Happy New Year! Welcome 2010

(mom says I can go ahead & post now)
Woos & a-roos, it's time fur a New Year to begin!

Do woo feel like dancing in the New Year? Well, come on & join me at my furry first Disco Dog class! Dance right along with us, if woo like. It may take me a few classes to get the hang of this dancing thing, but it was fun. Here's the most important thing I learned:
dancing = treats!

(The dancing may not be so great, but I bet woo enjoy the song!)

2010 is gonna be a great year, I can feel it in my bones (especially the ones I buried in the yard, ha-roo roo roo!) Don't forget to woo at your humans about not drinking too much Adult Grape Juice, and DO NOT DRIVE if they've been drinking. We want everyone back here safe & sound to read our blogs in 2010!

Happy New Year!

a-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo and his
Mom & Dad, too

Thoughts on the last night of 2009

Woos & a-roos, Jack here.

I'm letting Mom do a post cause I think its kinda nice, even if it seems a bit pensive (mom said that's a good word for this). Im working on pawing a little more upbeat post fur a little later this evening- closer to 10 pm-- I'll be back, Jack!

On the occasion of a Blue Moon

Tonight, a Blue Moon, a rare occurrence of
two full moons in one month, ends the decade
on this last day of the year 2009.

Our Blue Moon Star, a rare and precious presence,
has gone forever from our sight, taking her
place in the stars in 2009.

My mind, seeking to make sense of it all,
sees this Blue Moon as a fitting tribute by Fate,
to mark the end of the "Blue Moon Star era" of our lives.

A New Year will bring new blessings and
new challenges, but tonight, I miss her, and tears
for my Blue Moon Star fall in the light of a Blue Moon.

It's been a rough year for the dogs with blogs, (and kitties, too), so many have crossed the Rainbow Bridge leaving broken-hearted families to carry on without them. Even as I write this, I just read of two more who have taken leave.

Please set aside a moment of silence this evening to remember and bless each and every pet whose paw prints are pressed into our hearts, whose soft fur and warm breath is only a memory away, who sit at the Bridge patiently waiting for that day when we come to join them. They took so little space on the earth, but filled all the space in our hearts.

God bless and God speed, sweet friends.
We will not forget you.

The family of Blue Moon Star, and Jack


My Beans are Back!

Woo-hoo! My beans have returned from the West Coast! Guess what? Mom says they went to the other Newport... Newport Beach, and saw the other big ocean! But she said there was no snow there, only these kinds of snowmen:

and these kind of huskies:

and these kind of pengies:

She said Santa arrives by surfboard - look at the banner-

and she saw one of the elves walking Santa's dog:

She said she missed the snow, but the lights were pretty anyway. Biggify this one!

This one made her think of ME!

I just say "A- roos!!! Mom + Dad are back!" and that makes me one happy Jack a-roo!

a-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo


the Yummiest!

My yummiest present:

Sitting pretty fur my yummiest present:

Hope your Christmas was yummy, too!

a-roos to yous,
jack a-roo


Pengie Heaven!

Penguins all around!
Jack has been a good boy,
Santa's gifts abound.

How long will they last?
Well, at least they're here today,
Happy joyful penguins
are all lined up to play!

Picking out one penguin,
and play till sun goes down,
Pick another pengie
& the fun goes on!

Thank woo to all of Santa Paw's elves who helped my Christmas wish come true, I'm in Pengie Heaven! I hope Santa Paws was good to woo, too!

a-roos to yous,
jack a-roo


Merry Christmas

Jack a-roo,
Pat & JoJoe


Tis the Night before Christmas

My stockings are hung....

and I'm settling down fur that long winter's nap....

a-roos to yous,
jack a-roo


Wooless Wednesday

(Jack's favorite shot of the week!)


Dashing thru the snow!

Woo there! I'm still enjoying all the snow! All day long there have been guys with loud machines throwing snow all over the place, and then Mom took me fur a walk! It was kinda fun! the snow came up on both side like walls, and sometimes I couldn't even see over them! Mom made a little walking video fur woo - its a little hard to tell how deep the snow is, but take my woo fur it, it was deep fur around here!

mom & I walked all the way around back so I could watch some of my little friends sledding. It looked like fun! I'll be I could pull one of those sleds for a really good time, ha-roo roo roo!

How woo are all enjoying your snow, or lack of snow, or whatever.

a-roos to yous,
jack a-roo


Winter Solstice Memorial 8 PM

Please join us at 8 pm your local time in a moment of silence for all those Siberians who have crossed North of the Rainbow Bridge this past year.

It's been a particularly hard year in the Siberian blogging community, so many heartbreaking losses of so many wonderful dogs. And sadly, several more have recently received devastating news about their health.
We hold all of woo, each & every one, in our hearts tonight.

" So to all of the owners lighting a candle, may knowing that others are
lighting candles bring you comfort. To others lighting a candle, know that
all of the dogs listed here brought some sadness, but mostly they brought
happiness to their owners by sharing their lives with us.

And to the Siberian Huskies listed, Godspeed!"

Dearest Star, sweetest Tori, amid our tears we also have hearts filled with gratitude, we were honored to live with you, you filled our lives with great joy and beauty.
A-roos to yous!

Love, Mom & Dad, and of course, Jack a-roo


Woo-hoo! We got lots of snow! Not sure what the official total is, but our house must have been extra blessed cause we had even more snow than any of our neighbors!

I have such a nice mom & dad, they went out to clear my yard up a bit this morning.

I snoopervised.

Thanks, dad!

Thanks, mom!

Back on my bench!

End of the day results:
the Jack a-roo Mountains!

And guess who gets to be King of the mountain!

a-roos to yous,
King Jack a-roo from his mountain-top ice palace!


PUPDATE! It's beginning to look a lot like....

...snowfall! I was wooried that maybe the big snow as going to skip right over me, but.....

10:30AM PUPDATE: 15 " & counting!

Mom cleared a little spot so I could go out, and I made myself a race course!

late Saturday night:

Rescuing my huskyhead toy!

Finding my ice cube!

see woo later this morning, once the sun is up & the fun begins!
a-roos to yous,
jack a-roo


Friday Foto

Dear Santa Paws,
If woo will look at this picture, woo will see why I need sum new toys fur Christmas. Just to be clear, this was not my fault, it was the evil squirrels. They should get a big hard lump of coal in their stockings, that's what I think! I have been a furry good boy.



I do still have a few toys, here's some happy time to get the weekend going right- the music is the Cheiftans from their Christmas Album -The Bells of Dublin
"The Arrival of the Wren Boys"
Even with no snow and no playmates, I can still have fun! That brown thing on the grass is my "duckball". After the squirrels ripped the head & a foot off my duck , mom fixed him up so I could still play with him, khool, huh?

Have a furry nice weekend!

A-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo


Jack's "Best Christmas Picks"

Ha-roos efurryone!

It's that time of year - got to let Santa Paws know what it is woo really want. A new squeakie to destuff? A new chew-toy? How about a big fat jar of extra yummy treats?

Well I finally found what I really want. I just know many of woo out there (especially of the Siberian persuasion) will want this too!

LOOK! It's

Watch the video! Grab that plastic money -
order yourself up a whole truckload!

Just get your humans to drop bags of this stuff all around your yard. The commercial says to "add water" but I'm pretty sure pee will work just as well. (and who cares if its yellow snow?) Woo'll be doing zoomies, digging & snowzing in snow in no time!

Better get your humans on board quick - they have one of those great "TV special offers" going on right now.

At last! No more depending on Mother Nature's whims!

a-roos to yous!
Jack a-roo


Ghosts of Pengies Past

*Please go visit our dear friend, Khyra. Her sibe-sista Kyrye left for the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, after 15 long and happy years here on earth. We're wooing sadly for our friend, yet happy cause we know Kyrye is running free & once-again healthy in her silver harness North of the Rainbow Bridge. Run free, beautiful Kyrye, along side our other angels*

Mom was looking through pictures
of Pengies from the past.
Christmas- Brand new A. Penguin!
Pengie survived Star, Rosie, & Sherman relatively in tact
and then, in
Jack arrived.
posing for the Christmas card
by March 2008...
2008 summer- New Pengie!

Star manages to keep new Pengie safe fur a while:

2008 - late summer Whoops

2008 Christmas: Another New Pengie!
This pengie had a short life.
January 2009....poor flattened Pengie!

No photographic evidence remains.
But the squirrels did it, really.
No new pengies since then.
Maybe Santa Paws will bring me a new pengie this year?

Check out this khool King-size Pengiun:
He's guarding a little bridge near our house and we get to say ha-woo on our walks.

Hope woo have a woo-nderful Wednesday!
a-roos to yous.
Jack a-roo


Pengie Alert!!!!!

A-roos to yous!

I guess by now, woo all know by now how much I love my Pengies!
A little package came to our house & when we opened it up... it was a Pengie! Sooo cute! Thank woo sooo much to Cap'n Mav's bipeds - Cecile & Lisa the Not-so-Mean fur sending this to us, mom loves it.

And its not just any pengie... its a DADDY penguin with a little pengie chick poking his head out from his daddy's feathers! That's because its the dads that take care of the eggs & chicks all winter long. What nice dads! It's going to go in the cupboard right next to the Pengie bead Tehya's mom made fur me.

a-roos to yous,
jack a-roo & two pengies too

PS - I'm not sticking my tongue out at woo, mom was holding a cookie & I was just getting ready to taste it.



Today was Sherman & Tori's birthday. They would have been 7 yrs. old today. I'm keepin paws crossed they're celebrating with Angel-food khake and heaven's version of Frosty-Paws at the bridge tonight!
Mom had planned on posting these and a few others, and I woo'd that she should go ahead in remeberance, so here they are:

Pup-pup-puppies Winston, Tori, & Sherman - 4 weeks old.
Sherman and Tori as young adults.

And one of me & Miss Tori & enjoying one of our outings earlier this fall.

These pretty flowers were sent to us by our Ohio friend Phred, in memory of Tori. They're so beawootiful, and very fitting, cause Tori was so beawootiful.
Thank woo Phred!

Phred knew Star and Sherman furry well when they lived in Ohio. Here's Dad with Star & Sherman, Phred with Cinder, Bowzer & Smokey at the Husky Hike. Bowser, (a husky-corgi? mix), is now playing at the Rainbow Bridge with all our furiends, too. I hope he gets a big dollop of frosty paws!

Last night mom's Auntie Jeanette crossed her Rainbow Bridge. (She was 92 years old!) Maybe she'll drop in to the pawty tonight at the Rainbow Bridge, to pass out snooter kisses & belly rubs!

efurrybody goo hug yur fur-kid!
a-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo