Wooless Wednesday


*edited after seeing our dad's clever post! )


Monday's View from the Moo: Perception Correction

I heard that Jack started a rumor that I am a bully.
I'm here to set the record straight.
I am NOT a bully!!!

Would a bully do this?
(Obviously I'm putting up with being squished so Jack can be comfy.)

...or this?
"Don't worry, Jack, I got your back!"

....or how about this?
"sure Jack, woo can use my cute fluffy butt for a pillow"

I think woo can tell that I love my brofur. He actually likes it when I play rough. If I leave him alone too long, he'll come over & bop me on the head just so I'll chase him!

C'mon Jack, admit it, you love every minute of having me around!
"Oh good grief..."
Nuff said.
And thats this weeks View from the Moo.

Miss Moo

Pengie Passion or "Groovin on a Sunday Afternoon"

Yesterday I got to catch up with my old furiend Pengie. I haven't seen Pengie in a furry long time! He doesn't come out to play much since Moo joined our family. (Probably has something to do with her EATING one of my oldest, most treasured Pengie toys the first week she was here.) --
Woo might want to go to the end of the post & start the music now! It'll give my pictures just the right atmosphere!

Pengie & I had a long talk, there was lots of news to catch up on!
We spent the afternoon just groovin' in the sunshine.
Doesn't get much better than this!
Here's my Sunday suggestion: Pick up that phone, or walk down the street & take a few minutes to groove with an old furiend on a Sunday afternoon!

A-roos to yous, wooo-ooo-ooo,
jack a-roo & Pengie, too


Sat: Always & Forever Our Star

Two years ago today, our beautiful Star made her way across the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts still hurt from losing her, but we're truly grateful for the 12 1/2 years we shared as a family.

We smile and laugh over memories of
her escapades- from her arrival as a 5-week old puppy who was 1/3rd the size of the two cats in our home, to her self-appointed role as Queen of the Dog park, inspecting every inch of ground and dispensing Husky justice to unruly pups (both human and canine).

In quiet moments, I believe she still stops by to look in on us. There's a sense of her presence in the room, just out of my range of vision, I can feel her watching me. I love those moments. Can't wait till I see her again.

I make donations to Siberian Rescues on anniversaries, but this year's will be very special. There's a very brave and deserving boy who is in need of a Service Dog. His name is Alex Wales and his family is trying to raise $6500 in the next month. We're sending a donation in Star's name. (I hope you'll take a moment to "meet" him.)

I can't think of a better way to honor our girl. She had a special intuition for children and adults in need of canine love, and won many hearts with her gracious, gentle ways.

She is always and forever our beautiful Blue Moon Star. Love never ends...
Pat & JoJoe

Friday: Fraternal Twins

Ha-woo, Jack here!
Yesterday I showed woo my little "twin" sis, Khady.
Today, I'm going to show woo something amazing.
After a lot of keen Siberian observation and deductive reasoning
I have discovered that Moo is a fraternal twin.....
to none other than Maude, the Bully Cat!
I know, I know, its shocking, but just look at them side by side and hear me out...
Fraternal twins don't look alike but they really are twins.
They share certain characteristics in their behavior.
Just like Maude, Moo is a bit of a bully.
She likes to intimidate the locals (aka: me, Jack)
Even though the locals are patient, she just won't let up! Look at this bully action!
Just like Maude, she's establishing herself in the local territory, even taking over the most comfy spots by bullying her way in!
The poor locals must run and run and run to escape her tyrannical bullying!
See what I mean???
They even gloat over their victories the same way.
How much more proof do woo need?
The only part I haven't worked out yet is if Moo is a cat in a Sibe suit, or if Maude a Sibe in a cat suit... (Still looking fur a zipper in that fur somewhere!)

a-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo


Thursday "Twins"

Ha-woo, Jack here. Thanks fur all your prayers fur our friend Khady. She's still in the pup hospital, but things are looking a bit brighter. Woo can read her mom's pupdate here.

Khady& my mom noticed a striking resemblance between us and joke about our being "twins". ha-rumph! How can I be KhL's "twin"? I don't think I look "girly", I'm a big tough guy sibe! But Mom put together a side-by-side pic. What do woo think?

What! Woo agree??? Well, I was closer to Khady's age when mom took this picture... I'm a lot more buff now!) But really, isn't she a cutie? We are so happy she's feeling a little better each day! We still have paws crossed she can go home soon, with a good long-term plan for her health.

I have another "twins" pic to show woo... (Miss Moo's & her evil twin) but that will wait till tomorrow!

a-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo


*Pupdate* Asking for Prayers

Pupdate: Khady's numbers did improve overnight, please keep the prayers coming!

but Our dear friend Khady needs prayers - the vet doesn't know why, but she is suffering kidney failure and things don't look good. Khady is only 3, please join paws and pray for Khady and her family.

We're sending Sibe Vibes with healing light to you, Khady!

Jack & Moo


Monday's View from the Moo: Moo Dance

Ha-woo everyone! Can woo believe it's time for Monday's View from the Moo already? woo-hoo, the days are flying by! that's good fur us cause each day is a little cooler & Husky weather is just around the corner!
Mom has such a short memory - she needs a reminder every night that its time fur Jack & I to have our nighty-nite treats, and this is how I remind her!

I've gone to great Moo-lengths to make it entertaining and light-hearted. However, if it doesn't work, I will resort to more intrusive behaviors like clawing mom, or my latest tactic, wooing loudly. I find that one gets quick action because usually dad is asleep by nighty-nite treat time, and he does NOT like to be awaken by my night woos! A doubly-good reason for mom to hop to it and get us those treats!

Woo can try this at home and determine which behavior will train your human into performing the desired result. Once they are properly trained, they're much easier to live with. Good luck!

And that's this weeks View from the Moo!

Miss Moo


Sun & Shade Shadows

Saturday was sunny.
Me & my shadow spent the afternoon together.
Moo, too. She was sniffing her shadow, trying to catch it,
but it kept moving away!

Sunday... not so sunny.
Today's theme:
"I'm being followed by a Moo shadow"
Have a fluffy Sunday!

a-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo



Mom's friend posted this on her fb page and we instantly thought of our good furiends Juno & Loki and all their adventures with cows in Switzerland. It gave Jack a great idea!!

Hey Moo, maybe Juno & Loki can convince Mr. & Mrs. Wild Dingo to grab some instruments and head out to the nearest herd to play a tune or two? Looks like it mezmerizes the cows - they could sneak up from behind & have themselves some boeuf frais tonight!

Hey Jack, lets test your theory on those two cows we got from 5-Sibes...
Looks like its working... they haven't moved since mom started a jazz CD!
This proves it - jazz calms cows. I think my plan will work!
Well Jack, there's only one problem...
We're too mellowed out from listening to go out & chase down anything!
Ha-roo roo roo!
(...but we still like the cow video!)

Hope woo enjoyed it too! Toodle-woo!
jack a-roo & miss moo


Wednesday Woos

A few more pics from our Mt. Hope Farm walk...

Anything good down here?
Moo & Mt. Hope Bridge
Panorama, so pretty here!
Hey! Here's one for Rusty! Is he around?
He loves machines, this must be from the old farm!
We passed a pond where this guy was getting ready fur a swim...
Hey, you're not leaving cause of us, are woo?
Listening to his friends calling after him really quacked us up!
Coming up to the old barn...
A beautiful old shingled barn with a masthead!
This must be her job after she retired from the sea!
The road took us past the house & back around to the car. We were tired tired pups when we finally got back to the Siberian Outback! And woo know what they say.. "a tired Sibe is a good Sibe". Whatever.

Hope our mid-week trip helps woo make it to the week-end!

a-roos to yous and toodle-woo,
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo

PS - Do woo like history? Her's a bit about the farm lands:
In the Settlement era, the Mount Hope Lands, comprised of Mount Hope and Poppasquash Necks, belonged to King Philip, Sachem of the Wampanoags. After his death in the “miry swamp” at the foot of Mount Hope in 1676, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Bay Colony and Rhode Island all claimed this prized territory. By a royal grant, King Charles II of England awarded the land to Plymouth Colony on January 12, 1680. On September 14, 1680, the Mount Hope Lands, totaling 7,000 acres were sold to John Walley, Nathaniel Byfield, Stephen Burton and Nathaniel Oliver, four wealthy Boston merchants, for 1100 pounds.

Do woo remember our walk in January at Weetamoo Park? Turns out she was King Phillip's sister-in-law!


Monday's View from the Moo

Good Moo-rning every pup & peep! I wanted to share some pics from when Mom took us on a walk at a really cool place not far from here. Its called Mt. Hope farm, and woo can walk all around the property right up to the Bay. so, we did!

This was right after Irene, and we weren't too sure about walking under that spooky tree up ahead.

"What do you think, Jack?"
"I think we should go for it, Moo.
We can outrun an old tree if we have to!

We passed by quite a few trees that showed damage, there were lots of them on the ground that had been cut & moved recently too.

We saw this inviting looking scene a bit up the road:
"Care to walk the plank, Jack?"
"Aye-aye, matie! I'll go if woo go"
and so we did...
Woooo! The Bay was way higher than usual (thanks to Irene), and the sea grass tickled our toes when the waves rolled in and swished it around!
"Blech! This grass is too salty to eat!"

Hey Mom, woo should come over here and take a picture looking out at the bay!
Isn't she a beauty? This is the Mt. Hope Bridge, a lovely old suspension bridge from the island to the mainland. (from Portsmouth to Bristol, for woo geography lovers). Years ago it was a toll bridge. Mom's been over it a bunch of times, but she's never seen it from this angle before!

As we left the salty grassy shore, we saw a cove up ahead with a house & a flag and thought that would be a good place to hike to... But that's another day's post. Stay tuned!

...and that's today's view from the Moo!

Moiss Moo


In Remembrance of 9/11

Tower One...... Tower Two......Pentagon......Shanksville

God bless the families of 9/11
May we never forget them.

May we be mindful always of how precious are the gifts of life and freedom, and at what cost they come to us. Freedom isn't free, and life is a fragile miracle.

respectful woos,
jack, moo, pat, & jojoe


Just because....

Last night mom & dad talking.
Dad said "Have you noticed how Moo doesn't do anything you ask her?"

I say " and your point is...?"
Then he said "At least Star used to do things eventually."
Mom said "Yeah, after she made it clear she was only
doing it because she chose to, just to make you happy."

Star displaying her typical disdain for simple commands like "Sit"
Star, sit....sit... please sit....Star....

I say "My kind of girl!"

Miss Moo

(the Star link leads to a video mom made for her 12th birthday)


Wooless Wednesday

silent woos & a-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo