April Fool's Snow (& other stuff)

On Jack's birthday, Mom was trying to take a few nice pics of us...
She says I look grumpy.  I'm just TRYING to be patient.... alright already - toss me that treat!
Then she tried to take a nice "Birthday Picture" of Jack....
I couldn't believe she didn't want me in it!
Oh fine!   I'll just go dig a hole!

A couple days later, the bestest thing happened-   
We got SNOW!!! 
We've had around 5-6 inches of snow over the past few days.... is it really spring,  or is Mother Nature just playing an April fool's joke on us?  Either way, we liked it!   
But now its melted and Mom is not happy about how muddy our paws are when we come inside.  But what's a little mud between furiends?

Jack got a new bed fur his birthday.... but he wants his old one back.    He kinda reminds ya of that story about the Princess  and the Pea sitting on top of both old beds, doesn't he? 

"Prince Jack and the Pea"
And that's about all there is to tell.

~Miss Moo