Resolutions?!? and another "good-bye"....

A-rooos to yous! Jack here.
I been hearing about these new yearz "resolutions" on everydogs blogs. What's a resolution? Is it like when I chase my tail & go around & around? Or when I get my bed ready & spin in little circles till it's just right? How do you make one? Do you need mud & water? I could grab some tubes of paint from mom's studio & make a pretty one! Anywoo, mom took all the twinkly lights and shiny toys off the outdoor bushes & house today. she says she's gonna take down the "tree", but I don't smell no tree in here. Just a big thing that looks like a tree but smells fake. I just don't get humans sometimes. They don't make no sense.

Another thing that don't make no sense is when your friends go away forever. I just found out one of the 'older" huskies I grew up with is GONE. Not like "she's missing", or "she'll be back", I mean like GONE. I know all my family pack in Ohio will miss her, she was a very sweet little grandma-kind of husky. When Sherman was young, she kept him company on the drive from one end of Ohio to the other when he went to his new home (the one I'm in now). She woo'd to me when I left with my new mom to go to my new home. she said "Wooo-wooo, Jack, be a good boy!"

Wooos to you, Shaunice, run free North of the Rainbow Bridge!
~ Jack


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


She is a beauty! I bet she's a hit at the RB Bowl and Grill !!

I think I've my resolution picked out - 1024 x 768 !!!

Wags and Wuv,


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

She was very pretty. At least she's running with Sherman in the north now.


Bama said...

Oh wooooo, we hate to hear about pups passing over the bridge, even though we know that Sherman, our Star & Ice, Thrawn, and so many others were waiting there to greet her and make her feel welcome. Husky hugs to her humans, and to both of you (specially you my Jack of Hearts).
Mikki & the RHP

Phred said...

"Gone" ... is dat place North of the Rainbow Bridge where Huskies go ... when they're gone.

Our lil Husky wanna-be, dear Bowser, went to Gone wun nite ...
wiff Dad rubbin his earbones.

Here wun minnnit, Gone the next.
Iffin we ask, Dad getz all leaky-eyed. God tells us He's got our Bowz now ... but we'll get to see him again, when it's Tyme to go.

We think ya gotta go ta get to Gone.
We're sorry you Friend has gone to Gone.

Sad & Konfuzed ...
/s/ Cinder & Smokey

Holly said...

That is sooo sad! She was such a cutie, and has one of those faces my mom would just smooch all over. She be welcomed with lots of play bows and woos at the bridge by many who have gone before her, including wonderful Sherman!


Kapp pack said...

She is bewootiful! What a great grand-doggy to have.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann