Holy moley, Jack!

We have our lovely cool ocean breeze weather back. Last week's heat wave 'bout knocked the fluff right out of us! (It did knock the fluff right off of us, ha-roo-roo!)

For some reason, humom will not let us help her do the gardening out front. We've made so many lovely craters in our back yard, ya think she'd like to put our talents to work out front. We try our best to trample it a bit so it has a nice "sibes live here" look when we go out for walks, but she's getting pretty touchy about those flowers.

The really good news is that Jack has distinguished himself as a true siberian by bringing down a mole. So I'm granting him a higher position in the pack. He's now #2. Congratulations, Jack. No,this is not a photo of Jack's mole. Believe it or not this is a poster humans can buy. (Humans will buy anything)

His only mistake was to bring it into the house and stash it with his toys. I tried to warn him. I told him he better keep it in a nice hidey-hole out in the yard. As expected, Hu-mom wasn't too thrilled to find a dead mole in the dining room. She traded the mole for a delicious Blue Dog Bakery cookie. At least she told him what a good boy he was. She's alright that way.

He went back on mole patrol today. Mom says he looks like a panda in this picture.

I'm supervising. It's my job.

Hope all our bloggin buds are staying dry and the storms with a small "s" are over for a while.

Woos & A-roos,
Star and Jack the mole killer A-roo


Tracey and Huffle said...

Way to go Jack A-roo! Very impressive hunting skills. Your mum should be glad that you brought her a present. My mum loves it when I bring her the lizards I catch. I can tell from the screams of joy.

Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

Purrr S: Star you are doing a very good job of supervising Jack too.

Holly said...

Wow, impressive Jack!!! Those things are nasty looking! Good job trying to bring it in the house too. Good thing you don't have a doggie door like we do so you CAN bring it into the house to show your humans your trophies!

Star, you do a wonderful job at supervising. That's what you are suppose to do with those little brothers!!


Phred said...

Hey Jack-a-Mole ...
Keep yur eyes open fur a PoleKat!

Look jest like a KITTY-kat, 'cept they gotta white STRIPE frumma noze to the tip-a-the-tail ... a Racing Stripe!

Cinder wuz havin a ball playin chaze wiff one a few years ago ...
PoleKat called da game off wiffa lil *spritz* of "perfume" out da back end. Dad din't notice till she was INside an ran a lap or two 'round da livin room.

Kan you say BAFF at Oh:dark:thirty inna mornin? She "played" wiff dem two years inna row ... Dad wuz Sooo Pleezed!

Frunt Phlowers look nice - hope you two get the job of "customizing" the arrangement. Maybe pull one up an haul it inside so HuMom has some color INNA howze.

**Yipps & Yapps ...
/s/ Whut'z a PoleKat Cinder
and I KNOW Better Smokey

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, Jack, good job. I should try to bring a bird in the house next time I catch one. For some reason, Dad always sees me with them outside and confiscates them.


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Nice job Jack!! I am very very impressed!!!

Thor & Marco Polo said...

WOO WOO Jack! You are the super Hunter! I'm still learning how to capture little creatures.

Thor is so much better than me but then i steal them from him. Little Fuzzy critters that holler are sooo much fun!

Marco Polo and Thor

The Daily Echo said...

Very impressive catch! Too bad Mom wouldn't let you keep it inside. They smell real good after a few days. You scored a cookie though. Your Mom's a good sport.

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Trapper Jack, we presume -- hawoo!!

It's been storming big time in PGH. Every year there is a big arts festival in our city fur 2 weeks. The same time every year fur about 2 weeks straight we get lots of rain. A simple solution - change the happening of this festival each year. WE ARE SO TIRED OF IT BEING WET & SLOPPY OUT (the horsies don't like it either)!

-Cosmos & Juneau-

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Sooo,woo decided the mole was best followed by a helping of khorn?

Silly SILLY Sibe Boy!!

Star - woo must do a better job of keeping an eye on Jakhk a ROOOOOO!!!


The Army of Four said...

Ha rooo, the mighty hunter! I had a mole once, but had it removed. Hee hee hee. Mom made me drop it. I'm not quite sure why I did.
PS: Your garden is LOVELY!

Kapp pack said...

Great job Star! We like to catch moles too!

Woo woo, KA

kchuk7 said...

Jack-A-roo, I'm thrilled that you have such strong hunting skills ... but ... I think hu-mom's suggestion that the mole stay in your hidey-hole is a good one. Hugs and kisses to you and beautiful Star,


sharkgila said...

Holey Moley!
Nice dig! Your mommy must be pleased with her 'gift'.


Amici said...

He DOES look like a Panda in the last pic of him. Whew, that was too cute. Great job going up in rank Jack. We are woo wooing for you.