She's BACK, woooooo!

Woooos & a-roooos! Hu-mom is home!
We sure did miss her. But overall dad did ok. He even trained the Puppyhead to sit & STAY till he gets a release-word from dad - before sucking down his food. I'm impressed. I simply turn up my nose till they beg me to eat and slather my food with the really good stuff, cause they don't want me to wither away. They love me so!
Oh yeah, mom's trip....
She went to a big squishy place in Florie-Duh & zipped around on a noisy boat thing. Her 95-year old Aunt went too!!! she's cool!
They saw:
Alli-gators (as opposed to cyber-gators)

Wild boars


An assortment of cranes & herons

and a wild dolphin!!! Sorry, no picture, but it surfaced right at the bottom of this sunset shot - after she snapped it.

....and an assortment of relatives, the skin kind.
Mom took plenty of pictures of us to show around. I don't think it's anyplace we'd want to actually go to - waaaaay too hot for huskies! But if she decides to go to Alaska.....

She's only letting me post the highlights, cause she says she needs her computer back to do some REAL work...Hey, whatever it takes to keep me in treats & squeekies!

Woos & A-roos to all our bloggin' buddies!

Star & the Jack A-roo


Phred said...

WELCOME back Home to Hu-Mom!

She went to Florie-dah? - Be glad you guys dint go - wudda been HOT!

So Hu-Dad did OK, huh? NIce that ya gave him a chance!

Y'all headed for da Beach now?

The Army of Four said...

Beautiful pictures! We don't have most of those animals here in Kansas ... but it IS a bit of a "boar" sometimes. Hee hee hee!
Glad your mom is back home!

elyse said...

Welcome Home, Hu-Mom!

Star and Jack, would you please instruct your paw-rents to give you some hugs from me?

Thank you,
Love - your fan,

Bama said...

Oh guys, Florie-duh isn't so bad. We'd love to see snow but we get lots of good zoomie & wrestling games in, and we have grrrreat soft sand to dig in, lizards, frogs & all kinda cool buggies to chase. You just gotta watch out for the hum-idity. Why do humans want all that water in our air?
Bama & the RHP

Holly said...

Glad your mom had a fun trip! Looks like there are some pretty cool looking animals there! I don't think I would like Florie-dah either since I don't like heat. I'm glad it's finally starting to cool off here.


The Husky in the Window said...

We are glad mom is back safe. The pictures are cool. That gator thing looks tough.

Did you give mom lots of husky kisses?

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

WOOOO Welcome back everyone!!! Wow, those photos are amazing. The sunset is absolutly beautiful!!!

Sapphireblue said...

I haven't stopped by since not too long after you lost your Sherman boy. Didn't know there was a new dog around! Jack is just beautiful, so fluffy. I hope he has quit hogging Star's squeaky toys by now, that's very bad manners!

The Army of Four said...

Hey Star! Thank roo for volunteering to let me interview you & Jack-a-Roo! Are you ready? Here are your questions!
1. Does the ocean freeze? And if so, is that where frozen fish comes from?
2. Are jelly fish really made out of jelly? Do they taste like strawberries?
3. Your coats always look so bee-roo-tiful! To what do you attribute that?
4. When we talk, Storm, Am and I "roo". Dave "woo"s. How about you and Jack? How would you describe your voices?
5. Do you have a favorite toy? Do you share?
Thanks for doing this! Have fun!
Play bows,