Monday's View from the Moo: Pretty Weekend Woos!

Ha-woo everyone!

It was super-nice outside this weekend, and Mom took us for rides and a walk at the Windmill Park.  We haven't been there for ages!  Lucky us, we had the whole place to ourselves!

Mom said it was one of those magical times when we put up with her camera clicking-obsession 
and cooperated.     Yeah, whatever.... we were just enjoying ourselves!

Here we are in the pumpkin patch.... these pumpkins are starting to turn orange!

 Here I am coming out of the pumpkin patch...

Next, we posed by the bean plants...

And of course mom had to loop our leashes at the windmill 
so she could get a few "good shots"  (ie: not our backsides!)

She said we were even cute not paying attention... 
and I think we'll save those to post later this week!
 OK, Mom, just one more.... how's this?
....and that's this week's View from the Moo.
We hope woo had just as nice a weekend as we did.

Moss Moo


Monday's view from the Moo: Local color

Ha-woo everyone!  

It's me, Miss Moo, with this week's view from my nice sunny deck.

Mother Nature does a nice job keeping plants growing in the pots on the deck and 
around the yard.  I love looking at the marigolds...

and these pretty flowers, they are some kind of dahlias:

a few weks ago I could see the Asian lilies next to my deck:

I saw this colorful Devil's Riot Iris

and my favorite Blue Siberian Irises 

plus mom added a pretty magenta iris this year:

I can see mon's favorites, blue hydrangeas.  
Theyre fading to a lovely purple now.

On Sunday, I watched Mom plant a succulent garden in a pot.
(She says she doesn't have a very green thumb but maybe she can 
keep these succulents alive inside this winter.
I think she only has a green thumb when she's painting with green paint, ha-roo roo roo!)

My favorite is this other cactus that has a really pretty flower on it:

 As woo can see, I have lots of pretty colors to look right in my own backyard,
and that makes me a mighty happy Moo!

...and that's this week's view,
Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo

Ha-woo dear friends,

We have gone on a few good walkies since Jack's hot-spot issue is clearing.   The weather has cooled off a bit here, which we are very much enjoying.

Check out who else was out for a walk in Newport:

Ha-roo!   I wonder what breed this little cutie is?

From the look on shaggy-boy's face, I think he's wondering, too

That wasn't the only mystery we've seen in Newport.
Sunday we went walking aroundthe famous "Newport Mystery Tower"
see it in the background?
there's a lot of theories about who built it and what it was used for, but no one knows for sure.
Then Mom walked by a man talking to people about the Tower, 
and he said  "the Ididarod has come to Newport!"
Mom saw him go into a little museum across the street.

The man at the Newport Tower Museum invited all of us in 
(He wants dogs to be as well-informed as people!)
and told mom all about his research.  
(Woo can read about it on his website )

Moo, do woo really think that stack of rocks is a celestial calendar and clock, 
and a camera-obscura like the man in the Museum said?

"Well Jack, I don't know, but its an awfully cool stack of rocks!"
And that's this week's View from the Moo,


Miss Moo