Wooo-woooo! Got tasty new treats, the weather finally cooled off, and I've almost got a new hole chewed in my blue mail-box squeeky! "The maid" keeps sewing my toys up, just about the time I'm ready to extract the noisey part. She said we got a letter today about this year's "Husky Hike". We helped raise money for homeless huskies by taking a very nice walk through the woods last year. Can't beat that! Plus, there's games and FOOD, and an auction with all kinds of husky stuff. Last year, I won the musical hoops game and brought home a real prize -- a pink and red squeeky stuffie! I still have it, bout of course it's been stitched up a time or two over the last year. Have to see if we can find the pictures... later. * Star *


August 5th.
It's been hot, way too hot for dogs with double coats who love snow. But, being good huskies, we've been bearing with it. The humans went to a State fair yesterday, mom showed us pictures of sheep- stark naked sheep! I thought they were supposed to be fluffy, like huskies, but there they were, in nothing but skin. Well, a few had on these little "jammies", looked pretty silly if you ask me. All I can say is that I'm glad WE don't get shaved for our beautiful fur! I'd hate to be seen naked in public! Sheesh!


Just a quick CONGRATULATIONS to MEESHKA on her highly successful blogathon!


another hot day...another "skunk remedy bath" for Sherman.
Why that boy insists on sticking his snout where it doesn't belong is beyond me, nothin like riding along in a car with a hot, wet, skunky husky for company! -Star, the good-smelling dog
Greetings from the Cyber-sibes As huskies go, Star and Sherman aret tops! Everything huskies should be. As bloggers go, their human is not so hot...technically challenged, to say the least. But she's making a committment to figure this thing out and get bloggin'! Assistance appreciated....