Happy New Year Everyone!

Wishing all our furiends & peeps a safe & happy New Years!

New Years 2013

new years pictures

Love & snooter kisses,
Jack & Moo


The View from the Moo: SNOW!

Ha-woo everyone!  this week's View from the Moo is brought to woo by the word SNOW!!!
Yup, it started yesterday.... a kind of slushy wet snowy rain....

Do you think this will turn into real snow?
...that changed into big fluffy flakes!
We had a blast!   Running jumping, tossing, rolling... and a great game of chase.

My favorite manuver is to tun through the doggie door full speed.....
and sit there while Jack goes into his "stalking mode"...
 I tease him by sticking out a paw or poking my head out, then back inside
...then I make a break for it and run as fast as I can right past him!
Mom says I'm "faster than a speeding shutter" cause she never 
gets quite all of me in one picture!   Ha-roo roo roo!
We played till it was dark out,
and the snow kept falling down!
By morning it looked like a winter wonderland!
This is our Prairie Fire Crab apple tree:
and this is the new baby Coral-barked Japanese Maple.
The tree man said it was a real beauty in all seasons - it sure is a standout in the snow!

Wooing of standing out in the snow, Jack looked pretty happy.
but I knew he'd be even happier if we did more zoomies!    
we ran this way..... then that way....

Whew!   What an exhilerating time we had.
Time to wind down with some nice fresh snow!

This is such a great way to wrap up the year.
A year of friendship, family, fun, and faith, topped off with fresh snow... 
it just doesn't get any better than this, dear furiends!

Thank you for following along on another year of our adventures.   
We value your friendship, and try our best to be there for woo, too.   
We wish woo a very Happy New Year!
and that's this week's View from the Moo!

Miss Moo & Jack A-roo


Jack & Moo's "How To" Series #1

Ha-roo everyone!  
We like to keep our blog lighthearted and fun, but in the interest of also providing information and helpful hints, we bring woo a live demonstration today.  

Jack & I are going to demonstrate a manuveur that could save your life, if  woo ever catch on fire.  (it could happen - woo get too close to the fireplace, or someone drops a lit cigarette on your tail, or woo leap through a flaming hoop )  
Most human pups learn this pretty early, so woo can even practice this using of of them as your partner!
Remember this:
STOP......  DROP....... &  ROLL

First, perfom the  STOP - woo might need to do this for the flaming subject,
as they are probably racing around like a lunatic, 
so use whatevere means necessary to persuade the flaming dog/person 
to STOP running, cause running adds oxygen to the flames...

Next, is the "DROP"
.... I'm assisting Jack in these pictures.  Really.

and of lastly, ROLL.  
 Jack is adding a fancy forward somersault to his roll, 
but just  plain old rolling around will do, too.
The purpose of rolling is to smother the flames.

There woo have it, how to put yourself out if woo catch on fire.

PS:  No huskies were hurt in the making of this blog post....
See.... Jack's just fine!

(Jack:  I'm  a furry good actor, aren't I?)

Woos & a-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


Merry Christmas!

We wish woo a very 
Merry Christmas~

Jack A-roo, Miss Moo,  JoJoe and Pat



Mom, since this may be Doomsday, can we have extra treats, pleaze?
Ha-roo roo roo, guess what.... it worked!    The treat-part, that is.    For some interesting stuff about the whole 12-21-12 Doomsday event, check out the Doomsday 2012 Fact Sheet put out by the SETI Institute... and we'll see woo again for the View from the Moo on Monday!

Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo: Rewind

Ha-woo dear furiends!
Its me, Miss Moo, with another edition of the View from the Moo!

Seems to me that a month ago mom promised more pictures from when her pup-kids visited.... and she never delivered! so we'll take things in our own paws & post a few:

This looked pretty interesting, its from their  visit to the Whaling Museum in New Bedford MA:

Look out below!  
These full skeletons of whales hang over the lobby!
The furthest one back is from a pregnant female with her unborn calf - sadly, she was hit by a cruise ship & died a few hours later.   See her baby?  It still has vestigal hind legs!

Going up the stairs gives woo a close-up & personal view!

Second floor: artwork depicting different whaling ships & aspects of whaling....lots of ship models on this floor, but the pics were too blurry to post-

Did woo ever wonder if woo could fit inside a whale's jaw?
Have a seat....

A half-size whaling ship!
 Getting the tour....fascinating information from a gentleman who knew a great deal about whaling & whale boats!  ( He went to the same high school as mom's mama did!)
 Manning the pump handle to turn the winch to raise the anchor
 This was quite an improvement over trying to haul the anchor up manually!

Going back down to the lobby..... watch out for that whale, kid!
Relaxing beneath a large male humpback skeleton

And can woo believe, we didn't get as much as one bone to nibble on?    Harumph!    No fun!

Well, mom says we would probably not like being on a whaling ship;  the food was bad, there was no clean drinking water, it was dark, damp, & foul in the crews quarters,  it was stinky and smokey and slippery on deck most of the time... .... and woo could be stuck on that ship for 2 or more years on a single whaling expedition!   Doesn't really sound like our idea of "fun" after all.  Ha-roo roo roo!

So, to end with, here we are with bones that we were allowed to have: treat bones!   Woo-hoo!
and that's this week's View from the Moo!
Miss Moo


Sadness in Heaven and on Earth

There are some acts of violence that simply defy explanation.

Our hearts go out to grieving loved ones of the victims in Newtown CT.

Sad, sad, woos and prayers,
Jack, Moo, Pat & JoJoe



12-12-12.... now how often does that happen?     
We're making this auspicious date with a 12-12-12 collage:
12 months with 12 pictures of us in 2012.
Enjoy!  (woo can biggify to see it even better!)

Jack & Moo



We are sorry, furiends, but because of a sudden display of  commercial spam in our comments, we are going to turn on that stupid word verification and comment moderation.   Bad humans!
(Star showing her disdain of such devious human behavior from beyond the Rainbow Bridge.)

We know, and we agree, its difficult to use, and we really hate to do this, but there seems to be no other option to eliminate companies posing as peeps from making comments that contain links where they would like to direct our readers, and we don't want that going on on OUR blog!

thanks fur understanding, and we do hope woo will still take time to leave your messages.  They make us happy.... and we like that!

Husky hugs & kisses,
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo: Seriously Cute

good Moo-rning everyone!
Welcome to "Monday's View from the Moo" - that's me!

Once again Mom has been super busy, but she PROMISED to do today's post!

We'll start with the good stuff:  new pics of US!
We were tempted with treats, serious business that calls for serious looks...

(Notice our red & green eyes....we're so seasonally chic!)

Jack & I haven't been up to much at all since the hupups left after Thanksgiving, here is our boring schedule:

Cherrios with dad. Nap. Breakfast. Snack on Mom's breakie leftovers. Nap. Goodbye treat as mom leaves, Nap.  Good dog treat when mom gets home. Nap. Good dog treats when dad gets home. Nap. Dinner. Nap. Dinner leftover licks. Nap. Mid-evening snacks. Nap. and, at the end of our exhausting day, a good-night snack.  After the peeps go to bed,  go outside to harrass the wildlife. Come back in & Sleep.
 So woo see, nothing really interesting to report, but all the same, that's this weeks View from the Moo...

Miss Moo


Lazer Vision!

Just another Saturday morning.....

JACK:   Look Mom, I haz Lazer eyes!               MOO: Mom, make him stop.... he's freaking me out!