Monday's View from the Moo: Pretty Weekend Woos!

Ha-woo everyone!

It was super-nice outside this weekend, and Mom took us for rides and a walk at the Windmill Park.  We haven't been there for ages!  Lucky us, we had the whole place to ourselves!

Mom said it was one of those magical times when we put up with her camera clicking-obsession 
and cooperated.     Yeah, whatever.... we were just enjoying ourselves!

Here we are in the pumpkin patch.... these pumpkins are starting to turn orange!

 Here I am coming out of the pumpkin patch...

Next, we posed by the bean plants...

And of course mom had to loop our leashes at the windmill 
so she could get a few "good shots"  (ie: not our backsides!)

She said we were even cute not paying attention... 
and I think we'll save those to post later this week!
 OK, Mom, just one more.... how's this?
....and that's this week's View from the Moo.
We hope woo had just as nice a weekend as we did.

Moss Moo


Two French Bulldogs said...

What a beautiful place. We never saw no windmills
Benny & Lily

Wild Dingo said...

Sometimes woo have to cut mom some slack and pose. Hope she paid you for your modeling work. I mean, one can't buy that kind of beauty in a jar. Really.

Elyse K said...

What a beautiful place! A windmill, pumpkins, Jack and Moo!

Mitch and Molly said...

That windmill is so pretty and so are your smiles, Jack and Moo!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

The Army of Four said...

SUPER shots of you and your handsome brother, Moo! That windmill park looks very fun to explore. Zim and I are hoping for some cool weather soon, so we can go on more adventures!