Monday's View from the Moo

It was just toooo hot & humid to do much of anything this weekend, except stand around and pant.
OK, its not so hot I can't work up a smile, just fur woo!
The bi-peds fininshed trimming the hedges in our play yard. That was fun, especially when we played chase & smack-down and used the ladder, power cords, and bipeds for props, ha-roo roo! And Jack was pretty sure something was living under his igloo, so he spent a lot of time digging. No critter, but he looks real cute with his face all dirt-gray. (sorry, no pics of that. Just one of him panting)
Sunday was Dad's "Honey-do" day, and Mom got her ac unit in the office (guess where we'll be hanging out?) and Dad finished her glass tile trivets. That seem to make her happy. And she did a project for him - he wanted a sailing ship to add onto the wood backboard he made for the new light fixture in the bathroom, so she painted this fur him:
Woo-hoo, he was pretty thrilled! It's going to look great mounted on that dark walnut wood. Now, I wonder when it will be "Husky-do" day? Maybe we'll get some ac installed in our igloos!

And that about sums it up for this weeks View from the Moo,

Miss Moo


Full Moo

Did woo see the full Moo last night. I did!
Ha-roo roo roo!

~jack a-roo


Some (don't) Like it Hot

It's TOO HOT FOR HUSKIES the past few days. And this little house does not have husky air conditioning. Harumph!

Usually there is a nice breeze and its only too hot for a couple hours, but someone turned off the sky fan and turned up the humidity. It cools off at night, so we wait till the sun sets and then try to soak up all the coolness.

Ahhhhh, that's feels better!
We hear that there were big thunderstorms all around us, but ours only lasted about 3 minutes. Still, this morning it's a little cooler and there is a little breeze.
Please keep our furiend Khyra & her Mom in your thoughts - they are heading over to NJ to help search for Rocky, who escaped from his new owner's car and is really good at evading his rescuers. For his own sake, he needs to stop playing this game. But he's still pretty much a pup and doesn't realize how dangerous it is when woo don't have a biped watching out fur woo.
Even though its too hot to play smack-down, we're still crossin' paws and sending Sibe vibes to Rocky: "Rocky, go to the nice bipeds!" A-roos!

Stay khool-
jack a-roo & miss moo


Monday: The View from the Moo

It's quite a view on today's View from the Moo! Remember that we went for a car ride last Friday? It turned out to be pretty exciting! We were on our way to the park when we saw all kinds of cars parked along the road and lots of people looking out towards the bay. We got out too, and even met another Siberian husky...(until puppyhead Jack barked & carried on so much, they had to walk away.)

Lots & lots of beawootiful sailboats were sailing past Aquidneck Island through Narragansett Sound. Mom says they are on their way to another island called Bermuda, furry far from here. The bipeds call this "The Bermuda Race". (Woo can biggify these pics fur a real good look.)
It was furry khool - hundreds of boats participate. they even had helicopters circling around. Woo!
Then we drove up the coast to Brenton's Point, one of our favorite places to hike.
It's always windy there and people fly all kinds of crazy kites! By the time we got there, some of the boats were passing that part of the coast too!
Mom & our furiend Lee sat on a bench too watch the boats sail by. Beach benches are great places to pause fur a good skritch.
Its so peaceful watching the waves...
Jack liked listening to the waves...
in fact, after a couple minutes, he got so sleepy listening to the lap-lap-lap sounds, he decided it was a good time fur a nap!!!
Mom decided it was time to go back to the car. We stopped at another khool place, but we'll save that fur another day. And that's today's View from the Moo.

Miss Moo


Happy Dad-Day!

We had a great time with mom & her friend yesterday. Moo will tell woo all about it on Monday. But today is DAD DAY.
Dads are all pretty special, whether they are biped dads or furdads. Its a tough job, being a dad, but somebody's got to do it, right?
So today we woo "Thank Woo" to fathers everywhere.
We shared a few special moments with our dad last night, just before bed.

He really is a special dad, and we love him furry much. Happy Dad Day, dad!

the furkids,
jack a-roo & miss moo


Funtastic Friday

Hey, would woo like to meet Uncle Ken? He came over for dinner with his friend, Serena. We were so happy to see him, that Moo was dancing!
We like Serena, she's a good skritcher. She lives in Thailand, and she says they don't have any Siberians there.
But hearing her describe the beawootiful and HOT jungles, I can understand why? (Not Siberian-friendly temperatures!) After dinner, I woo'd "Come on, let's watch some of Eight Below, I'll show woo where Siberians (and our mal-pals) really shine!"
She is also one furry talented lady - she makes the most beawootiful watermelon woo ever saw! Really - look at this:
I know we have a few watermelon lovers out there, isn't this amazing??? Serena gave each of us a slice - it was yummy!!! (Mom cut off the pretty part & saved it, silly biped)

Today's going to be a funtastic day too, cause mom is taking us out for a drive in the Siberian Outback! We don't know where, but we know we'll have fun. We hope woo have a funtastic weekend!

A-roos to yous, and Toodle-woo,
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


Wednesday Woos

They call me....



Monday's View from the Moo

Its Moo-vee time!
Now isn't this a pleasant way to start your week? I know Jack agrees! And that's this week's view from the Moo.

Miss Moo

PS-Jack here - did ya notice I'm getting better at not being thrown down? I still let her get me down once in while just to keep her happy, just cause I love my sisfur and my life is easier if she's happy.

PPS - Please don't tell her I told woo.


On this day in history....

Mom's decided to do a post from the past of what was happening on our blog around this date during the past 3 years. Woo can click on the date links too read the original posts.

Star and Sherman made their "Smilin' in RI" debut
Just look at the premium fluffy coats on those two!

Hmm, looks a lot like the what Moo & I
are up to today, ha-roo roo roo!
That's Star in the background, and me up front.
And today, June 12, 2010
Moo, contemplating her next move, and me,
contemplating how to out-maneuver her...
Have a blast this weekend,

A-roos to yous and Toodle-woo,
jack a-roo & miss moo


Wednesday Woos

Woo Mama!
Toodle woo,
Miss Moo & da mama


Tuesday Tales

Moo's Tale
Woo are looking at one satisfied Moo. Yesterday I caught one of those fledgling bluejays whose pawrents have been pestering us. It flew right into my Moopaws! Honest! Mom was super-impressed. I had it all laid out like an avian smorgasbord when she came outside to see what we were up to. She shrieked with delight and ran inside to get us treats. While we ate them, she gathered up the tasty fledgling morsel and we haven't seen it since. Maybe they had it fur dinner last night, it was nice & fresh!

Jack's Tale
And I caught a mole last night. I had it all good and slobbery when mom saw me and traded up fur a yummy cookie instead. In case woo wondered, cookies do taste better than moles.
Back to work.....happy hunting!

jack a-roo & miss moo


Monday: The View from the Moo

We've been running around so much, mom says we have to "chill".
Jack chills quite handsomely, don't woo think?
And I'm chillin' my Moopaws, we ran so fast woo could practically see steam pouring outta them!
So today's View from the Moo is the view from the deck, ha-roo roo roo!

Oh - just something interesting-- last night Mom could hear coyotes howling nearby - probably down in the woods nearer to the Bay. She said it kinda freaked her out. We woo'd that we'd protect her, but as far as we could tell (we speak a little coyote ourselves), they were just saying "Hey, dude, what a beawootiful night! Wanna go fishing?" and stuff like that.

And that's today's view from the Moo.
Miss Moo


Peek-A-Moo & Jack too

Ha-roo roo roo.... can woo guess what I'm doing?
I'm playing Peek-a-Moo with mom! She was on the other side of the fence taking some pictures of the miniature roses, and I was watching her!
Someone else was watching, too:
Here a some of the pretty rosebuds:

And this double rose is furry fragant -
its on our side of the fence.
It's from the rosebush we taste-tested last week.
We gave it our Siberian Stamp of Approval!

The weather-humans said we were going to get big thunder-storms, but so far, I've just been playing playing Peek-a-Moo with the clouds and the sunshine all day.

Toodle-woo from Jack & Moo!


Friday foto fun

More photoshop fun with Moo:
And here's one of my peeps looking spiff-- OUCH!
Excuse me....
Sometimes woo just gotta do what it takes to scratch where it itches!
Where was I?
Oh, yeah, my peeps.
They got furry dressed up last night to go to some big graduation thingy (no, they didn't grraduate, dad's a math prof). I woo'd to them to be sure to bring us some tasty snacks, but apparently that wasn't allowed. (So they say).

But that's okay, cause we had a really good time while they were gone. And, we got Happy Hearts when they came back home. Occasionally it pays to be "good".
Uncle Ken is having them over fur dinner tonight, and we know we can count on Uncle Ken to treat us right! I wonder what we're having...?

Have a good one yourselves!

Miss Moo


Wednesday Woos

Woo-ooo, doubly pretty!
Woo-oo-oo...triply pretty!

We decided to let these stay on the plant, cause Mom didn't get to see the first rose that bloomed, except for a few petals on the ground. M-m-m-m, Yummy!

miss moo