Humom & dad went to a place called Nyorksitty but didn't take us. Humom says we wouldn't have liked it because it's all big big buildings & stuff. But they had SNOW there, how could we not like it? Oh well, our dogsitter took us for lots of walks & we guarded our home really well. We're gonna let humom post some of her pictures.

Check this guy out, everyhusky who hunts! Talk about an alpha male! He must have one heck of a prey dive to bring down a LION & then wear it's skin! Mom says this is a fabulous sculpture. (Herakles/Hercules)

Here's mom by one of the many Van Gogh's at the Metropolitan Museum of art - he is one of her most favorite artists.

This one's for Meeshka's people - they have links to save the Rosa Bonheur Memorial Park on Meeshka's blog, & this is one of Rosa's paintings. Humom says she had no idea how huge this paining was, cause she never paid attention to it's dimensions even though she's admired it in art history books for years. She stood by it so you can see how big it is.

Our humans were supposed to go on a boat to see some tall Lady with a torch who welcomes everybody to America, but a big snow storm hit & the tours were canceled. These pics are from Battery Park, where they would have gotten onto the boat. Personaly, I think playing in the snow would be more fun than tromping up a gazillion steps inside a large bronze human anyway.

This last picture is looking toward the water - it's pretty obvious why they didn't want to send boatloads of tourists out.

Instead of seeing the Statue of Liberty, our humans went to the Indian Museum & saw tons of art by North-west coast tribes... and while these particular tribes didn't have huskies, they are very similar to the Chukchi tribes who developed our breed into the fine dogs that we are. But these tribes also venerated the wolf & used his image in a lot of their artwork.

We got a little snow too, and had a pretty good time chasing each other around in it. Still, it was nice to have our people home again. Nothing like a handful of Yummie Chummies & a good belly rub to make you feel warm & fuzzy-er.


Penguin Boy

Candid shots, what can I say? This boy loves his penguin.

Penguins make good pillows...

and chin rests.

Gotta take your friends with you when you go out...

and bring em back when you come in.

My best friend is a Penguin!
~Jack A-roo


Tagged: Weird facts

Wooos & a-rooos!
Maverick tagged us days ago, and Humom's finally letting us post our reply!
Here goes: 7 weird facts about ourselves.

First, Star:

1. I was adopted when I was only 5 weeks old.
2. I love cats. I was "raised" by two of them in my early years.
3. I like to show off in front of people, and I read minds.
4. I'm ambi-pawsterous, I give paw with left & right paws.
5. I will not kiss humom. Never never never...well, almost never.
6. Jack is my third canine companion... maybe 3rd times a charm & he'll be around for a long time?
7. I'm going to be human in my next incarnation. (hmmm, not sure if that's a reward, or a punishment)

and now, sweet Jack-a-roo:

1. I was a show dog in my previous life.
2. I love to "dance" with mom. She says I'm a good dancer.
3. I am really really good at catching treats that are thrown me.
4. I love carrots, apples, broccoli, green beans, edamame, & sweet potatoes.
5. I'm very good at digging holes in the yard.
6. I love a good game of chase, and hiding Star's toys from her.
7. I'm nick-named "Wookie-boy" because when I talk I sound like Chewbacca the Wookie.

Now we have to post the rules to the tag.
1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you. (link to Maverick from our friends list)
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Post 7 random or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.style="font-style:italic;">

You know what we'd like to do? We'd like to tag the next 7 pups who post on our blog!
We'll add your names to our list as you post, so please paw us a message!


many thanks!

Wooos & A-rooos!
Wow, the nicest thing happened (besides getting snow, which we didn't) - we've been given the E for excellent award TWICE! Many thanks to our friends at the Ao4 and to MayaMarie for this honor. We love hearing that you enjoy our blog wooos!
"This award is given to bloggers who have wonderful outstanding styles and a fantastic ability to keep us thinking, amused and entertained.

The award is now passed on to 10 others. We'd like to pass this on to our friends who have had a rough time of it lately: Steve & Kat, Amici, Tia & Sitka, (welcome home & hope your all feeling better). We'd also like to give this to
Bama/Cracker/Chili/& Mikki
(like this is a big surprise, huh? ~Star)
and to Her Excellence, Queen Meeshka. (Well...it's not 10 blogs, but it is 10 dogs! *Edit: Duh! Make that 9 dogs & one cat!)
Since hu-mom is inept today & can't link stuff here, please visit their blogs from our links list on the right side of our blog.

Now....on to our next task: Maverick the Pirate (Harrr!) has tagged us to tell 7 things about ourselves & tag others to play this game. Hu-mom needs to post that one in a day or two (she's busy with this stupid human thing called "work")...so stay tuned!


No Show Snow

Jack here. This is so not fair. Many of you huskies are getting tons of snow cause of the big storm sweeping the country...except for right along the coast! They said "4" of snow", and look what we got:

This is soooo "not snow".
Do I look like a husky in his element? NOT.

I'm ready for snow - look at my cute little snow-nose:

And all we got here is no-show snow.
So PLEASE, huskies & other pups were there IS snow, PLEASE send some our way, ok?

Snowless Jack A-rooo