In Memory of a Great Lady

Mom here, my turn to write an entry on the blog, in honor of one of our own.

How does time manage to slip by so quickly?

The Tales from the Trails Siberian Husky rescue walk takes place this weekend in PA, and this year , we won't be there.   But Jack & I were there in 2009, one day after saying a tearful good-bye to our first and greatest Siberian, Blue Moon Star.

Star lit up or lives from the day she joined our family and took over as our (lets face it) Pack Leader when she was a wee little thing of 5 weeks. Her reign lasted till she walked into the vets office with great dignity, under her own powers, for our final farewell nearly 13 years later on Sept. 24th 2009.

She was a Great Lady, with the kind of graciousness, poise, and a knack for impeccable timing you find in human women like Kathrine Hepburn.   We miss her presence, her wisdom, her humor, her mind-blowing ability to communicate telepathically, and her beautiful, startling blue eyes....  like the eyes of the wilderness staring back into ours.

 The emptiness left by her absence has softened with time till we have a permanent warm fuzzy spot in our hearts.    I honestly wondered if we could ever love a dog as much as we loved her again.

Then the irrepressible Miss Moo bounced into our lives, bringing her party-girl attitude and sweetly caring ways.   Jack's never had it so good (they adore each other)!  She is my devoted companion and at the same time, "Daddy's girl".

We are so blessed to share our lives with so many wonderful spirits.    Its comforting to know that Star is reunited with her beloved Sherman and first sisfur, Rosie, and that Sherman's sister Tori is also back with her big brother.   Our adventures continue with Jack & Moo, filling every day life with love and fur!



bbes tribe said...

Liked your post. These furiends/furkids of ours do become such a special part of our lives and family. We had 3 Sibes... King who was a rescue and then Niki and Bo. Who I must say looked so much like yours. We still miss them bit have great warm and funny memories of the time we were allowed to be with them. Niki and Bo each lived to be 15 but King was with us the shortest time...his epilepsy got the best of him. Great post in memory of your special girl :-)

The Army of Four said...

Such a sweet, beautiful girl!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

It was such a bittersweet day when we got to meet woo two -

Although, it was really woo three as Angel Star was there enjoying the day along with us!


FiveSibesMom said...

What a beautiful post to a beautiful girl who is now a shining "Star" North of the Rainbow Bridge. They never ever leave us, a space in our hearts are forever reserved for those loved and lost, but never ever forgotten. Their lives are just way too short...thank you for sharing your memories of her with us.

Wild Dingo said...

Ooooo.... Star sure was special. I would loved to have met her. Sometimes they just "know" how to reach the bi-peds. What a beautiful husky. Eyes you would melt in! And I'm sure Moo is completely different but totally in love with you all just the same because Star paved the way!