Happy Howl-o-ween!


Well, ya gotta giver her points for trying, it's the first time humom carves a- jack-o-lantern that isn't just triangles for eyes & nose and an crooked grin). She says this is supposed to be
a Howl-o-ween Jack-o-roo pumpkin.

Have fun tonight, everypup celebrating Howl-o-ween (2 & 4-legged)! Look both ways before woo cross the street, don't wear a mask that blocks your vision (ya gotta keep an eye out for spooky stuff) and don't hog the goodies - share them with the appropriate species. Remember, no chocolate for dogs - it's deadly! And no livergreat for kids - they don't like it, so, fellow canines, woo may as well eat it all yourself!

Boos & a-woooos,
Star & Jack a-boo-roo


Iditarod dreams....

Woos & a-rooos,

We just love the new series on Discovery on the Iditarod. Even though we're urban huskies who've never been sledding, we can still dream! Last night mom snuck up on us with the camera. Jack was intently watching the screen till he heard something.... and moved his head just as mom took his pic. (another great move from the SZK School of Siberian Studies Photography Course. )

After Jack got off MY bed, I settled in & listened.... and got snoozzy... and dreamed of being on a team in the Iditarod too.... snow......running......snow........cold........snow.....

Wooozzzzzzz & a-roooozzzzzzz,
Star & Jack "I wanna be a sled dog too" a-roo


Sunset Beach

It's an Indian Summer, perfect weather for a walk on the beach!

Hazy Sunset

Efurrybody's out walking. "Ha-woo there, huskies, wanna play?"

"Bye Bye!"

Did woo say "treats" Mom?

Just look at that sunset, Isn't this beawootiful, Jack?
"A-roo it is, Star! Sure wish our friend Dave was here to see this too. Do you think we could send him an ocean sunset?"

OK - here, Dave, this one's especially fur woo!

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo


The letter game!

Woos & a-rooos,

The other day our friends at the Ao4 played a letter game. Ammy sent us the letter "S" so we could play too. So here are 10 things we love that start with the letter "S"...

In honor of the Ao4's recent baths, we'll begin with

1. Soap suds! Don't I look thrilled to be all sudsy? (not that baths are my favorite things, but this picture really captures my sense of disdain) This was the unfortunate aftermath of my encounter with another "S"....
Skunk! I go skunk hunting about once a year. Keeps me smellin purty, & impresses the heck out of every pup I meet.

2. Snuggles and snooter smooches! (Much nicer experience for the human to do with a non-skunky husky)

3. Surprises! We love those.

4. Snacks! We love snacks - especially Happy Hearts, the ones MayaMarie & Bella's mom bakes.

Here's a bunch of "s"s:
See Jack the Sibe Sit & Shake for a Snack? Ha-roo roo

5. After Snacks, we need a little Sleep, especially by the Stairs.

6. Squeeky stuffies, some of our very favorite "s" things!

7. In Summer, we like the Sun, Sand, and Sea Surf.

8. Then, every husky's favorite.... SNOW!
Here we have Siberian Siblings Star & Sherman playing husky Smack-down in the Snow (a whole string of s's!)

9. Sherman was my very favorite "S" friend. He was a superb specimen of Siberian splendor.
See Sherman's Snow nose? (Thanks, Ammy!)

10. And our last "S" is for the Secret Plans from HULA...
Shhhh, we're not tellin!

If anydog would like to play, just leave us a comment & we'll send woo a letter too.

Woos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack a-roo


Farewell Sweet Anna

Sweet Anna crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Oct. 20th
(She's our friend from another forum)

After losing her little beagle sister Rosie just sixteen days ago, she seemed to have lost her will to live. Her health has not been good over the past several months, and she made it apparent in the last few days that she was more than ready to leave to be with her sister again.

Run free, sweet Anna. We bid her a teary sad woo goodbye. We will miss your beautiful sweet face and gentle ways. this was always humom's favorite pic of woo:

Please keep her heartbroken family in your thoughts.
Loving woos,
Star & Jack a-roo

Pee Ess, Please say a little prayer for another friend on that forum, Gracie. She's terribly ill with a fungal infection and is battling for her life. C'mon Gracie!!! Hang in there!


Sunday Saunter

Woos & a-rooos,

While we were in New Ham-sure last Sunday, we tracked down the Mother of all boulders - check it out:

Can woo see us? Mom was WAY down the trail!

This is the other side of the rock:

WOO-HOO, we're over here!

Walking around a big rock can sure work up your appetite!
This looked like a good place for a pic-nic.

Our last afternoon meant another walk...

We still had so much to check out!

Jack checkin out the waterfall again. Don't be fooled, Jack - that water is 6-8 feet deep on this side!

And after a lovely weekend, we packed up. Jack supervised to make sure mom didn't forget US.

(He's such a mama's boy).

It sure is pretty in New Ham-sure, and we found lots of interesting things to do and see. Hope woo enjoyed our many mini-vacation posts!

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo


Saturday's Stroll

Wooos and a-rooos, welcome to our Saturday Stroll,
(featuring our new seasonal theme colors!)

We though you might like to see more pictures from the first day of our trip. This is the charming cottage we stayed in.*

And here we are pulling dad up the trail in the woods:

We hiked up the mountainside, and the bipeds stopped to rest at this bench. That was when I caught the scent and heard the rustling....

I think it's coming from this tree:

Here chippy chippy chippy, I know you're up there!

Sure enough, a huge chipmunk circled around the side, but he was quick and gone in a flash. So we sat down & waited for bigger game.

The trail came out in a big park, it was close to sunset, and the colors were gorgeous.

Dad looked behind as we walked back towards the road, isn't it beautiful?

In the evening we curled up in front of a nice cozy fire, but not too close, cause all this fur is warm enough, but the bipeds enjoyed it.

Tomorrow Jack will show woo what we found on Sunday!

woos & a-rooos,
Star and the Jack a-roo too

(*Mom talked to her friends & get the facts straight - this was the cottage of Treadwell Walden, the father of Arthur Walden and minister of the small Chalpel near by)


Chinook Kennels - Part 2

Woos & a-rooos,
Here we are, as promised. We have a few more pictures from historic Chinook Kennels. Yesterday we showed woo the memorial markers and the kennel runs, today we have a view of the house:

and the "office" cabin, which is generally falling apart:

Mom didn't take any pictures of the museum buildings, but the two of them were connected with an overpass that leads to the trails down the hill. We thought we'd look perfect under this sign:

ha-woo-woo-woo, see what we mean?

Just another nice view of us:

Mom sent an e-mail to the Chinook Kennels Heritage Foundation. The nice folks e-mailed back and told her that the property was privately owned by husky enthusiests . The original idea was to run the museum with the support of various breed clubs, and the owners would maintain the property. But apparently other things seemed tho have more urgent need for $$, and this project was abandoned. Too bad, it's a cool place. We'll leave you with a close up of the marker in the area mom suspects holds husky bones:

Now today our trip to NH has taken on an even stranger twist - it turns out that mom's friend (who owns the cabin we stayed in) is the niece of Arthur T. Walden, founder of Chinook Kennels & developer of the Chinook breed, and head trainer & dog-driver for Admiral Byrd!! Tune in tomorrow for more!

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo