Congratulations, Sis!

Jack here - I'm posting a
to my beautiful sister, Diva (AKC Destiny's Divine Glory). Way to go, girl! She just completed her majors & won her Championship title!
I have to say she's grown into one good looking huskette. But I like her, even if she does think she's "all that".

Here's the two of us when we were puppies, and then at 7 mos. old. Doesn't this make you go "Awwwwwwww!"?

I'm a "Champion of Hearts" to those who know me. (well, Star might be the exception, but I'm slowly winning her over.) Hey - I could call myself "Jack of Hearts"! Yeah, I like that!

So, A-Roooos to you, dear sis! Say hi to Mom, Gigi & George, and all the rest of the Destiny pack, & mama Sue & daddy Mike for me, ok?

*BONUS "AHHHHHS" L to R: George, Gigi, Jack, Diva, Preston.

~Jack, aka "Destiny's DaVinci" &
proud brother of Champion Diva

We're adding a sidebar link to my family, so we can keep up on "news from home" at Destiny Siberians! (& Thanks, Sue, for the use of these beautiful pictures! ~P.)


Wooos & A-roooos!

A-roooos, Everydog! Jack here -

Well, it's been crazy-busy. It stormed all day Saturday so we didn't get to the husky thing because our humans "didn't want to drive for hours to sit in the rain all day" - can you imagine? Sunday, they drove off on a family emergency of sorts... and Star & I had to stay busy by ourselves. Not a problem for the old gal - she watched me & napped all day. But I was BUSY!
I thought I'd remodel the yard a bit - just around the edges... see what a good job I did? I plan to keep a few toys stashed here, but don't tell Star.

Mom liked my hole sooo much, she came out & took a picture of me scouting out a new spot. You can see another example of my handipaw work just behind my head - I stashed a tennis ball there for later. Mom even had me sign that picture!

I got good at this by practicing inside the house first.

But I have to hand it to Star's old friend, Sherman... he takes the bone when it comes to hole digging! I hope I get as good as he was!

(*EDIT* Mikki, I just saw your holes, and I'm impressed! I am practising "controlled digs" , but I'll work my up to "big digs" & make you proud!)

A-Rooos to yous,

(and sleepy Wooos from Star)
"Huh? What did he just say?"

PS - Mom finally got most of the blog changes figured out. Hopefully everyone's links link.


Under construction...

Dear fur friends,
We are attempting to overhaul our blog. Since hu-mom is pretty inept, it may take us a while to get everything like we want it. She seems to have lost our links to your blogs....our apologies. (but we did get the Ao4 logo on it!) Hu-mom's working on it in between other projects. Stay tuned...
Star & Jack


Jack's Rippin' Good Time!

Ho hum, what am I gonna do for fun today? Boy, I'd like to get that squeaky duck away from Star and go bury it in the yard....

Uh-oh, that's Star's "Don't even think about it" look. Hmm, what else can I do?
I can't just sit here & be bored, now can I?

Hey, I found a big wad of tissue paper! Ooo, this could be fun!

This IS fun!

It's lots of fun!!

Really really fun!!!

Fun, fun and more fun!!!

Oh yeah, this is a rippin' good time!
Hope your day was as much fun as mine!

A-rooos to yous,

*edit- Mr. Phred, dis tissue isn't people tp, I found it on da floor when mom brought home a new black bag & DESTUFFED IT-- right in front of me! So I know she didn't want the stuffing anymore. She sez she furgot to put it up where I couldn't get it, but around here, if it's on da floor...it's mine! (as long as it's not Star's) ~ Jack


Husky 'tude

Here we were, enjoying a nice walk around the resevoir, when our sniffing and exploring was interrupted by commands telling us where to sit and where to look....all because the Hu-mom has decided it's time she gets "a nice picture of the two of us together". Harumph, time for "husky 'tude" to kick in.
"Star, Jack, look at me!"

"Hey sweeties, look here, look at me!!!"

"Aw, come on, look this way together, please????"

"Aarugh!" She made that "what am I going to do with you" tsk-ing sound.
Not that we're apologising fror acting like huskies, but we did feel kinda sorry for her. She did after all take us to a nice place with lots of stuff to sniff. So we gave her this beautiful shot of "synchronized sniffing"

Good enough, says I. But Jack is a bit of a softie, (and a suck-up), so he cooperated with this cute-as-a post-card shot:

Just dont be surprised if you see this one Photoshop-ed with some stupid Santa hat or reindeer horns on him one day soon.

Wooooos and A-roooos,
Star the Stoic
and the Handsome Jack-A-rooo


How do we help thee? Let us count the ways...

Wooos everyone,
I've been thinking about that "three things you do to help your humans".... and I realized what a BIG help I've been to them over the years.

1. I helped raise my Boy (the skin-kid), and he has the scars to prove it. He was pretty rowdy, and I had to give him many correction nips those first few years. I worked hard at making sure he knew his place in the pack order - beneath mine. Now he's a college student, and I couldn't be prouder. I did a good job.

2. I keep the yard free of birds, mice, squirrels, rabbits, possums, raccoons, and skunks. Most get taken away, but I try to chomp down the rabbits before the humans notice, they're soooo tasty. Waste not, want not.

3. I help my humans make friends, because everyone we pass by wants to tell me I'm beautiful, and wants to pet me, and asks questions about Siberian huskies. My humans have no social life, so if it weren't for me, they wouldn't meet anyone!

See how helpful I've been? Where would they be without me? They'd have an out-of-control teenager, a yard full of vermin, and no one to complain about it to.


Take it away, Jack--
A-Roos to yous,
I may be the new kid on the block, but I'm already helping out around here.

1. I keep the floors clean. I would like it if they dropped a few more crumbs and maybe a pot roast, but I do my best.

2. I bark at 6 am every morning to make sure they don't oversleep. I have to bark even more at 6 am on weekends, cause they always oversleep on weekends.

3. I follow my hu-mom everywhere she goes just to make sure she doesn't get lonely or miss me or something. I follow her up & down the stairs from room to room, and guard the bathroom door, then follow her downstairs and into the kitchen, then the laundry room, and upstairs again into the computer room, and downstairs to the garage...well, it just goes on & on. I'm very dedicated.

As you can see, I'm very useful kind of guy. You might even call me a "Jack of all trades".

Woos and a-Roos,
Star and Jack


Back to the Beach

We made a trip back to the beach, but it was gray, and the waves and beach were full of some kind of red algae, not very pleasant. It took a great deal of planning on my part to step around it and not get it on my paws. See how the water looks kind of maroon? There were a couple of labs on the beach, they didn't seem to mind the red stuff & were out there swimming, but that's labs for you. If it's wet, they're in it.

But it's fun to get out & smell the air & beaches have some nice stinky stuff!

Now, look at this next picture & let's play "What's wrong with this picture?"

Does Jack look like he's about to bite my butt, or what?

OK, he was just yawning, but it gives you an idea of how annoying he can be. I have to watch my back constantly. I think he's part coyote/Trickster.

As you can see, we had the beach pretty much to ourselves. I guess humans don't hang out on beaches when it's gray & foggy.
We got home & Jack went out to play or bury his toy or something. I was happy to get home to my comfy bed & have a nap. Holly tagged everyone to tell three things we do to help our humans, I'll have to think on that while I sleep...



Woos everyone,

Our friend Zim is interviewing us, and has posed some thought-provoking questions. Being the senior member of my pack, I’ll answer first, then Jack.

Zim: 1. Does the ocean freeze? And if so, is that where frozen fish comes from?

Star: Not that we’ve noticed yet, but it’s our first winter here. I think frozen fish come from even farther North. The Inuit people (who were among the first humans to fall under the spell of huskies) knew they needed something to sell to the rest of the humans, (thereby spreading word about huskies as invaluable assistance dogs of the North) and since they live in the biggest frozen food locker on the planet, it just made sense to freeze & market frozen fish. (They wouldn’t touch the stuff themselves.)

Jack: I dunno. And I dunno, I thought they came from the big freezie box that holds lots of good stuff in my human’s kitchen.

Zim: 2. Are jelly fish really made out of jelly? Do they taste like strawberries?
(jellyfish photos off internet, not ours)
Star: They certainly look like it, Zim. I haven’t been able to taste-test one yet, my humans freak out when I approach them.

Jack: I dunno, but they look yummy.

Zim: 3. Your coats always look so bee-roo-tiful! To what do you attribute that?

Star: *blushes* Why, thank you, Zim. I guess I was just born with a naturally beautiful shiny coat.

Jack: I have wiry fur, so Mom uses “finishing spray” after my bath. She says the spray makes my fur softer and smells better. But I dunno, I think I smell things just fine without the spray.

Zim: 4. When we talk, Storm, Am and I "roo". Dave "woo"s. How about you and Jack? How would you describe your voices?

Star: I have a wide range of vocalizations for different occasions. I roo-woo in a deep voice, woof softly, bark loudly with authority, and rarf-rarf-rarf at Jack when he’s being annoying. I tell off other dogs by raising my muzzle and wooing at them. Humom says this picture is me trash-talkin.

Jack: Hey, I do know this one! Mom says I sound like a wounded seal. Dad says I sound like a Wookie. Just tonight the neighbors were laughing at my funny sounds!

Zim: 5. Do you have a favorite toy? Do you share?

Star: I do indeed have several favorites. My favorite favorites are my quacky duck and my new squeakable latex alligator, and I do NOT share my favorites. I have generously allowed Jack to play with one of my old toys. And I took his ball away too, cause ALL the toys are really mine. That’s the rule I made.

Jack: Me? Never had a toy till I moved in here. Star won’t share, so mom got me a fuzzy ball (I picked it out myself). I took a torn-up ol’ penguin from the box, and Star mostly lets me have it. But her big pile of toys are “paws-off”. And she keeps trying to swipe my fuzzy ball.

Thank you, Zim, for interviewing us. It was fun! Zim had some very tough questions, hope you enjoyed reading our ans-woo-ers.

If you want to be interviewed by us, please say "Interview me" in a comment here. We'll post your questions onto one of your blog posts. Then you can answer & interview someone else!

1. If you are interested in being interviewed, leave me a comment saying, 'interview me.'
2. I will respond by posting five questions for you. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Woos and a-Roos,
Star & Jack


She's BACK, woooooo!

Woooos & a-roooos! Hu-mom is home!
We sure did miss her. But overall dad did ok. He even trained the Puppyhead to sit & STAY till he gets a release-word from dad - before sucking down his food. I'm impressed. I simply turn up my nose till they beg me to eat and slather my food with the really good stuff, cause they don't want me to wither away. They love me so!
Oh yeah, mom's trip....
She went to a big squishy place in Florie-Duh & zipped around on a noisy boat thing. Her 95-year old Aunt went too!!! she's cool!
They saw:
Alli-gators (as opposed to cyber-gators)

Wild boars


An assortment of cranes & herons

and a wild dolphin!!! Sorry, no picture, but it surfaced right at the bottom of this sunset shot - after she snapped it.

....and an assortment of relatives, the skin kind.
Mom took plenty of pictures of us to show around. I don't think it's anyplace we'd want to actually go to - waaaaay too hot for huskies! But if she decides to go to Alaska.....

She's only letting me post the highlights, cause she says she needs her computer back to do some REAL work...Hey, whatever it takes to keep me in treats & squeekies!

Woos & A-roos to all our bloggin' buddies!

Star & the Jack A-roo