Wooos & a-rooos! It's my birthday Friday the 25th! My adventure in life began 11 years ago. And I've lived with the very same bi-peds since I picked them out when I was only 5 weeks old. I think I did good choosing a family, they absolutely adore me.
Hu-mom started my celebration today with a surprise early morning walk on the beach...

We had to put up with her stupid flashy thing, but I kinda enjoyed sitting there waching the ocean.

I asked her to take a few pictures of the waves (they were so beautiful this morning) and the shore, to post for our friends at the Ao4. Zim & Dave really want an ocean, so these pictures are you, guys!

This is the shore. It doesn't stay put.

This picture almost didn't happen - mom was trying to photograph the shell, when Jack walked right in front of her, practically on top of it. Actually, he was just making the picture more interesting by adding a paw print!

A wave for Zim:

A wave for Dave:

There may be more celebrating tomorrow on my birthday, and that means more pictures.

Star, Birthday girl!

And this one's for you, Mikki:

~Jack, birthday guest, official cake taster & gift opener!


The Army of Four said...

WOWZERS!!!!!!!! Those are SUCH great pictures! And what a great way to start your birthday! So the ocean doesn't stay where you put it? Hmm... maybe that means we can have one here after all! You know - maybe it'll come to Kansas!
That still life with paw print is really cool; Jack's print really "makes" it! And the WAVES! Just so cool!
Of course the picture of YOU is so wonderful! Happy birthday, Star!!! Stormy said to tell you 11 is loads of fun! Lots of happiness and ha roo roo roos to you!
Play bows,

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow, beautiful photos Star. We hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday today!!! My cat sister's birthday is on Sunday. She will turn 15! I hope you get lots of loving and treats and ENJOY your day!!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Happy Birfday!

Woos is today AND Hbbb's mom is tomorrow - and Sitka's KHAT sister Tia is Sunday!!

Hope you had a nice pawty!!!

Wags & Wuv,

The Husky in the Window said...

Oh Happy Barkday to you!!!! You pretty thing.

The beach looks wonderful! The seashell photo with the paw print is great!

Hope you get lots of hugs and treats.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Phred said...


It'z a day late now - but we said it over on PT yesterday - so this can just be an "extra" wish!

You're "Lake" is a LOT Bigger than our Lakes ... ours are mostly *krunchie* on top now. Does your's get krunchie on top?

Say HI to da Kid Brudder, Hu-Mom an Hu-Dad fur us.

*Yipps* & *Yapps*
/s/ Cinder & SmokeMutt

The Daily Echo said...

Those are great pictures, especially the one with the paw print. Happy, happy birthday to Woo! Will there be CAKE???

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Star, happy birthday! You did a great job picking out a family.


PS. Jack, you're too cute.

Bama said...

Oh my sweet Jack, woo are so handsome! And Star, we're so sorry we're late wishing you a happy birthday, we've been so busy with the SMS'ers & Flurry's homecoming, we forgot to check the bloggies for a couple of days, hope you'll forgive us and accept a HUGE belated Happy Birthday from all 4 of us!
Mikki & the RHP

Kapp pack said...

Awesome pics! Makes me want to go back to the beach! I used to visit with my humans every summer. Happy Birthday too!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Amici said...

That shell and paw photo is really something! My human thinks you should frame it. :)

Windswept's Diamond Royale, CGC, TDIT said...

WOOWOOWOO!! Happy (Belated) Birthday wishes to you Star!! Sounds like it was a great one!!!