You woke me up because.....?

Ever been sound asleep having a great dream, only to be rudely awakewned for no reason? Ha, humans.

Well, since I'm awake now, here is a picture of Sherman, obviously still asleep. Dreaming blissfully... He doesn't know how close he came to having dental work done. I had to go and have a molar pulled a few weeks ago. Doggone it, I was soooo tired after that. I think they drugged me. They clipped my nails & cut my furry-toe fur off, too. Yup, they must have druggged me, I'd never stand for that. Sherman was only days away when our hu-mom's Subaru Siberian Outback made funny noises. Bottom line - the doggy dental funds became the fix-it-now car repair funds... Phew, lucky Sherman.

There is really nothing interesting going on, here's a cute little morsel, I mean, critter, that hu-mom found on the internet somewhere. Enjoy. (Isn't it tasty-looking?)



Holly said...
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Holly said...

You can certainly tell you are rather irritated to be awakened! Sherman sure looks quite peaceful in his pic!

What a cute and tasty looking creature!! Did you see the tasty creature I caught? Unfortunately, I didn't get to eat it!