Birthday, Bunnies, and da Boy

We wish everyone a Blessed and Happy Easter!

Its an eggsta-special day in our house, cause its also 
our very own 
Jack-A-Roo's 8th Birthday !!!

He's such a good sport, he even posed as the 
"Birthday Bunny Boy"
birthday bunny boy
HappyBirthday, Jack,  we love ya!

Mom, Dad, and Moo
(I do hope he'll share his birthday dinner with me, too!   ~M)


A little bit of home can go a long way....

Ha-woo everyone!  
We had company fur dinner last night - dad brought home two of his students from the Naval Academy Prep School.  Their families are far away, and he hoped maybe some of the "comforts of home", like a home-cooked meal and furry furiends, might just feed their souls as well as their bellies.

I played "Hostess dog" and paid plenty of attention to our two guests.
The fellow with the red hair has some little furry sweeties of his own back in Minnesota, two miniature Schnauzers.  He sure knew how to give ear rubs and belly rubs and neck rubs.... wooo get the picture!   what a treat for Jack & me!

Our other guest was so laid back... I couldn't help but just lie down near his feet and groove on his vibe!   (OK, I did fall asleep using his foot for a pillow, but I don't think he minded)

 Mom made them a great meal and Jack &  I got special big treats to chew on outside while they ate.   But as soon as they finished, Jack & I sat in the hallway and sang to them until they let us back inside. 
Ha-woo woo woo! 
I sure hope they come back sometime before they leave Newport.   
We have paws crossed and woo them a happy future, 
where ever their Naval travels take them.   
(Next year, they'll be at the Naval Academy!).

Thanks fur your service guys, and thanks fur being part of our pack for an evening!

Woos & a-roos,
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo: Beach Bums!

 Ha-woo everyone!

 Its me, Miss Moo, with today's View from the Moo.
Sunday was a beawootiful day- warm enough by human standards and still cool enough by husky standards - and mom & dad took us for a car ride!  

We LOVE car rides!   
Especially when they end up some place really cool, like the BEACH!   Woo-hooo!!!  
"Hey Jack, look at what I see coming our way!

Hi Big horsie-dogs!    
Hey, wanna play chase with us on the beach?

"Ha-woo pups!    Sorry, but we gotta run!"

....and off they went!  
Bye, big horsie-dogs!

Ha-woo, it was great to see some horsie-dogs again.
We walked mom & dad all the way to the end of the beach sand.  
Dad sat down fur a quick rest before starting back...

and here we are with mom.... she said to point out that she didn't really gain 100 lbs over the winter, she  stuffed her pockets with beach rocks.   The mission today was to get lots of pretty white ones!  She brought back like a dozen of them!    (We'll put them around our trees)

Doesn't Jack look happy?   I think he really enjoyed today's View from the Moo, did woo?

Miss Moo


Spring Snow!!!!

A-roos to yous, furiends!   The darndest thing happened yesterday...
Even though its supposed to be spring now, WE GOT SNOW!!!!   

It started yesterday afternoon...
Look Ma!  Snowflakes!

So I closed my peepers and wished real hard 
that the snow would keep keep falling...

and it did!   
Those snowflakes kept falling down...

until it was just beawootiful and deep and fluffy!

And this morning, its still here!   

Time to go play in the snow!!!!

See woo later,
snowy gator!

A-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


Fare Thee Well, Dear Captain!

It is with sad sad woos and heavy heart that I'm pawing this Monday's View from the Moo.
Our sweet furiend Cap'n Maverick has crossed the Bridge, and we will miss him dearly.

Although we never met in real life, mom has met Lisa and Cecile, his owners, at last year's Nationals. But Mav & I had cyber-adventures together when we went to the Royal Wedding together.   I love this picture of us arriving in London!

We had lots of fun being part of Cap'n Mav's Pirate pack, and hearing about his adventures.    Mom planted a pear tree in oour yard, and every time we look at it, it reminds us of how much Capn'n Mav loved pears!   I like that, because now we have a gentle reminder of our sweet furiend and can celebrate him every time we eat a pear.

So, fare thee well, on your journey, Dear Cap'n Mav, we wish woo fair winds and following seas!  Love, Bumboo Moo, Jack harr-roo, and Mom

And that's this week's View from the Moo, Toodle-woo!


Monday's View from the Moo: Homemade Pretzel!

Ha-woo everyone!  Its Monday's View from the Moo!

I'm going to demonstrate my latest manuver with Jack, its called 
"The Siberian Pretzel"
What do woo think?  Looks like fun, doesn't it?

And since I have my paws & jaws full, that's it for this week's View from the Moo

Miss Moo


Jack's Friday Flash: It's Back!

S'now joke, baby, our SNOW is back!

Not as much as before,

But there's plenty to go play Sibe Smack-Down in!

Gotta go back out & play,
 Hope woo enjoy your day too!

Jack A-Roo and Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo- where did it go?

Ha-woo everyone!  It's me, Miss Moo, with this week's View from the Moo.
Unfortunately, today I have a sad tale to tell, hope it doesn't make woo too sad...
OH!  NO no no, nothing bad happened, just sad, in my view.   
And since this IS the View from the Moo, well, here it is....

Just a few  short day sago, Jack & I were happily singing and dancing in the snow...

Even after Mom shoveled the deck, there was still pleanty of cool white stuff 
to cool my Moo-toes in...

...and Jack was happily sleeping in the drifts.... but wait
does this look like the white stuff ends.....

So we napped and dreamt of the big piles of snow...

but while we were snoozin, something happened...

Hey Moo, wasn't there a lot more of this white stuff earlier?
Look!  Its almost all green again!
Hmmm, I see what woo mean, big boy.
I think we've ben robbed!  Lets go ask mom.

Mom, was there a snow burgler in the yard?
Our snow seems to have vanished!
 What ?????!!???
Woo've got to be kidding!
Apawrently the weather man sent warm air to come take away the snow.
In my view, the weather man should be FIRED!!!

And that's this week's Veiw, and opinion, from the Moo!

Miss Moo