Sweep me off my paws

Last Sunday was a special "Hu-Mom's day", and our hu-mom's two hu-pups came to visit. Now I don't usually allow humans to do embarrasing things to me, but this one is the hu-pup that I picked out when I was 5 weeks old to go home with. I'll admit, I let him get away with murder. See what I mean?

I was his birthday surprise when he turned 11..and boy, was his family surprised when they got up the morning of his party and I promptly ate a red balloon that happened to be on the floor! Chaos, right off the bat! And he still has that little scar on his nose from when I had to "correct" him way back then, which he still mentions every time I see him, but at least I know he'll never forget me!

Wooos, Star


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hi Star, you sure look like a nice husky. ;)

~ Girl girl

Holly said...

Wow, your hu-pup has sure grown! But, so have you. My humans can't pick me up, luckily. I weight 114 pounds, so I think that would probably break their backs! The only one of us that could ever be picked up was old Shula, who went to the bridge in 11-05, cuz she only weighed 43 pounds. All my other siblings are around 80 pounds, so they don't get picked up either. Size has it's advantages!


Holly said...

You've been tagged! Stop over at my blog for details!