Magic Brush

Woos & a-rooos,
I hate to be brushed, & I do mean I HATE it! So brushing me is usually a two-human ordeal... one to brush & one to keep me from biting the hand that brushes me.

Humom finally ordered one of those so-called "magic brushes" that's all the rage over at Sibermal Society. She tested it on us last night. I think they're on to something. This brush felt pretty good, I even presented my belly for a good brushing. (Humom shouted "It's a MIRACLE!") But I put a stop to it shortly after, I don't want the bipeds thinking I'm easy.

Jack sat for a good hour; brush, brush, brush. He's still reeling from the calming after-effects of being brushed with this thing. He can't even get up today.

We filled the box the darn thing came in, just from last night's brushing session.

Look how beautifully fluffy I am:

I think I'll let her use it on me again. (feels good to have those darn matts gone, but don't tell her I said so. And pardon the damp fur - I sat in the rain earlier.)

Chalk one up for the bipeds, this really is a magic brush!

Wooos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack A-roo-zzzzzz


Meet BeePee!!!

Guess who I just "adopted"! Look to the right, under our picture....
Meet "Jack's Bloggie Pengie"!!! I think I'll use BeePee as his call name.
Isn't he cute? You can play with him, too. Move your mouse & tap near his head - he looks around. Tap his toes & he dances. Tickle his tummy & he flaps his wings. You can even tickle him right off his ice flow!!!!
(there's one more secret, see if you can figure it out)
Now that is just tooo coool, wouldn't you say?

More cool stuff --- drop by my friend Kelsey Ann's and say hello to another newly 'dopted guy, Biloxi (even if he's only temporary). I plan to follow his story, cause he's a young injured husky with a bright future, thanks to a bunch of very caring bipeds.

Woos & a-roos,
Jack "friend of all Pengies" A-roo

and Star, too


Storm positions

Wooos & a-roos to yous,

The weather humans moved those thunderstorm graphics over our part of New England, driving the lightening, thunder, and rainstorms our way.

Humom is usually working at the computer, but she's scared of thunderstorms. Not to worry, Jack & I have been keeping her safe by sticking to her like glue. We thought being right underpaw would be comforting, so here we are in our secured storm positions:

Between mom's chair and the wall:

(but watch out for those rolling wheels...)

and safely tucked away on the shelf under the desk:

ready to offer a reassuring smile every time mom pushes the keyboard shelf in:

Yeah, she feels much safer now. We can tell cause she laughs and smiles when we take our positions.

Woos & a-roos,
Star and Jack "always-on-the-job" a-roo


All's well that ends well?

Well, I guess nothin stays private around here. Still haven't quite figured what the heck is going on. I'm fine, thank you for asking. Never was a problem, I didn't do anything wrong. Mom gave me tons of treats, then stopped. She's totally obssessd with yard duty the last couple days.

AND I find out that I was khalled "JakhkAPoo," on sibermall by somehusky, khan you believe it? I wonder who it khould be? Hmm? YOU wouldn't happen to know who it khould be, would you, KHYRA?

I've been the butt of a lot of wise cracks around here lately. I don't get the joke. I'm just going to curl up with my Pengie and sulk.

Ha-roo-roo-roo, he's sure got his fluff in a huff.

Woos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack.


Holy moley, Jack!

We have our lovely cool ocean breeze weather back. Last week's heat wave 'bout knocked the fluff right out of us! (It did knock the fluff right off of us, ha-roo-roo!)

For some reason, humom will not let us help her do the gardening out front. We've made so many lovely craters in our back yard, ya think she'd like to put our talents to work out front. We try our best to trample it a bit so it has a nice "sibes live here" look when we go out for walks, but she's getting pretty touchy about those flowers.

The really good news is that Jack has distinguished himself as a true siberian by bringing down a mole. So I'm granting him a higher position in the pack. He's now #2. Congratulations, Jack. No,this is not a photo of Jack's mole. Believe it or not this is a poster humans can buy. (Humans will buy anything)

His only mistake was to bring it into the house and stash it with his toys. I tried to warn him. I told him he better keep it in a nice hidey-hole out in the yard. As expected, Hu-mom wasn't too thrilled to find a dead mole in the dining room. She traded the mole for a delicious Blue Dog Bakery cookie. At least she told him what a good boy he was. She's alright that way.

He went back on mole patrol today. Mom says he looks like a panda in this picture.

I'm supervising. It's my job.

Hope all our bloggin buds are staying dry and the storms with a small "s" are over for a while.

Woos & A-roos,
Star and Jack the mole killer A-roo


Happy FurDad Day!

A-rooos to yous!
Happy Father's Day to all you Dads!

We wanna wish our furdad a specially wonderful Happy FurDad Day! He's such a good dad, he takes me & Star to lots of cool places.

Here we are at the beach:

and another beach:

and on another beach day:

and walking on the resevoir:

WHAT??????? Wait a minute Jack...

Duh Jack, how about a photo with ALL of him?




Oh good grief, Jack! Move over.
If you want something done right, let the Alpha do it...


(ha-roo-roo, one more time around & we'll WRAP this up!)

Husky kisses and woos, (only for you, Dad!)
Star and Jack A-roo



Woos to you on this beautiful day!

I'm smiling cause my vet visit is over. I am healthy! Everyone was surprised when I stepped on the scale .... only 44.8 lbs! The other dogs owners were thinking I weighed at least 60 lbs before I wowed them all. The vet says I'm very thin under all this fur. (I like to keep my stuff fluffed.) Only got one poke this time, to protect me from the pesky Lyme-laden ticks out here. She also clipped my claws. I tried to pull away, but decided to go belly up and just get it over with. She was impressed with my decision to cooperate. Plus, I was the only dog in that waiting room who took the time to shake paws with the receptionist for my treat. They serve tasty treats.

AND, just to prove that Jack isn't the ONLY cute sibe in this house... I posed for humom. I actually did.

I arranged my toys and kept staring at her till she went & got the camera - then I held very still & looked right at her so she could take several be-woo-tiful pictures of me. That should keep her happy for a while.

This post is all about me today. It's my blog and I'm thin & and I am CUTE. What more can a gal ask for? Woo-woo!



Its hot, we're bored...

Its waaaay too hot. What happened to spring? A few days ago it was a breezy, barely husky-comfortable 60ish...... now this is day 3 with highs near 100. Our humans do not have those cool air vents in this house, so the best bet it to lie here and do nothing. But lying here doing nothing gets boring. Of course, Humom is here too, obviously she has too much time on her hands.

OK, so she has a new camera - (that's why she's torturing me) Its a little camera she can take on our adventures for those quick snapshots. This one fits in her pocket - she is thrilled. (It doesn't take much.)She did go buy me a big fan, so at least I have a breeze. I'll forgive her for making me look ridiculous.

Jack is naturally silly, he runs in and out all day with his toys. He's trying to keep himself from being bored. I can hear you bloggin dogs humans now- "Aw, look at the cute puppy-wuppy")

By the end of the day, the heat catches up to him and he retreats to his perch on the stair landing.

Time for a nap, I think I'll dream of cooler weather.

Woos & a-rooos,
Star and Jack "too bored to comment" A-roo


Storm Watch

Wooos and a-rooos,
Jack & I heard that BIG STORMS are hitting close to the homes of some of our sibe & mal pals out west. I really don't like thunder & lightening myself. Please stay safe everyone, go dig a nice den under the couch.
We are staying on high alert here, watching for those thunder storms...
I don't see any through the front window...

...and the sky looks clear out towards the Bay....

Jack is supposed to be helping me keep an eye out, but he gets distracted being all cute. Look- he's actually posing for the camera.

"But Star, the cute puppy catches more cookies! Gimme 5, Mom!"

Paws crossed everydog has a nice quiet weekend, preferably without BIG STORMS.

Woos & a-rooos,
Star, & Jack "Smiley" A-roo, Ao4 photo class failure.


It's a dog's life

What we did this weekend:

Saturday morning:

Saturday evening "action shot"


Our humans got to: Friday- go on a Battleship and a PT boat, Saturday morning - volunteered at Special Olympics, Saturday evening - went to a pot-luck with a bunch of people who like to sail and ate a lot of tasty stuff & didn't bring us any, and Sunday - went to Boston.

No point to this really, we're just sayin'.

Woos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack A-roo