Oldies but Goodies

Woos & a-rooos,
Mom was looking thru old photos for a project and found a few of Star as a puppy, she was so darn cute....and that alpha personality was in full swing by 6 weeks of age - she wasn't afraid of anything! In the first pic, she & our friend Midnight have a tug-o-war! Midnight's still around too.

When Star came to live with her new family, there were 2 cats living in the house. This is Purdy. The other one, ChowChow, always kept his distance... (he was a wise cat)

Star realized what great toys....I mean playmates...kitties are. Cat-flipping became one of her specialities.

Don't panic, they're just playing. This tough little kitty used to climb all over Star's head & bite her ears, Star's just giving some back.

Bottom line: Star just loves kitties and really wishes our humans had gotten her another kitty to play with....but she got me instead. I can't help it if I'm not a kitty. She'll just have to make do with me, I guess. Meow-woo?

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack mew-mew-a-roo


Still no digital cam...but

Humom still has no digital camera, but she did dig up her 35mm. It still had film from 2 years ago in it! So she used up the last 2 shots on us, and had it developed.
Mostly boring Christmas pics of human relations, but here's a surprize - Sherman and Petunia (she belongs to SIL).

And she took one of us relaxing on a nice spring day...

She's been hogging the computer trying to get a graphics project done for a job interview... I told her we would just woo to the company that she is the best & just hire her, but humans don't generally listen to us.
She's griping now about needing to get back to work, so...

Woos & a-rooos till next time,
Star & Jack "still a puppyhead" A-roo


our new dog blog

Woos everyone,

Humom thought we needed to change things up for spring here on our blog. That's why we hae this spiffy new color scheme & pic on the header & all. "Blogger makes it so easy even our hu-mom could do it." Sounds like a slogan- maybe we should make a commercial. Ha-roo-roo-rooo!
Still no camera, but we have lots of pics of us you've never seen. Like this one:

It's just a point & shoot hu-mom took for no particular reason. Obviously we were ALL bored that day!

Wooos & a-roos,
Star & Jack peek-a-boo a-roo


Jack "got no camera" a-roo

Woos & a-roos!
As you may recall, humom's camera is on the fritz, so she can't take pictures of us right now. But, she spent a lot of those green papers on a set of pastels a few weeks ago ....and what better subject matter for her first pastel than us?...well, at least Jack. She promises to do one of me, too. Sure, sure, whatever.

Wooos & a-roos,
Star & Pastel Jack A-roo


favorite napping spots

Ha-roo everyone! I had a nice birthday - Star gave me one of her toys - a little yellow duck that quacks when I bite down on him. It's my new favorite! We even played husky smack-down (she's really liking me these days)! And there's nothin like a nice nap after a birthday dinner and a couple Frosty Paws. Do you have a favorite nappy time spot or nappy time pose? Here's a couple of ours:
Star prefers the "downward dog head" yoga-type pose, she says it rejuvenates her mind:

I prefer upside-down against whatever's handy. Walls work well, the couch is really nice, and my favorite is at the bottom of the stairs so the humans have to step over me. that way they can't sneak by into the kitchen without my knowing about it...

How about you? Where do you like to nap?

Wooos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack A-rooozzzzzzzzzz