Monday's View from the Moo *edit for WDW

Good Moo-rning everyone! Time for this week's view from the Moo! We had a furry snowy weekend, and Jack spent lots of time outside, he really loves the cold & snow! I do too, but, ... all day??? Hmmmm, I think not.
So, I'll bet some of woo wonder what I do when Jack is outside.
Well, sometimes I enjoy a good chew hoofie just outside mom's office door. Woo've seen pictures of Jack & I here in the hallway before, we pretty much claimed the hallway as our turf.
Sometimes, I like to pawsition myself at the corner of the kitchen & hallway.... easier to keep an eye on things this way. I can see the back door, the patio door, the door to the basement where dad hangs out, and up the hallway from this spot. The bathroom & bedroom are at the hallway ends, the office door is in the middle, so, I got it covered. Nobody makes a move that I don't know about.

There's another advantage to hanging around the kitchen...need I say more?
Jack & I love pasta, and whenever Mom cooks it, we get some. And when Jack is outside all day, guess who gets to help in the kitchen? Yummy!

...and this smelled pretty good too -
Mom says its banana bread with chocolate chips.
I enjoyed sniffing it, but we can't have chocolate, so no tasties.
Jack got some banana, though, cause he loves bananas.
So now woo know what I'm up to. And that's today's view from the Moo!

Miss Moo

*EDIT* @Wild Dingo pups -- that sausage is a local Portuguese delicacy, Chourico. Furry lean, very spicy, & furry tasty! The recipe originates from the Iberian peninsula.


Sunday: Iced coffee anyone?

Hey Mom, I think woo should come check this out...
Isn't this great? It snuck up while we were sleeping!
How about having your coffee out here this morning?
Iced coffee, that is!
Ha-roo roo roo!
Have a fun day Sunday!

a-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo

PS - Please drop by our dear furiends at Wandering Spirits. Bandit crossed the Bridge a couple nights ago, joining several packmates who also crossed recently.


Friday Fotos

On our way home from our last beach walk, mom noticed something sitting on top of a monument in a small cemetery we pass -- she thought it was an owl.
She turned the car around, drove back, & got out for a closer look -
Nope, not an owl. So regal!
At this point he (or she) got a little nervous, so mom backed off & returned to the car, where she'd left us trapped inside. Harumph!
Its a thrill to see a magnificent raptor up close like that.

Mom's gotten used to seeing magnificent predators up close -
she sees us every day, ha-roo roo roo!

We have a high wind warning, which sounds like it could be pretty exciting outside , as long as it doesn't include rain too. Maybe we'll see our new raptor friend fly by real fast!

have a fun weekend -
jack & moo


Wednesday Woos

First, we want to say a big THANK WOO to our pals, Miss Kylie & her new furbro Jimmy. We entered their contest to welcome Jimmy to the pack, & we won the treat dispenser toy! Oh boy, we can harldy wait till that one arrives! We've already got our "treat faces" on...
Next, we want to also thank our Frenchie furiends
for this khool award:
t(Bet woo Frenchie pups thought mom was never goiong to post it, right?
Its that same old "work" excuse!)

Sylistylish Blogger Award.
1) link to the blog that awarded me
(We linked to their SBA answers so woo can learn 7 things about them, too!)
2) Share 7 things about us that you may not know.
3) Award 7 other blogs that I think are stylish and contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.

1. We love vegetables: Jack's favorite is broccoli, Moo loves Romaine lettuce (How weird is that!)

2. Jack talks like a Wookie, and Moo yodels
3. We love snow - bet you couldn't tell that, ha-roo roo roo!

4. We sleep most of the time, but at 4:00 pm every day, we go stare at mom till she takes us for a walk.

5. We are both former "show dogs".
6. Even though we're sled dogs, we've never been sled dogs. (except for a trial run at TOTTSHR, of course!)

7. We share lineage thru Leonard Seppala's foundation lines back to Togo. Togo was the real hero of the Nome serum run-- at age 12, he led the Seppala team across more than 260 miles, including crossing ice flows in the Norton Sound during a blizzard! Balto & his musher ran the last 55 miles to Nome (& get all the credit)
And now, to send this award on.....
We choose the first 7 pups who post comments to be our 7 pawticipants!
(We'll add a link here as woo comments are made.)

Since this is getting long, we'll save those pics we promised to post of a cool thing that happend fur Friday Fotos.... so stay tuned!

a-roos to yous, and toodle-woo,
jack & moo


Monday's View from the Moo

Today's view from the Moo comes to woo directly from the sea shore. Yup, here we are, standing amid the shells and rocks & whatnots that have washed up.
So much to sniff, so little time.
I love to close my eyes, listen to the waves, and just breathe in that good salt air!
Its rejuvenating!
We weren't the only ones there enjoying the ocean. This happy GoldenBoy was chasing seagulls up & down the beach - he ran past us, splashing up a storm! Woo-hoo! Looks like fun!

Aw Mom, can't we go off leash so we can chase sea gulls too?
That looks like a blast!
Mom said "No", and its no use arguing with Mom about it. We walked up & down the sand and watched the little terns racing the waves on the beach.

And look at what we saw at the edge of the water, drifting on the tide! Isn't it lovely? (Mom's making this one into a card, hence the copyright thingy) Makes woo wonder who left it there, and why? Surely its out of love for someone furry special.
I love exploring the beach!
We saw something pretty cool on the way home, too, but Mom says that will be this week's post for wednesday.

So, that wraps up this week's View from the Moo!
Miss Moo

PS - LOOK! This is what we woke up to - We were snow surprised!


Saturday review

We're posting our review of our blogger's performance today, as yesterday (the "official" day to post this) we had other plans for her.

1. Quantity of output: we'll giver her 4 pts here, as we settled on her doing our bidding at least 3x a week, and she's kept her part of the bargain, except for during those computer crashes. (even we know those weren't her fault.) In fact, she usually exceeds our agreement.

2. Pawticipation-Contacts: Only 2 pts on this. We hear some of our blogging buddies even have their own fb pages - we think we need a fb page of our own too! But, at least mom publishes our blog on fb.

3. PawticipationII-pawticipation: Again, we think 2 pts is about as high as we can go. we seem to miss out on a lot of pawties & contests (no Mango-minster this year, even though Jack got second place last year for his super instructional video on Herding Penguins.) But she did a smashing job on Moo's Gotcha Day Pawty, so we'll cut her some slack and give her an extra bonus pt.

4. Client satisfaction: Hmmm. Well, we have almost 100 followers, and we usually get about a dozen comments per post, so, we'll say 4 pts on this one. of course, her performance could always be improved, so if woo have any suggestions, please let us know in your comments, ok?

So, that's 4 + 2 + 2 + 1bonus + 4 = 13 pts over 4 categories: "3.25 paws up". With a little more nagging, we mean, coaching, she'll make it to "4 paws up" next year.

We want to note that while "work" is her usual excuse fur not blogging more, yesterday she took us to the beach fur a walk instead of working or blogging. Now that's the kind of excuse we approve of!

Hope woo have a happy weekend too!

A-roos to yous, & toodle-woo!
jack a-roo & miss moo


Friday Foray

Mom ventured into the yard to check out what we were up to.

Moo, chillin'.
The snow is slowly going away,
but its leaving behind lots of soppy ground & mud!
Woo-hoo! Easy digging!

Jack found a peanut shell under the trees.
Guess that will have to do till mole season.

Here's to a cool, lazy weekend,
jack & moo


Miss Moo Delivers

Here's this week's View from the Moo.
We know, we usually post the View on Mondays, but Mom was furry busy & didn't have time to figure out the new software till last night. Paws crossed it'll be worth the wait.

I was in a particularly feisty mood when Mom video'd that, just in case woo are wondering. Then mom thought the music probably reflects what was going through Jack's brain--
Hey! Wait a minute! I know fur a fact he was thinking "Bring it on, baby!"

Ha-roo roo ro, have a wonderful Wednesday,

Miss Moo


Happy Valentine's Day!

We have a bunch of fur-letter words for woo:
Will woo all be our Valentines?

Love & fur,
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


Sunday Snooze

What is so important woo had to interrupt our nap time, mom?
Doorway? What doorway?

Humans.... geesh!

have a snoozy Sunday,
jack & moo


Friday Fotos: Preferences


Some like being in...
Some like being out.
Have fun hanging out in your favorite place this weekend!

a-roos to yous, and toodle-woo,
jack a-roo & miss moo



Monday's View from the Moo...sponsored by Subaru

On Sunday, Subaru sponsored a "Walk your dog event" for those not spending their entire day watching Pre-Game, game, and after game TV. Since our transport of choice is our Siberian Outback, we felt it our duty to pawticipate.

Mom chose a great place to go fur our walk - the Cliff-walk! We've shown woo pics from there before, but today it was like taking mom skijoring without skis! There was a nice bed of ice and slush, and we furry much enjoying splashing & sliding along thru. Plus, we were great ambassadors for our breed, charming and impressing everyone we met! We decided to post a whole bunch of pictures, so come on, enjoy walking with us!

Come on, mom, why are woo soooo slow?
The rocks were having fun playing with the waves.
Here's a color we haven't seen fur a while!

We passed this golden boy out on the rocks with his hudad. The waves were really khool!
We even stopped & smiled fur the camera. Mom loves this one.
(there'll be big pay-off in treats later on!)

We walked till we ran out of cliff-walk.
Here it is, the end of the cliff-walk.

Pausing for a moment to enjoy the view on the way back...
Check out this lovely little gazebo. There's a telescope inside and everything. This pic is cool - woo can see how the private property meets up with the cliff-walk. The cliff-walk was originally built by the workers who were building the mansions.
Its public now so we can all enjoy using it.
Woo can catch a glimpse of the house it belongs to in the background.
On our return trip, the Golden boy & his hudad had moved up closer to the pathway. Its a little hard to tell, but there's a bout a 20' drop down between us on the walk and him on the rocks. He's actually about 30' away from us. Jack talked to him, but he didn't answer. ( Maybe he doesn't woo Siberian.)
"Hey Jack, look at those Naval officers ahead! Did woo know that in Britain, a "Jack" is a person in British Royal Navy? Are woo secretly in the Navy, Jack?

We checked out hidey-holes along the way..... guess no one's home right now.

When we got closer to the car, Mom announced "treats!" - that got our attention!

and after our treat,we headed home
in our Siberian Outback.
Quite a nice way to pawticiate in the Subaru dog-walking event, don't woo think?
So that's todays View from the Moo, thanks fur joining us!

Miss Moo


Friday feety-feets

Today, we're talking feety-feets....

Not only are they cute little feety-feets, but they're furry specialized. Take a look at these extra STRONG claws. Along with slight webbing between our toes and fur on the bottoms of our feet, our claws help us walk & run over the ice and snow. Kind of like studded tires, ha-roo roo! And it's been workin for us for thousands of years. We have about an inch of solid ice on top of the snow, its very slick in the yard. Jack & I go out & don't have any trouble at all.
Mom however, has no fur or claws on her boots. After falling down a couple times in the yard, she says yard clean-up will just have to wait till the ice thaws. I just hope we don't run out of fresh spots to do our business till then!

Jack: Feety-feets? I thought woo were talking about treaty-treats! Guess I can stop sitting here in the kitchen waiting fur treats, huh? I'll just walk my feety-feets outside & go chill out on the ice.

thanks mom, the treaty-treats on ice is nice!
Woo will keep that door closed so Moo can't come out for a bit, right?
Hope all of woo are enjoying a nice treat this weekend too!

a-roos to yous, and toodle-woo!
jack a-roo & miss moo