Look what the wind blew in!

Ha-woo everyone!
It's me, Miss Moo, and my brofur Jack a-roo, back online
again after Miss All-in-a-Huff Irene blew thru.
It wasn't as bad as the weather peeps expected, but things were rockin' & rollin' fur a while!
Mom took a few pics thru the patio doors -
no special effects here, just Jack braving the storm as Irene blasted away on Sunday.
It was windy! I joined Jack during a pause in the rain.
Jack says we should call this picture
"Paws in the Rain during Pause in the Rain".

Mom & dad took us out fur a walk to see how things were going in the 'hood.
Our neighbors lost their mimosa tree, but that was the only tree down.
Things look pretty good overall, Mom!
(I think my big Moo-grin cheered everyone up.)
Lots of leaves down, our willow tree lost several branches, and Mom noticed half the Russian Olive bush keeled over. We also lost electricity for 30 hours, and lost phones/tv/internet till a couple hours ago ( about 57 hours total). Here is Mom on Monday, waiting for water to boil so she could make some coffee. That instant stuff- International Coffees- isn't so bad in a pinch!
She talked to her brother up in Maine tonight- he still doesn't have any power - he was "grilling by flashlight" to use all the thawed meat from his freezer! Sure wish he wasn't so far away - we could help take some of that spare meat off his hands!
We're furry grateful Irene has gone and wasn't too destructive. We have our paws crossed fur those who suffered losses, are still discombobulated, or have a lengthy "to do" list left after Irene. (She was not so kind in other places) Mom & Dad said it was kind of nice - neighbors all talked to each other, there were lots of impromptu "grilling parties" and hurricane get-togethers taking place.

We just do what we dogs do everyday- live life as it comes. Some days you're wet, some days you're dry, some days you're hungry, some days you feast. Maybe it takes not having electricity fur the peeps to realize that life is pretty good without all those gadgets & distractions. Just enjoy what ever happens, and, as some wise guys once wrote, "Love the ones you're with."

Miss Moo, Just sayin'


Waiting on the weather

Saturday night....still on alert for hurricane Irene...

Now the winds are picking up, I'm a little concerned...
I don't want Moo securing me again...

He just doesn't appreciate me.
Better find somewhere safe...
Oh thanks, Dad, I feel much better now!
Mom snapped a few pics earlier as we took our walk: Neighborhood peeps prepare:
Not where he usually docks his boat:
Can woo read the sign? It says "Go Home Irene".
Ha-roo roo roo!
From our walk on Friday evening, looking out to Narragansett Bay:
Same view Saturday evening:
Hope all our furiends along Irene's path are staying safe!
We'll keep woo posted!

jack a-roo & miss noo


Miss Moo's Guide: How to Prepare for a Hurricane

We may or may not get a hurricane in the next couple days. We won't go over all the things woo should do because there are lots of site telling woo how to prepare - go read them. But, I, Miss Moo, will address one problem: the wind! Anything not secured will blow around. So its important to take steps to secure loose objects.

Jack will demonstrate what happens when the wind blows unsecured objects around.
Note: Jack is a trained professional, don't try this at home!

Pretty scary, isn't it? Takes the breath right out of ya!
Now Jack and I will demonstrate the proper steps to take to avoid loose objects blowing around in a hurricane.

Step 1: Get a good grip on the loose Siberian.
Step 2: Make sure you have all the moving parts contained.
Step 3: Overcome any objections. After all, its for his own good.)
Step 4: Flatten both Siberians to the ground and hold securely in this position till the hurricane passes.
Whew! By the time the hurricane passes, woo may be exhausted from all your efforts, so plan to have yourself a nice long nap!

On a more serious note, our southern Siberian furiend Maya Marie's mom called our mom with a few tips on surviving hurricanes. And they should know, they made it thru Katrina & several others! We learned one of the biggest problems with hurricanes is that they carry all manner of air-born yucky stuff & bacteria from wherever they originate. As the hurricane rains fall, all this mess gets dumped onto your stuff and pollutes every puddle and blade of grass. After hurricanes, you MUST prevent your pups from licking up rainwater & eating anything outside, and its a good idea to wash off your pups feet every time they come in after going outside. I guess its pretty common for paws to develop all manner of problems after a hurricane does its dirty work! Those are pretty good tips! Many thanks to our furiends! One last tip of our own- make sure woo have plenty of Happy Hearts treats on hand fur emergencies!

Hope this helps everypup prepare in the event woo actually do get a hurricane.

Til next time,
A-roos to yous and Toodle-Woo!
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo
PS - a very big Happy Birthday to MFT's Mom today! Have an extra piece of khake fur us!


Midweek visitor

This little visitor had about a 4" wingspan!....
and St. Frances has 2 sunflowers today!
Maybe the dragonfly stopped to admire all of St. Frances's flowers!


Monday's View from the Moo

Good Moo-rning everyone! Hope woo all had a pleasant weekend! mom walked around to fill the bird feeder out front and discovered that the birds planted a little garden for St. Francis! She'll keep an eye out for both blooms to be open for another pic too. Furry thoughtful of those birds, wasn't it?
Still, those birds have never planted us a garden on our side of the fence. But I guess that's understandable.

I had a lazy weekend. Here I am snoozing at mom's feet while she watched TV. I can't even sleep without her flashing that camera in my face!
Now here's one proud pup. Jack is sporting his new red harness along with a furry satisfied smile. Mom took him for his first run on the Springer contraption. He loves being able to run! (Mom's knees don't work well enough for her to run with him, so she dusted off her old bike and got a Springer for it.) From the look on his face, Jack approves!

Mom bought me a pretty pink harness, but I haven't gotten to go for a run yet. Mom says maybe once she's practiced a little more with Jack. She says Jack is very steady & doesn't jump all around like I do. I guess I see her point. But I don't like being left behind & woo very loudly the whole time they're gone!!!!

So, that's the view from my side of the pack this week. (I'll keep woo posted about that Springer thing!)

Toodle woo!
Miss Moo


Its Our Job

Its Saturday. There's a big painting event in town, but mom decided she should stay home and finish the painting she started this week. She says our job is to guard the deck from any intruders trying to walk into her studio...(which is on the other side of the deck doors.) We don't quite see how this helps, cause the yard is all enclosed & no one ever comes in this way, but....

what mama wants, mama gets at our house. (As long as there are plenty of cookies in it fur us!)

Happy Saturday!

Jack a-roo & miss moo


Monday's View from the Moo: Mellow Monday

Good Moo-rning loves!
It's raining today, so I'm just staying inside today, chewing my nylabones...
while Jack snoozes behind mom's chair.
Seems like a good day for a little smooth jazz.

Mom & dad went to the opening night of the Newport Jazz Festival last week. It was held at the The Newport International Tennis Hall of Fame:

Mom loved the architecture there. check out the balcony:
It was a nice cool evening...
Mellow music courtesy of Wynton Marsalis....
His band included an amazing drum solo!
More music followed from Michael Feinstein with special guest Joe Negri. Joe Negri was also known as "Handyman Negri" around Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Mom says she remembers him! If woo'd like to hear a sample of Michael & Wynton playing, watch the short video - the visual is not so good, but the music will mellow out your Monday!

There, now isn't your head in a better space now?
... and that's today's View from the Moo.

Toodle woo, stay cool!

Miss Moo


Saturday Skittering

Hey Moo, what's going on?
Do woo want to play with me?
Oh yeah, big boy....
how fast can woo MOVE!
Ahhh, its Satuday, and its perfect weather for Skittering!

Happy Saturday Skittering!

a-roos to yous, and toodle-woo,
jack a-roo & miss moo


Friday: Sibe Vibes fur a friend

Ha-roo, dear ones. This is our beautiful GSD furiend, Sierra. Isn't she gorgeous? Mom's known Sierra & her mom fur many years. Sierra was having a few health issues this summer, and two days ago, they got some very, very bad news. (big c bad news)
Sierra & her brofur Buddy, mom and dad, are filling their time together with companionship, play, cuddles, and love, taking things one day at a time. There may be some very tough days ahead. We believe the power of prayer paws can help extend those good days for our wonderful furiends. We're asking everyone to send a pawsitive thought/prayer/Sibe vibes to our furiend Sierra in OH.
This is Sierra the day she became an honorary husky, taking part in Adopt-A-Husky's hike along with our own Sherman & Star. Sherman & Sierra were very fond of each other! They got a chance to play several times at different events.
Mom is very grateful for all the love & support she received from Sierra's mom during Sherman's illness & passing a few years ago. We dogs generally take this sort of thing better than our humans do, we know that we'll just continue on our journey. Humans don't seem to be able to accept this with as much ease and grace as we canines do. But it is the way of the great circle of life.

May God grant you many more days of joy and peace with your family here, Princess Sierra. We love you.

jack & moo


Wednesday WOOOO!!!

Mom's finally getting her photos together from her trip. I never knew there were so many bears in PA & OH! Look at this guy!!! (he's at the PA Welcome Center) He's enough to keep a pup from wandering off in the woods!!!

Several of the PA stops had wooden bears, too. Check out the little cub near the bottom.

Mom met this nice lady at that rest stop. She does rescue, and just adopted this little charmer! She said she'll only 6 weeks old & not even 3 lbs yet!
And here was her other traveling companion- Vincent. He thought the baby's food was real tasty! Hope they had a good trip!

All this talk of bears has me looking over my shoulder - I hope there's no bears on our island! Coyotes, yes, but bears???
Here's another sort of bear. This is our cousin, Bear. Not nearly so ferocious looking, is she? Mom says she's a sweetheart! She reminds us of Huffle!
And here's our other cousin, Brandy. She looks like she could ward off bears! I wouldn't mess with her! Actually, she's a sweetie, too. Mom says Moo & I would have a great time playing with her - she's very bouncy! Maybe she'll come visit one day.
Keep an eye out while woo are out playing, pups, cause woo wouldn't want to stumble on one of them there bears!

A-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo


Monday's View from the Moo

Good Moo-rning everyone!
Time for my usual Monday Morning Post: The View from the Moo". Did woo all have a nice weekend? I hope so! Mine was furry nice - see me smiling?

Woo-hoo! Jack had a good wekend too. He found lots of good things to sniff out in the yard. Mom wouldn't let me do any smack-down moves on him, though.

He ran into something when I was chasing him and for a few days, he'd yelp real loud when he went to lie down. I was trying to play smack-down to make him feel better. Who doesn't feel better after a good game of bitey-face and smackdown?

Mom couldn't pinpoint what the problem was and was talking v-e-t visit, but after 2 days he stopped yelping. No v-e-t visit this time, lucky guy! I think its time fur a sneak-attack!

....and that's today's View from the Moo!

Miss Moo