Dingo at a great hiking spot!

                                                Dad a-roo got a new knee and we helped

lovely afternoon walkies at Brenton Point....
                                     and, taking dad for his first new knee walkies in the 'hood

the nasty hot spot episode.....
            a pretty sunset walk with the peeps                       making my own snow!   ~Moo

          Jack loves zoomies!

At our favorite windmill park again...

Helping to greet  the little goblins and princesses!

Windmill park stone wall- always full of good smells!


Peace on Earth, good will to men and creatures alike...

We wish each of woo a very Happy New Year!

~Jack A-Roo & Miss Moo



 Christmas time is here....

Our beautiful outdoor tree, "Hoopsie" is looking splendid this year-  its doubled insize, has bright new lights and a beautiful new snowflake star at its crown....

Our indoor Siberian Tree - mom painted all the ornaments with portraits of Star, Sherman, Moo & Jack, plus other assorted huskies & winter animals.  Our little "memorial" huskies hang there, plus some cool white deer!
 And Jack's favorite feature this year-- a Pengie Village!   Mom made it with littel wooden houses & stickers & stuff.    (Some humans never grow up!)
 Here's the "gingerbread" house..... There's even a team of huskies coming through town!
We had a quiet Christmas at home with our humans..... and hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!  Wooooo!

Jack & Moo


Saturday: Autumn on the Island:

We found a fellow working breed hard at work: 
What a good Gourd Dog!    
(get it? ..."guard dog/gourd dog?)

We said "Woo!", but he had nothing to say.
 Obviously has his mouth full guarding gourds. 

With flying pigs around, he must stay furry busy guarding the gourds.
We assume these must be flying pigs.... they are on the roof.

 Looks like invading pumpkins and vines took over the bird cage....

Woo can see clearly that there is a major pumpkin invasion going on!
mom is taking us out again today to look for miore signs of Fall, so till then....

A-roos to yous and Toodle-woo!
Jack a-Roo & Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo: Looking for Fall

Ha-woo everyone!

its me, Miss Moo, to take woo on our adventure yesterday.  We went looking for fall.

First, we went to the Windmill Park.   The last time we were there, there were green pumpkins.  And last year, there were lots of pumpkins!   We expected to find nice big orange pumpkins this itme, too, but woo know what we found?

Someone came & took all the pumpkins away!   
But we did find some nice flowers.
 Our furiends the ducks were nearby, too.   They stay all year long.    The bushes around the pond are still green, though.  No fall color there....

But the kitchen garden was looking fantastic!

Here woo can see some red trees behind the windmill.   
The windmill garden was full of fall stuff- it smelled sooo good!

There were some nice purple cabbages 
among the nastursiums & flowers and beans and chard.

We posed by the stick thingies.   Woo can tell we were enjoying our walk!

We were a little dissappointed that we didn't find any pumpkins, 
so mom made another stop by a pumpkin farm where kids can pick their own pumpkins!
Doesn't that look like fun?
(we had to wait in the car)

We drove around & mom took some more pictures as we looked for signs of Fall on the Island.
Keep watching, we'll post more fun Fall pics all this week!

And that's today's View from the Moo!
Miss Moo




woozers..... what time is it?

I'm just not much good before my moo-rning bowl  of coffee....

How 'bout woo?

Miss Moo


Super Snooter Saturday

Our furiend Zim came up with a great idea fur a post - 
we thought we'd hop on our deck and join him!

Ha-roo  Zim!  Ha-woo Cami!

We can smell all the way to the Kansas Ocean from here!
Who knew?

Happy Super Snooter Saturday to everyone!

Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


In Memory of a Great Lady

Mom here, my turn to write an entry on the blog, in honor of one of our own.

How does time manage to slip by so quickly?

The Tales from the Trails Siberian Husky rescue walk takes place this weekend in PA, and this year , we won't be there.   But Jack & I were there in 2009, one day after saying a tearful good-bye to our first and greatest Siberian, Blue Moon Star.

Star lit up or lives from the day she joined our family and took over as our (lets face it) Pack Leader when she was a wee little thing of 5 weeks. Her reign lasted till she walked into the vets office with great dignity, under her own powers, for our final farewell nearly 13 years later on Sept. 24th 2009.

She was a Great Lady, with the kind of graciousness, poise, and a knack for impeccable timing you find in human women like Kathrine Hepburn.   We miss her presence, her wisdom, her humor, her mind-blowing ability to communicate telepathically, and her beautiful, startling blue eyes....  like the eyes of the wilderness staring back into ours.

 The emptiness left by her absence has softened with time till we have a permanent warm fuzzy spot in our hearts.    I honestly wondered if we could ever love a dog as much as we loved her again.

Then the irrepressible Miss Moo bounced into our lives, bringing her party-girl attitude and sweetly caring ways.   Jack's never had it so good (they adore each other)!  She is my devoted companion and at the same time, "Daddy's girl".

We are so blessed to share our lives with so many wonderful spirits.    Its comforting to know that Star is reunited with her beloved Sherman and first sisfur, Rosie, and that Sherman's sister Tori is also back with her big brother.   Our adventures continue with Jack & Moo, filling every day life with love and fur!