Where have all my stuffies gone?

Wooos & a-rooos,
With all the troubles other bloggin' doggies (and kitties) have had lately, (especially Sam, Amici, & Tia), this may seem like small potatoes, but somehow Jack has this idea that just because I got 1 new toy on my birthday, all my others are up for grabs. I beg to differ.

I'm being very nice, letting him think they are all his, but one of these days I will reclaim them all. Maybe next week...maybe next spring....definitly after I finish my nap....

...and of course send out healing sibe vibes to all our bloggin buddies in need.


and a-rooos from Jack "the stuffie baron" A-roo


More Birthday

Woos everyone,
Thanks you all so much for the Birthday Woos! I had a very nice day overall. I napped all afternoon, then went for our neighborhood walk once Dad got home from work. We met a couple new dogs on our route - one of them lived next door. We hear him howling several times a day.
I had salmon on my dinner (Jack, too). Then I got ALONE time with the bi-peds! They took me for a car ride to one of my favorite places - the Petco store! I was so excited I almost dragged dad off his feet trying to make him go faster!) We took a long time going up & down the aisles, till I found just the right present - Ta-daa! My new blue octopus that rattles when you shake it and squeaks when you bite down! I carried it up to the check out myself, and stood upon my hind legs to see what the girl was doing with it on the counter. (she gave it back). I also got a bag of Yummie-Chummies, my favorite! See how nice & shiny my new blue octopus is? Here I am with it, and one of my other favorite toys, Purple Queakie-Baby.

When we got home, Jack came inside and we each got a Frosty Paws. I played with my new octopus for a while, then used it for a pillow. The perfect end to a nice day.



Wooos & a-rooos! It's my birthday Friday the 25th! My adventure in life began 11 years ago. And I've lived with the very same bi-peds since I picked them out when I was only 5 weeks old. I think I did good choosing a family, they absolutely adore me.
Hu-mom started my celebration today with a surprise early morning walk on the beach...

We had to put up with her stupid flashy thing, but I kinda enjoyed sitting there waching the ocean.

I asked her to take a few pictures of the waves (they were so beautiful this morning) and the shore, to post for our friends at the Ao4. Zim & Dave really want an ocean, so these pictures are you, guys!

This is the shore. It doesn't stay put.

This picture almost didn't happen - mom was trying to photograph the shell, when Jack walked right in front of her, practically on top of it. Actually, he was just making the picture more interesting by adding a paw print!

A wave for Zim:

A wave for Dave:

There may be more celebrating tomorrow on my birthday, and that means more pictures.

Star, Birthday girl!

And this one's for you, Mikki:

~Jack, birthday guest, official cake taster & gift opener!



The weather forecast here is calling for 6-10 inches of snow overnight. YIPPEE!! But today is sunny & beautiful, brisk but no cold, just right for walking the bi-peds. We went to the beach! lots and lots of dogs there, and.... wait a minute...did you see THAT?

Whoa, that was one big...whatever! Jack says they are horses, and he used to live with a few. The one that raced by went & got a friend - and came walking right past us....

We got so excited, Jack & I started running in all directions...at the same time! Well dad, I guess that's a wrap!

Wooos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack a-roo, beach bums in January


Update: Lost Boy

Here's the Lost Husky we posted about on Thursday! His "rescuers" e-mailed that they plan to go back if no one claims him by the end of the week & at least get him into a no-kill shelter. Please pass along the info if you know of any Sibe Rescues in NY that can help out..
Paws still crossed for you, big guy!



Our boy got word about this husky boy, who was picked up off the streets in NYC & taken to a kill shelter. According to the info link:
"Looking for a home for a well trained adult dog.
This well tempered, friendly and well trained dog needs a good home. He appears to be a pure breed husky. He was found wondering near my husband's office, approaching strangers. He seems to be lost, as he has a dog collar but no tags. He sits on command, stays and also gives his paw when asked. A few days ago he was taken to the pound by police. Unfortunately, he has been taken to a shelter with a kill policy. If he is not claimed or adopted within 2 weeks, he will be put to sleep. Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in providing a loving home for this friendly dog."
Follow this link for contact info-

we're keeping all paws crossed this boy's bipeds show up to claim him or he gets a good home in the next two weeks! PLEASE CROSS-POST!

This has been a husky community announcement,
Star & Jack

*UPDATE: found out where he is- see Jan 12th post!


Beach Patrol

Wooos & a-rooos to yous!
First off, we want to thank our bloggin' sibe-buddy Togo - he gave us an award!!! We're so honored...we "make his day"! How exciting! Thank you Togo! You brighten our days, too.

We'd like to also give this award to Mikki, and to Royal, who just turned 1 a few days ago! We've know Royal since he was just a wee little pup on PT, and now just look at that boy! As handsome as they come!

Mikki, Jack says no matter how many other dogs give you awards, it will never be too many for such a lovely sibette as yourself. Aw, isn't that just too cute? Those two really need to meet snow nose to snow nose. How soon can I ship him outta here? (Haha, just kidding, Jack isn't so bad after all.)

And now....
As you recall, the Ao4 put out new orders to be watching for Beau as part of "Operation bring Beau home". Beau disappeared in Australia, and since we are on the coast, we thought we would patrol the beach to keep an eye out in case he lands here. Just thought you'd al sleep better at night knowing we're out there padding up and down the sand!

Woos and a-roos,
Star & the Puppyhead Jack-of-hearts, Beach patrol, aka Black Jack-a-roo, pirate wanna be.


What's in your coffee?

Woos & a-rooos!

Not much going on here, no snow, no trips, no visitors...that leaves more time to read blogs! Meeshka has some very interesting & informative things to say about coffee. After reading her blog, our hu-mom isn't so sure about the big package of Husky Java we gave her for Christmas. We got it from "Save Our Siberians", a great organization that helps siberians in need. She thinks maybe there's a little more "husky" in there than meets the eye, or nose, whatever.

We thought it would go nicely with the magic coffee mugs she bought for dad last year. Nice mugs, eh?

Fill em with something hot, and they turn into really nice mugs!

The Puppyhead wants his mug on a mug, too. He's such a whiner - you should hear him when he wants something - "A-rooo-ro-ro-rooo -rooo" which means either "I'm h-u-n-gry, I'm h-u-n-gry!" or "Take me, take me , take me walking!" I'm gifted with the ability to interject my thoughts into humans' minds, but apparently, he is not. Poor little puppyhead. : )

Holly - since you asked where we got them, mom's putting this link to where we got our Magic Mugs.
EDIT: Hu-mom thinks she saw these mugs on on another site too & will look for them... aha! Walgreen's has them too.


Resolutions?!? and another "good-bye"....

A-rooos to yous! Jack here.
I been hearing about these new yearz "resolutions" on everydogs blogs. What's a resolution? Is it like when I chase my tail & go around & around? Or when I get my bed ready & spin in little circles till it's just right? How do you make one? Do you need mud & water? I could grab some tubes of paint from mom's studio & make a pretty one! Anywoo, mom took all the twinkly lights and shiny toys off the outdoor bushes & house today. she says she's gonna take down the "tree", but I don't smell no tree in here. Just a big thing that looks like a tree but smells fake. I just don't get humans sometimes. They don't make no sense.

Another thing that don't make no sense is when your friends go away forever. I just found out one of the 'older" huskies I grew up with is GONE. Not like "she's missing", or "she'll be back", I mean like GONE. I know all my family pack in Ohio will miss her, she was a very sweet little grandma-kind of husky. When Sherman was young, she kept him company on the drive from one end of Ohio to the other when he went to his new home (the one I'm in now). She woo'd to me when I left with my new mom to go to my new home. she said "Wooo-wooo, Jack, be a good boy!"

Wooos to you, Shaunice, run free North of the Rainbow Bridge!
~ Jack


Happy New Year!

"Star, it's midnight....don't you want to celebrate "Happy New Year?"
"Jack, it's midnight....don't you know it's not a good idea to wake your Queen? You may go now."


~Star, Jack-a-roo and the humans, too!