April Fool's Snow (& other stuff)

On Jack's birthday, Mom was trying to take a few nice pics of us...
She says I look grumpy.  I'm just TRYING to be patient.... alright already - toss me that treat!
Then she tried to take a nice "Birthday Picture" of Jack....
I couldn't believe she didn't want me in it!
Oh fine!   I'll just go dig a hole!

A couple days later, the bestest thing happened-   
We got SNOW!!! 
We've had around 5-6 inches of snow over the past few days.... is it really spring,  or is Mother Nature just playing an April fool's joke on us?  Either way, we liked it!   
But now its melted and Mom is not happy about how muddy our paws are when we come inside.  But what's a little mud between furiends?

Jack got a new bed fur his birthday.... but he wants his old one back.    He kinda reminds ya of that story about the Princess  and the Pea sitting on top of both old beds, doesn't he? 

"Prince Jack and the Pea"
And that's about all there is to tell.

~Miss Moo


Happy Birthday Jack A-roo!

Its a special day here, cause Jack is celebrating his 11th birthday!
Mom says we'll be getting an especially good dinner, and treats tonight to celebrate!
I like the sound of that!   Hmmm.... I wonder if Jack could have birthdays more often?

Happy birthday from all of us, big guy!

your sweet, darling, loving fur-sis,  Moo 



The snow is gone, and outside it feels like spring is on its way, which makes the bipeds very very happy.  (We still have paws crossed for more of the white fluffy stuff, but don't tell the bipeds!) 

Mom thought we needed to update our blog decore, so she made a new header and updated to a springy theme.   Whatever....

The most interesting thing going on are cookies.    
One of us is willing to ask nicely...

while some other pup is reluctant to comply...  

I don't think she should get the same reward as that handsome boy who posed so nicely.  But I'm not the one holding the cookies. 
I really can't figure out humans... 
I co-operate = I get a cookie
Moo doesn't cooperate = Moo gets a cookie.

I don't get it, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. 

Woos & a-roos,
Jack-A-Roo & Miss Moo


9" of Fluff!


Moo, Saturday morning, waiting for snow:
"Oh, furgetaboutit, I've been out here fur hours-
nothing but itty bitty snowflakes!"
 it DID start snowing heavily and by 6 pm, woo could hardly see your own tail!
I showed Mom our beawootiful yard when she got home from work-

warmer and no more snow, but we have 9 inches of it to play in right here in our own backyard! 
Hey Mom!    She did it again!!!
 Moo's been carrying around my green-dog tennis-ball, but I think she went snow-crazy & ripped him to shreds this afternoon.   *sigh* 

"What?  Like woo were gonna keep it furever???"

Mom, woo did lock up all my pengies & toys out of her reach again, right?

Yes, Jack, they're all safe, my handsome, handsome, boy.
 ~and that's what its all about!

A-roos to yous and toodle-woo,
Jack A-roo & Miss Moo


January Snow Watch

Well.... its January and the only snow we've seen was about a half-dozen flakes floating in the air last week.   Its time to take pen in paw:

Dear Mother Nature,

We want to report a snow deficit on our island.    Our Siberian & Mal furiends are posting all kinds of pictures of fluffy snow in their neighborhoods.    They are playing in it, rolling in it, sleeping in it, and pulling sleds through it.

We will post a picture from January last year:

and January the year before:

and January the year before that, too:
FYI... we didn't really drink a bottle of wine, we found the empty in our bushes, honest!

So, what gives?  We don't mean to complain, but after all, we ARE Siberian huskies, and we LOVE snow.

Any chance woo can blow some snow our way soon?    We would be grateful for any flakes woo can spar and send our way.

Jack-A-Roo & Miss Moo