Today was Sherman & Tori's birthday. They would have been 7 yrs. old today. I'm keepin paws crossed they're celebrating with Angel-food khake and heaven's version of Frosty-Paws at the bridge tonight!
Mom had planned on posting these and a few others, and I woo'd that she should go ahead in remeberance, so here they are:

Pup-pup-puppies Winston, Tori, & Sherman - 4 weeks old.
Sherman and Tori as young adults.

And one of me & Miss Tori & enjoying one of our outings earlier this fall.

These pretty flowers were sent to us by our Ohio friend Phred, in memory of Tori. They're so beawootiful, and very fitting, cause Tori was so beawootiful.
Thank woo Phred!

Phred knew Star and Sherman furry well when they lived in Ohio. Here's Dad with Star & Sherman, Phred with Cinder, Bowzer & Smokey at the Husky Hike. Bowser, (a husky-corgi? mix), is now playing at the Rainbow Bridge with all our furiends, too. I hope he gets a big dollop of frosty paws!

Last night mom's Auntie Jeanette crossed her Rainbow Bridge. (She was 92 years old!) Maybe she'll drop in to the pawty tonight at the Rainbow Bridge, to pass out snooter kisses & belly rubs!

efurrybody goo hug yur fur-kid!
a-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Remembering the good and yet the all to brief -

I'll have a snakhk in their honour tonight -

Mom is already leaky eyed - we spent an hour or so with Kyrye this afternoon - we think her time is soon - and after 15 years 'here' -

But Mom said Kyrye is in agreement - they had some time together -

Please tell Star, Tori, and Sherman to tell the others that early next week there will probably be a new furiend to show around -

PeeEssWoo: Please pass along a special khyss fur her mom - sorry about her aunt...

Turbo the Sibe said...

Woo's for everywoo.

Sorry about your mom's aunt.

Wild Dingo said...

Every time i visit your blog, I keep wanting to say i miss tori. I didn't even know her, but i miss her. it was just so short and so wrong. and I've heard so much on the internet about star too...

woo. woo. woo. :(

heart is aching. but remembering is good and there's always room for another 4-footed soul to be saved.

wild dingo

ok, here's a giggle to turn this sad comment around: my word verification is "subpoop"... so many things come to mind when i think of that word! hope it made you smile.

missbreezysbox said...

Sorry to here of your Mom's Aunt passing. I'm sure she is getting and receiving a lot of love at the bridge. You guys make me want another Huskey. It has been just over 5 years since my husband and I had to put Titan down. He was 14 years old. Happy weekend.

The OP Pack said...

What a nice birthday tribute for Sherman and Tori and Winston. We are sure it was a tough day for all there - hugs to all of you. Those are beautiful flowers - and you are so right, she was a beauty.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

The Thundering Herd said...

So sorry about Auntie Jeanette. But we enjoyed the "remembering" pictures and are sure quite a birthday party is being thrown,

JackDaddy said...

Thank you for letting us remember your furry family with you. It is an honor to read about your memories!

Phred said...

Gosh Miz Pat ~
Dad's leakin all ober da pawboard.

He really liked seeing the old
Husky Hike snappie - lotta Good Memories
were made that day!

Happie Birthday to the Missing Ones ~
We munch Khake, slurrp FrostyPaws,
and mourn your passings ...
but we Rejoice in having known you.

{{{Hugs}}} to Pat, JoJoe, & Jack
from Phred & the FurKids
(Cinder, Smokey, Heidi, & RB Bowser

Phred said...

Sending up a Husky Howell for
Auntie Jeanette ...

We're sure she'll be at the Bridge Pawtee
tonight ... RIP, Auntie J.

Huffle Mawson said...

Oh gosh it's been a big few weeks at your house. I am purring for all of you.

Biloxi and Siber-sibs said...

HaRoooo Jack,
Dat is a furry nice tribute. I am sure dey is havin' der cake and icy cream and dancin' among the stars.
Maw became furry leaky. Special hugs to your maw on da passin' of her aunt.

Husky kisses,

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That's pretty special that Aunt Jeanette gets to go to heaven on Sherman and Tori's birthday. She'll be there just in time for the party!

We're thinking of you.

Steve and Kat