Side by side!

Such a beawootiful day for a walk, Laska's home, all seems right in the world today. Kinda makes ya feel like singing!

Well we ain't got a barrel of money,

maybe we're furry & funny,

But we're traveling along...

wooing our song...
side by side.

Oh yeah, have a good one!
Star & Jack a-roo


Sunday Howl & Monday Movie

We heard that today many blogs will be posting a "howl" in honor of Princess Dakota (A great idea from the Mason Dixies. Since Jack and I do not howl (don't ask us why, we just don't) we asked our mini spokes-bipeds to say a few woos on our behalf.

Dakota, we dedicate this one to woo. We hope it brings some smiles to Dakota's peeps.

Isn't that the cutest thing ever? Those are Moon's boys. We gave them mini versions of us- Star & Jack & Moon- to take with them when they move away later this summer. Mom will post more cute pics later. She's pretty busy, so we're going to let this one stand in as our Monday Movie feature, too.

Watch it again on Monday, it's just as cute as the first time!

Remember to send golden thoughts for Laska's safe return... he's been spotted close by his foster home.

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo



"Star, are woo plotting something?
Does it involve me?"
...to be continued...

a-rooos to yous,
Jack a-roo


Sad woos for Sweet Dakota

If tears could build a stairway,
and memories were a lane,
I would walk right up to heaven
to bring you home again.

Our beawootiful friend, Princess Dakota, is now one of the Rainbow Bridge's special angels. She'd been holding her own for a while, but her health was fragile. She stayed as long as she could. Thunder and Phantom and her loving family kindly let her spirit free this past Thursday. Please stop by to send sad woos to the OP pack, they are so brokenhearted right now.


And here is a special post for Laska, keep paws crossed he finds his way home SOON. He is a rescue that our own Khyra's Mom helped. At his temporary home, he promptly slipped his harness & took off. In this case, such husky-like behavior is NOT in his best interest. Many bipeds have joined the search for this lovely boy. Khyra is asking us all to envision him surrounded by gold to protect him on his journey to safety.


Monday Movie: Introducing...

A-roos to yous!

Here we are with another Monday Movie - today's is an Adventure flick, starring a new pal of mine in his movie debut. Lets give him a warm welcome!

I thought this one should be called "Into the Jaws of Death", but since no fluff was de-stuffed during the making of this film, I guess I'll have to hold that title idea till later....(till after Chip a-roo meets Mr. Fangs! Da-Da-Duhhhhh!)

Here, I'll hold him up for woo to get a good look:

and I'll find him a nice spot in the yard.

"Great job, Chip a-roo. I'll show woo a new game to play after the camera is turned off!"

A-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo


Silent Sunday (Happy Dad Day)

A - R O O S__ T O__ Y O U S -
H A P P Y__ D A D - A - R O O__ D A Y !


Solstice Salute to Siberians

Today is sibernet's Solstice Candle-lighting Ceremony for Siberians who've gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

We thought we'd put a Memorial Candle on our blog and honor our blogging sibe friends who've gone North this past year.
Woos, dear ones,
We are connected to each of woo with bond of Siberian-ness that can never be broken. Wear your silver harnesses with pride, and dance in the light of the Aurora Borealis tonight, as we woo to the North Star and remember:

Carmen's 3 puppies, 6/10/09
D'Azul Siberians

Uncle Buckley 6/14/09
Huffle's Uncle

Pirate 4/10/09
Paxil 5/28/09
Wandering Spirits

Kelsey Ann 7/30/08
The Kapp Pack

Sabo Snavely-Dingeldein 8/15/08
Ozzie's pack

Though it's been almost two years,
we're also honoring our sweet boy,
Sherman 7/10/07
Rosie 2/18/02
forever in our hearts

and our dear friend Bowser, 5/24/07
husky x with the heart of a husky & the legs of a Corgi.
(We hope you & Sherman are hanging out together up there)
Gabby 6/2/09
Anna 2008
Gracie 2008
Snoopy 2008
Friends from Pet Talk

Taltia and LadyGray
Khyra's Khorner

Shula Mae 11/05

Holly's House
Samantha 12/26/06

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo

We are listing those we know, but please, if you have a sibe who crossed in the past year, tell us who in a comment & we'll add them to the list.


International Box Day?

We aren't sure what this is all about, but today the mail guy dropped off a furry interesting box at our house. The return address was marked "A box from the past"....what could it be???

We sniffed & sniffed, and there were some strange sounds & smells in that box! Yet something about it was vaguely familiar...

Mom opened it up, and there she was --- a cat in a box!

Hey, it's my old pal, Purdy! She lived with my furever family when I was brand new to the pack! I was only 5 weeks old...

How nice I have a cat in a box, too, sure was sweet of Purdy to visit me from the past!

Happy International Box Day to all the kitties today!

& a-roos from Jack

PS - we thought it would be appropriate to participate, since Siberian Huskies are know as "The cats of the dog world" - Meowoo!


Wednesday Wooos

Ha-roos to yous,

Guess what? I had to go the vets this morning. All they did was poke me with a needle & take blood, but I made them work for it- the vet tech mumbled about "huskies.... not only do you have to get down thru all this fuzz, their veins are so small! Great results - no problemos! I got treats cause I was so good.

We're hanging around with mom today, dad went back to work. Star is snoozing in her favorite end of the yard where she digs up rocks, and I'm following mom around.

Poor dad. Remember we mentioned his hurt foot-foot on Monday? Star & I checked him out when he came back from his feety-feet Dr. like this:

Star says that is quite a booty! And here's his poor sad footy-foot:

Dad gets to go back to meet Mr. Sir Jury in a couple weeks. They say that'll make him feel better! I wonder if they'll give him treats if he's good?

A-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo


Monday Mini-Movie

A-roos to yous,

our day turned out to be pretty hectic, but mom did manage to put together a 30 second mini-movie for our Monday Movie feature. It about sums up my weekend...
(Note to MFT: Catch my fancy footwork at the end... I do it j-u-s-t right!)

Lots of stuff happened here Sunday and today. Mom spent two days outside with us, painting some furniture. Dad didn't help cause his ankle & feety-feets were hurting him the past few days, and on Saturday, one 'sploaded & poofed up, and got all kinds of interesting shades of purple. Mom took him to the feety-feet Doc this morning, but we'll save that adventure for another blog.

More importantly, the Magic Cold box stopped keeping the bi-peds "Frosty Paws" frozen!!! Mom spent lots of time cleaning it out & tossing stuff, and our furry nice neighbor took a big bag of still kinda-frozen stuff to put in his Magic Cold Box. We finally got the last of our Happy Hearts cookies cause Mom had em stashed in the freezer... but not now!

So a couple guys came with a truck this morning & did a good magic trick - they made the broken Magic Cold Box disappear, and made a brand new Magic Cold box appear in its place! The fix-it guy even had dog biscuits in his pocket - for us! We liked that and forgive him for our getting thrown out of the house while all this was going on.

Here I am, checking it out. (Notice how Star is sauntering by with out showing her face?)

And here is Star, not watching. Ha-roo roo, I think mom should just give up trying to get good pictures of her, she's way to savvy for the flashy beast!

So, that's how our weekend went!

woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo


Saturday stuff

A-roos to yous, everypup, kit & peep,

I have a new toy. It's a furry ball that squeaks when I push my snooter into it. it's furry nice, and I like it alright. Problem is, I know mom is just trying to bribe me.

I have my eye on Star's husky puppy toy and keep trying to take it out in the yard with me. Mom is worried that I will destuff it. I always get the blame for any destuffing that goes on around here, but woo all know it's the evil squirrels that do it, not me.

I know Star is going to give that puppy to me, I just know she will. She'll give up hoarding it and then that puppy will be MINE. Till then, I'll play with the stupid ball, I guess.

I left it in the rain the past two days to soften it up. We finally have some sun, so I'll play with it outside today.

It's been gray & rainy all week. Yesterday the sun came out for a bit and mom took us for a walk, but by the time we got home, it was sprinkling again & furry furry gray. Today mom looked up & saw blue sky & puffy clouds. Do woo think the clouds are fluffy cause it's that time of year for them to blow their coats too? That's what I think.
Maybe I'll do a little digging the yard later while the ground is still soft. Hope woo are having a good weekend too!

A-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo


Friday Fotos

Thursday night:

Lazy? Who, us?

Friday morning:

See, we're not lazy, one of us moved...

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo


Wednesday - Wabbit Wescue

Last week we smelled something new in the corner of the yard we can't get to because of the fence. It's a jungle out there, nobody mows it, so it's nice and weedy, at least till this past weekend. We started paying a lot of attention to that little corner, & since we couldn't tell mom what we smelled (she's not that fluent in Siberian), she got all worried that maybe there was a snake in the grass or something equally life-threatening.  She made dad go out there with a weed-whaker to chop it down to size. No snakes.

BUT about a half-hour later mom came running cause she could hear screaming like someone was jumping up & down on a squeakie toy and saw we were trying our best to press ourselves through the grid openings in the fence. She looked over and saw a little brown critter rolling around on the grass. Its eyes were closed so it had no idea where it was. We were trying to convince it to come play with us, but mom quickly stuck US inside. Can woo believe it?

She tried to grab it & stick it back inside a little hole in the ground that she could see, now that the weeds were gone. Wascully wabbit that it was, it rolled under the fence & stopped under a plank where she couldn't reach it.

Then she came in & called our vet's emergency line & then another emergency line and then another.... you get the picture.  She finally reached a woman who does cottontail wabbit wescue work. Believe it or not, she is the state's official rehabilitator/specialist for cottontail rabbits.

OK, so it turns out that this woman lives on the next island over but it just so happens that she will be meeting some other folks for a rabbit-exchange in just a couple hours right next to the place mom gets edibles for the cold box. The lady told her how to "prepare" the baby bunnies for transport.

Now we would loved to have shown her how WE "prepare baby bunnies" for transport, but we couldn't convince her, in spite of looking our cutest and wooing ever so politely.

So the bite-size bunnies got scooped out of the ground & put in a box and whisked off to cross the Bay to be raised by bipeds till they're old enough to be on their own. Mom did get a couple pictures by holding the camera over the box, she "didn't want to disturb them", so these aren't the best photos she's ever taken.
Here they are, 6 balls o' fluff:
The Wabbit Woman said they all looked great, that their mama must have fed them that morning, and she will call to let our mom know how they're doing. She said mom did the right thing, as Mama Bunny might not come back now that the weeds are gone, & growing up mere inches from our Jaws of Death would not have worked out well (for the bunnies.) Harumph. They seemed like they would be more fun to play with than boring stuffed squeakies. Guess we'll never know.

Woos and a-roos,
Star & Jack a-woo

PS - The Wabbit Woman just called and told mom all the buns are doing furry furry well, have good appetites, took right to the bottles, and she's furry pleased with how things are going. The little bun that rolled away got some extra TLC & medicine cause he seemed a bit disoriented & started screaming his little head off late last night, but he's better now & will rejoin his sibs in the morning... Like we care.


Monday Movie: The Guard Dog

Here's proof that Siberian Huskies make GREAT guard dogs!

A-roos to yous,
Jack, one Great Guard Dog


Sunday smile

Woos everypup,  My favorite flowering bush is flowering!   I water it all year long every time we walk past it. It makes me furry happy to smell the flowers and know that I helped.

Mom thinks its funny because when the petals start to fall off, I like to rub myself against the bush and get covered in them.  Mom thinks it looks like I'm covered in snow.  
This was me last year, thoroughly enjoying my flowering bush.

Hope woo all enjoy something that makes woo happy today, too.



Don't worry, I'm fine.

Wooos, pups.  I had to go to the Newport Animal Hospital on Friday.  I've been feeling just fine, so I wasn't sure what this was about.  In preparation, I had to endure a b-a-t-h on Thursday, so I suspected that whatever this visit was for, it must be important.

The vets built a nice new place since I was there last.  Maybe they just want my approval.  I looked out the window - nice view.  
Then I inspected the lobby - nice lobby, plenty of room, lots of interesting smells.  
 My nose led me to this corner - hmm, maybe they just want me to taste-test some of this stuff.
A male biped came out & led us down the hallway to a smaller room.  Then things took a turn for the worse.  Now I ask, honestly, how many of our bipeds consider their trip to the doc a "photo opportunity"?   Do they splash their exam room photos on the internet?  Harumph!   Here I am being tortured by the vet techs....
Don't worry, I'm just fine.  In fact, I'm in splendid shape for my age, not that I'm old or anything.  Great teeth, great fur, great weight, great nails, great disposition.... which was tried to its limits while they did unspeakable things to me, stole my blood, ruined my claws, and jabbed me with needles.  I was furry happy to leave that place!   It may look nicer, but its no more fun than it used to be.  They do not get my approval.  

Then of course, there is that picture of Ao4 Dave with his vet.   Well, I think I should demand to be flown across country so I can go there next time.  I'm just sayin.

a washed-&-fluffed-for-no-reason Star

PS- humom says I should also say that I really do like my vet, Dr. Wirth.  He's exceptional, for a human.  And those vet techs were furry gentle with me.  I just didn't like what they DID.  


Thursday Thoughts

Star's thoughts:
 I wonder what Jack's up to outside?   It's probably less boring than it is in here.
Jack's thoughts:
I wonder what Star is doing inside?  Bet it's less boring than just sitting out here...


Monday Movie: Off to the Races!

Sometimes on Sunday nights, dad says something like "Well, it's off to the races tomorrow" .... hmmmm... that got me wondering what he meant. Then I had a dream... I think this is what he means!

Ha-woos! that was fun! just call me "Jackaroo Andretti"!

~ Lots of woo pups asked about our hoofies... those were the extra yummy bar-b-q flavor! Mom says she likes them cause they give us (ie: Jack) something safe to chew on for a l-o-o--o-ng time. I wonder why that's important? Plus, they don't "gum up your works" like rawhide can. (We never get that.) She says just be sure to toss them when they get down to a nub. We usually don't get them to that point for weeks!

A-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo