Wednesday Woo!


A-roos to yous,
Jack & Moo with our peeps


TheView from the Moo: T-Day!

Ha-woo everyone!

Hope your Thanksgiving was yummy and happy!    

We had a visit from the grown-up KidPups, and woozers, I gotta tell ya, dont think they were ever told about that "don't give the dogs scraps from the table" rule.   We had treats, yummies, and tasty foodstuffs for their entire visit!   Wo-hoo!

so much to tell, and Mom has so little times, 
Here's my special Thanksgiving View from the Moo!



Beach trip - Big waves!


C'mon Dad,  no more pics... 

Well, ok, one with the pupKids:



After dinner walkies:  Fourty Steps- 
Jack & I stayed up at the top with Dad,  cause we're too smart 
to want to hike up fourty steps right after dinner!

ahhhh, Sunset..... 

Well, that was Thanksgiving Day.   The peeps all went on other trips without us, we'll give woo a sneak-peek at some really cool stuff later this week- mom's gotta go-

And that's the Thanksgiving View from the Moo,

Miss Moo 


Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving Day!

We did a re-enactment of the First Thanksgiving 
for your viewing pleasure
(a little bit history to make your day complete!)
Jack, Moo, & the pawrents


Farewell, Sweet Huffle

Our little furiend Huffle has started her furever journey on the other side of the Bridge.   She is one of the first blogging buddies we made.   Always a clever and photogenic girl, we loved following her adventures with Sardini, Mr. Mouse, Pollie, the parsley pot, and even her brothers Salvador and Teddy.  
Mom is so sad, she can't think of what to write, so we will let a few of 
our favorite pictures of Huffle speak a thousand words instead....
Beautiful Huffle

Junglecat Huffle

As her pawrents traveled the world,  little did they suspect
 that Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat came to visit US!  

One of our favorite pictures of Huffle in her stylin' purple bed:

Godspeed, sweet Huffle, woo are going to look so darn cute in your silver harness!
(((hugs)) to your family....

Luv and Sibe kissies,
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo 


View from the Moo: Veteran's Day: War Dogs

Good Moo-rning everyone,
Its time for another View from the Moo... 
that's me!     

We honor all our Veterans and Militrary on Veteran's Day 2012, including the brave and selfless dogs who have assisted our troops
in every war, to the present day.
Thank woo for your service!

While mom was looking up some war dog info, she came across the site of an author who wrote about the dogs who served in VietNam.  Mom says she learned some things of particular interest to our breed:
Did woo know that Siberians & Malamutes were the first dogs used by the Military?   It's true!

The book cover features Buck (not a war dog) who became an ambassador for the War Dogs of Viet Nam.  With his owner, Johnny Mayo, (a Scout and dog handler during the war)  he toured schools, attended events, and eventually achieved National recognition for our brave 4-legged heroes of that war.

The book retells true stories of some of the 4,000 dogs who fought alongside our troops during the War in Viet Nam.

Sounds like a good book to read to your dog, doesn't it?
Maybe along with a night-time snackie,... yeah, that sound real good!

....and that's today's View from the Moo!
Miss Moo


Woooooooooo! Windy!!!!!

They say there's a Nor'easter coming our way!
time fur me to check on the yard to make sure all our toys are inside!

Woozers, it's w-i-n-d-y out here!    
See our tree?  Mom says it a "weeping willow", but right about now 
I'm  calling  it our "whipping willow!
Hope it fares this storm better than Hurricane Sandy....
we lost a big section of it last week.
Mom expects this storm might shake all the broken branches down!

All woo pups & peeps in the path of this storm batten down & stay safe!

Woo-ooos to yous!

Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo

Ha-woo everyone!
It's me, Moo, back with another View from the Moo,
giving woo a peek into my world!

Jack & I got a special treat on Sunday, Mom  picked up her friend and took us all to the beach, first time since the big storm.   All the coastal roads on the island were closed during the hurricane, so we didn't know quite what to expect! 
 See these cool rocks we're standing on?  They got washed up over the seawall (its about 12 feet down to the beach) and were strewn all over the street and the park!   Looks like helpful peeps had already puhed them off the roads, but there were still lots of rocks, shells, bits of lobster traps, and asssorted junk all over the grassy area where we walk.   Lots of mud too, but mom nixed the idea of us playing in it.   Something about "muddy pawprints" or something.  
 We all enjoyed our afternoon, hope we get to go back again soon!

Tomorrow mom is working from sun-up till sun-down at the "voting polls" whatever those are.    This is a veiw of the sunrise a couple mornings ago.... mom was testing out her new camera and pieced together this sky shot.  Always playing with photoshop, that mom of ours, ha-roo roo rooo!

and that's the View from the Moo.... till next time!

Miss Moo


and the Winner is......

 Entering our annual  "SHOW US YOUR TREAT JAR DAY"
included being entered  into a drawing this year - 
(the drawing was delayed a bit by having to deeal with Hurrican Sandy, 
but now, as promised,
Mom put all the names of everypup
who pawticipated on papers and crumbled them up...

Then she let me pick the winner!
(and who knows, she might even let me chew it up later - I love crumpled paper)

Here it is!
Congratulations to Echo (& Link)!

Pups, woo won a hand-painted ornament from
PawsPainter (our mom)!

(here's some of mom's Sibe ornaments)

We'll do it again next year!

  ~Hurricane Sandy caused devastating loses in our state and nearby states
This week, if you can, please donate to the organization of your choice 
to help the storm relief efforts for our fellow humans and animals ...  Thanks! ~