Summer break is here.

Yes, summer break is here, right on Island Cybersibes.

Mom needs a vacation (that's what we think) , and since we are good dogs, we've agreed to give an itty bitty blogging break.   Not to worry, we're fine, and we'll be back again soon.

 Enjoy some of our sunsets, and we'll be back before woo can say "woos & a-roos!"

Have fun, be safe, 
happy weekend, 
Happy 4th, 
and so on & so on.....

A-roos to yous, and Toodle-woo,
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo

Good Moo-rning everyone!   
Its been a while since a proper View from the Moo, but mom has the day off so here we go...

Jack & I have been trying to solve a mystery...
what is living undder the deck?
It's dug a pretty good-size exit into mom's bushes 
where we're not allowed to dig ...totally not fair, don't woo agree?
And its got a couple exit holes that go out into the yard.
Jack is using his excellent snooter powers to catch its scent...
 We haven't caught it out in the open yet, but we will....one of these days!

Woo know the windmill in the park where w go sometimes?
The park peeps had a special day when woo could
 go INSIDE the windmill - how cool is that?

 (harumph... "No Dogs Allowed", so Mom went without us.
Check ouot the views from the upper windows!
Looking out towards the garden shed.
Looking out over the entrance
and picnic table

grain was fed into the  hopper
from upper floor.
Winch used to move the massive mill
stones -  it was balanced so that
2 men could easily move it!

The mill stones had to be re-chisled by hand, each had a distinctive
pattern to its overlapping gooves, kind of like quilt patterns!
Massive gears turned the
central shaft of the windmill
Some kind of sifting box, and
another view of the massive gears

Photos of it being transported to its present location.
This mill has been moved at least 3 times!
How it works.  Mom left this one so woo can biigify it & read it!

Wooah-oh... I hear thunder, gotta go!
Hope woo enjoyed your View of the WindMoo (ha-woo woo!)

Miss Moo


Too Dog-gone HOT

What happened to the beautiful weather we had 2 days ago with the lovely breeze?
OH.........we know......

Mom commented to a friend that we've been having such a nice cool summer so far.
Thanks, Mom.   You jinxed it!    (We fugive woo, we'll just shed an extra pound or two of fluff wherever we go)

Stay cool.........
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo

PS - please make sure you have plenty of fresh water around for all us animals... maybe even put a bowl out for some of the wild life, too, they'd appreciate it!


Happy Father's Day, Dads!

Our wish for every Dad today:
(especialy to our furry own Dad-a-roo)
Thanks fur everything woo do fur us!
we think you're PAWSOME!

Love & snooter kisses,
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo

 Happy Father's Day to our Dad-Angels, too!
You may be gone from our sight, 
but your love lives in our hearts.....till we meet again.


Friday foto fur a Friend

Ha-roos to yous,

This is a post fur my furiend, Zim.  He blogged about his friend the Limestone Cat the other day, and I thought I'd post a picture of my Limestone Cat.

He lives in my backyard and I barked at him the first time I saw him, but now I realize he's harmless... just very very lazy & he sleeps all the time.

Our Asian lilies just opened up, mom took these terrific pics of them.  They're just out of our reach on the other side of our fence... if woo look really close, woo might catch a glimpse of Jack's furs in the background!

Check out our pear tree!   Aren't they cute?

Speaking of cute....
Here's a "Cute Little Moo" fix!    And of course, she's doing what she does best, keeping Jack on his toes!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


A-roos to Yous

We're sorry we've been "missing", but Mom is doing a masters-level juggling act with jobs, commitments, and Dad's physical therapy.    We're cutting her some slack and promise we'll be back bloggin again soon.   Dad is doing really well - we walk him every day!   He's gone from only being able to walk for 1/2 block, to doing a full round of the neighborhood, we're so furry proud of him!  Mom caught us on camera in the yard yesterday, enjoy!

At last, I found some place safe where Moo can't grab me!

Uh, whatcha doin' down there, Jack?

I'm meditating, Moo, leave me alone.

Ok, I think I'll just stand here in the sunshine and wait..... 
hmmm....I could be here meditating fur a long, long time....

A-roos to yous & toodle-woo!
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


May Flower Review for woo!

Ha-roo roo!  Mom says we look like a couple of "sketchy characters" here.
She's so funny......not.
 Today we have a floral review of our May flowers....
Our Blue Moon Phlox

The climbing roses have been sooo abundant this year!

The climatis now nearly cover the top of the arch over our walk...

About 5 years ago, I bought these these little flowers as "annuals" & they have bloomed faithfully every year since!

...so that's what this iris looks like!  Planted it last year but it didn't bloom.
Its called "Devil's Riot".

My beautiful Siberian iris..... you can always count on the Siberians....
"Blue Waterfall" Campanula...living up to its name--
this year its quadrupled in size & is overflowing the rock garden!

...and now, on to the June blooms....
 The first of our peonies started to open today... smells so good!

..... and now, back to snoozing......

Jack & Moo