Royal Reception!

Ha-roo dear ones!
Posting a last few pictures from our wonderful adventure to the Royal Wedding….
Mav & I went back to Buckingham Palace after the wedding and decided it would be more fun to explore on our own than attend a stuffy reception. We arrived just in time to help set up the wedding cake!

We also found this amazing chocolate creation - it was really something! Prince William himself requested this biscuit cake. Mav decided to take one of these gorgeous fondant lotus flowers back with us for Lisa - (its a surprise, so don't tell!) I kept an eye out while he did the snatching. There were so many flowers on there, no one even noticed!

We spent the rest of our evening playing with the Queen's Corgis. It was lots of fun, they know all the best places to play in the palace:
Our last day in London included some sight seeing, Maverick is going to post about that on his blog. We sure had a great time!

Oh, and one more of me, all dressed up! Mom wanted to write a note the beawootiful necklace I wore to the wedding, so here she is:

When I was doing an image search for an emerald necklace, I looked at about a hundred different ones. Sometimes it takes a while to find an image that will work well to photoshop into something else. As soon as I saw this, I thought "That's it! That's perfect!" When I downloaded it and read the title info, I got goosebumps! It is "Princess Diana's Emerald Choker". A "random" choice on my part? Maybe, maybe not- perhaps Diana had an unseen hand in this? Thank you, your Royal Highness!

Pretty cool, huh?

Toodle-woos! See woo back across the pond!

signing off for the last time as:
Lady Moolatte of Aquidneck


The Royal View from the Moo

Woosers! What a wedding!
Captain Mav and I are having a blast. Here we are, fancy outfits & all!
Bride Kate was wooooo beawootiful in her lovely dress,
I just had to tell her so on her way in!

Captain Mav had secured some wonderful seats - we had a good view of the "I do's: and all!
After the ceremony, Prince William & Princess Kate rode in a royal carrage back to Buckingham Palace. Mav and I did our part as "working breed dogs"
and provided a canine escort! It was furry exciting.

Now everyone gets to relax a bit before the parties start…. be sure to check Mav's blog for more photos of our Royal adventure!

Lady Moolatte of Aquidneck

PS - I almost furgot! I've arranged fur the puparazzi to follow us at the reception to get some more photos to share with woo!

PPS- Dear Jack, Did woo see me having tea with the Queen yesterday? The Queen gave me a little something to bring back fur woo!


Good Moo-rning! This is it! The royal wedding!
I started my day early with a trip to one of Kate's favorite Spas, Champneys. All us girls want to be treated like Princesses today!

I kinda like the idea of this hot rock massage….
And check this out - a 24K gold facial!
Gotta try this one! Do I look like a gold-wrapped bon-bon yet?….
mmmm, the warm towel sure feels nice!
Wooooooooooooo, this was a good idea!
Had my nails done too.
I finished off my spa treatments with a quick dip to refluff my fluff.
Wooo, so refreshing!
….and grabbed a bite to eat on my way out. Thanks, boys!

I wonder what Mav was doing while I went to the spa???

Miss Moo


Tea & Crumpets with the Queen

Ha-roo everyone!

Captain Maverick & I had a wonderful day of sight-seeing here in England. We even found the "Royal Mews". Now, woo probably thing "mews" would mean "the Royal Kitties", right? That's what I thought.
The Royal Mews are the stables/garages. I googled it & here's what I found out: (Khyra will like this!)
The first set of stables to be referred to as a mews was at Charing Cross at the western end of The Strand. The royal hawks were kept at this site from 1377 and the name derives from the fact that they were confined there at moulting (or “mew”) time.
Now they keep carriages and cars in the Royal garage... I mean, the Royal Mews.

After a great
Fish N'Chips lunch, we came back & actually snuck inside the Palace! First things first, we headed fur the dining room, to check out where we'll be chowin' down tomorrow at the reception.

Just look at this place!!!!
Ouuu, these seats are nice & soft!
Captain Mav says these servants give a Royally good butt skritchin, too!
And then I got the nicest surprise!!!!
The Queen popped by to check on how the dining arrangements were going! Turns out she's extremely fond of dogs, and of course Mav & I won her over in a heartbeat! Then, she granted us special privileges- Mav will tell woo all about his special adventure on his blog, but I want to tell woo all about having

Look at ME! Sitting next to the Queen!
The Queen even loaned me a tiara for the occasion!

She's not in the picture, but Kate was sitting across from us! She's such a nice person. She showed us these tasty cakes that will be served at the wedding:

Ha-woo, they smell good, too, hope they don't run out before Mav & I get one!

Well, my paws are killin me, after all the walking we did, and I want to get a good night's sleep before the big day tomorrow. I have an appointment at the spa in the morning, so, till then,
"Cherrio" my furiends!

Lady Moolatte of Aquidneck

The other side of the pond!


Captain Maverick & I have arrived in England fur the big event! We'll take turns blogging, so fur scenes of our arrival, drop by & visit Mav.

I promised Jack I would blog to him:

Dear Jack,
We sailed all the way across the Atlantic Ocean on the Good Ship Maverick and got into England late last night. Its the same ocean we walk in at the beach. Woosers, woo wouldn't believe how big it is!!! Seemed like we sailed furever to get to the other side.

The Captain rented a beawootiful shiny black Rolls fur us to travel in style to the Goring Hotel. Woo can see those pictures on Capt. Mav's blog. Some of Kate's family are here as well. Woo-hoo, mingling with the "upper crust" is going to be fun!

I heard woo are having thunderstorms. Don't be scared, woo can use my bed next to Mom while I'm gone, just don't leave any crumbs in it, ok?

your fursis,



And the wining hat is…...

The "eyes" have it!
Thank woo fur voting!
We loved your comments, woo made us smile.
I'm all set for my special occasion.
Time to go pack a bag for my secret destination…..

Miss Moo


Monday's view from the MOO: Decisions Poll

Good Moo-rning Furiends!

This week, I need your help. I need a hat fur a really special occasion. From watching tv with mom, and I know that they are really big on Special Occasion hats over in England. Everyone seems all gushy about getting gussied up for this upcoming royal wedding and all, so I took a look at the most fashionable hats this season. I narrowed it down to the interesting ones, I'm just not a satin-bow-and -lace-veil kind of girl.

Here's one that looks like it would be fun on a windy day:
What do woo think of this beawooty, worn by Princess Beatrice for Easter Services?
This is really appealing, I think I can make one like this out of spare parts from my own yard:
Maybe Kate Middleton would loan me this spiffy little feathery thing?

OK, here's where you come in, dear readers. I'm going to model each of these hats, and at the end, woo can vote and help me decide which one is "me".

A. Airy & white

B is for "Butterflies"
(but only if I don't look as ridiculous in it as Princess Beatrice does)
C- Create my own version of this one?
D. Kate's stylish poof of feathers?
E. Exotic Peacock Eyes
Mom found this one, she said it makes me look like
Mata Hari…I guess that's good?
Please vote on the poll at the top of the sidebar.
Voting is open now thru Wednesday 12 noon.
May the "best" hat win!

And that's today's stylish view from the Moo

Miss Moo



Hope woo get a special treat today. Have a joyful Easter!
(Please remember, no chocolate fur us canines, its not good fur us!)

jack & moo
& the beans


100 Sled Dogs: A Memorial

We howl in support of HOWL Around the World today.
(Mourning 100 healthy Sled Dogs slaughtered a year ago today)
There are rallies and candlelight vigils in 100 cities across Cananda and the US in support of changing laws that allow such a slaughter to ever happen again.
We can't even watch most of the videos on YouTube regarding this, they are just too sad. We did find one that we could make it thru, and post it in memory of the 100 dogs slain:
(the last frame will give you the email address of the company responsible,
if you are moved to send a comment)


Today's second "event" being held on fb today is "Hug A Husky Day".
Please hug your husky or honorary husky right now. If you need a husky to hug, just send Type *HUGS* in your comments & Mom will pass on a genuine hug from you to us.
(We expect a lot of hugs today!)

Every life is precious. We love all of you.

Jack a-aroo & Miss Moo and Momma Pat


Friday foto- picture perfect

This is a portrait mom made for our boxer cousins in Ohio. Sadly, Petunia (the one on the left) died suddenly a few months ago. Mom hoped this would be a nice way to remember her and the wonderful relationship she had with her sisfur, Brandy. Brandy is adjusting, but we know she must miss Petunia a lot. Star & Sherman met Petunia, so we imagine they are all romping together over the Bridge.
Brandy also lost her brofur Persian kittyboy Moe just a week ago. Brandy still has 1 kitty sisfur, Bear. Moe's dad used to call Moe "the Fabio of cats", and he was a very handsome boy with long flowing fur!

Godspeed, Moe!
and now for a bit of light-hearted news…..
Ha-woo, we got e-mail!
We received our certificate for finishing the Iditawalk. We think Mom should print it & put it over our beds! Its one of several fund raisers we pups papwticipate in during the year to help worthy causes. Its good to volunteer.
Are woo getting ready fur a holiday at your house? We're getting ready fur Easter. We hear there will be some tasty food, even fur us! woo-hoo! We plan to help snoopervise in the kitchen.

A-roos to yous, and

Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


Wednesday Woos: Woods Walk II

Ha-woo friends,
Now, where were we when we left off on Monday? Oh yes, Moo was looking off the edge of the bridge. Jack was looking off the other side. We crossed and continued on our way.
We walked quite a ways back in, following the sound of water falling…..
this is like a "Where's Waldo" picture - where's the fisherman??? Can woo spot him?
Mom stood close to the edge of the rocks and took this picture looking down & back towards the largest of the falls… don't fall in, Mom! Do woo think thats why they call them "falls"?
After our walk in the woods, we walked down the entrance road the opposite direction from where we parked. We found this cool bridge!

Moo woo'd "Hey Jack, woo gotta see what's on this pond!"

"quack quack quack quack quack quack quack"
Those ducks really quack me up, Moo!
Oh Jack, your such a joker!
Hey, take another look, this is kinda cool too.
Woo-hoo! Think that guy will catch up to the swan?
Who cares? I just want him to head the swan towards the shore this direction.
Hmm, somehow I don't think that's going to happen.

And with that, we headed back in the direction of our Siberian Outback.
…and had a lovely nap the rest of the afternoon.
Thanks fur sharing our adventure!

A-roos to yous, and toodle-woo!
Jack A-roo & Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo: Secret Park

This week's View from the Moo is all about a sweet secret park we found. It's not far from a spot mom takes us to go walking...

Woo! All that open road just makes woo wanna run, doesn't it?
But mom is on the other end of the leashes, so we better just walk.
Lets go see what's in the woods...
Woosers, this is pretty!

Nice view from up here, Moo, check it out.

Woo, I see what woo mean, Jack. Woo can watch stuff float by in the water

Looking back where we came from….

Going a little farther down one of the paths, we saw this old rusty tank. Mom says she's seem this from the road on the other side and always wondered about it.
Hey, our furiends Dave & Zimmie at the Ao4
hike by a Giant's Castle, maybe this is a Giant's ashcan?
Just past the pond is another bridge over a pretty little waterfall.
I liked standing on the bridge & surverying the stream.
Woo know, this might be a good place to stop and take a break…
we have a lot more pics to go.
I think we'll post the rest on Wednesday Woos.

So that's it for today's View from the Moo!

Miss Moo