RIP, sweet Bowser boy.

God speed you on your way to the Rainbow Bridge, dear Bowser
We are sad to hear that our little pal, Bowser, has departed for the RB. He was quite elderly and his health had been failing, but he will forever be missed by his friends. He was a husky - ?? mix, with the fluffiest tail you've ever seen. We will miss him at our PetTalk get-together this Sunday, although we're sure he'll be looking down on the rest of us. Maybe he'll be munching a tube-steak in the sky, he was THE Champion Hot-dog Eater at our Husky Hike two years ago!

Woooooooos, Bowser. You're back on four good paws again.

*sniff* love, Star & Sherman

(Holly, we're gonna let our post today be dedicated to our dear friend, but we haven't forgotten you tagged us! Hu-mom's working on it)


Sweep me off my paws

Last Sunday was a special "Hu-Mom's day", and our hu-mom's two hu-pups came to visit. Now I don't usually allow humans to do embarrasing things to me, but this one is the hu-pup that I picked out when I was 5 weeks old to go home with. I'll admit, I let him get away with murder. See what I mean?

I was his birthday surprise when he turned 11..and boy, was his family surprised when they got up the morning of his party and I promptly ate a red balloon that happened to be on the floor! Chaos, right off the bat! And he still has that little scar on his nose from when I had to "correct" him way back then, which he still mentions every time I see him, but at least I know he'll never forget me!

Wooos, Star


You woke me up because.....?

Ever been sound asleep having a great dream, only to be rudely awakewned for no reason? Ha, humans.

Well, since I'm awake now, here is a picture of Sherman, obviously still asleep. Dreaming blissfully... He doesn't know how close he came to having dental work done. I had to go and have a molar pulled a few weeks ago. Doggone it, I was soooo tired after that. I think they drugged me. They clipped my nails & cut my furry-toe fur off, too. Yup, they must have druggged me, I'd never stand for that. Sherman was only days away when our hu-mom's Subaru Siberian Outback made funny noises. Bottom line - the doggy dental funds became the fix-it-now car repair funds... Phew, lucky Sherman.

There is really nothing interesting going on, here's a cute little morsel, I mean, critter, that hu-mom found on the internet somewhere. Enjoy. (Isn't it tasty-looking?)



MOOOOO. Make that "MEGA MOOO" Whoa, look at this dude-now that's a winter coat. Mom says this guy & his buddy live close by the place we're moving to. I sure hope those measely fences keep them in, cause they wouldn't hold a husky back for more than 30 seconds. Sherman and I will have to practice our zoomies & scootching technique in case we have to get away quick if these burly floor mops ever do get out & come visiting.


*edit* Hu-mom found out that these bad boys are Scottish Highland cattle. Apparently they are kind of rare. : ) I'd like mine very rare, thank you (hee hee hee)