Birthday Woos & A-roos,

Jack turns 3 on Monday! Since hu-mom will be very busy, she's posting today. We had a very very nice walk on the beach - the sun was shining, the ocean was peaceful, plenty of sea horse hoof prints to sniff. Tonight we'll have salmon & Frosty Paws to celebrate! I know I fussed a lot when he got here & we've had our moments, but all is well. I'm the boss & he's not, and that's ok with him. We love birthdays, and we love Jack. Mom made a little video of some of our favorite pics.

Woos & A-rooos,


Howlin' our heads off!

Wooos & a-rooos everyone,
Humom went away for a few days and we couldn't get our paws on the 'puter board till now. We howled our heads off reading your comments on "Sea Horses"! Thanks for playing along. You made some very valid points - we are much prettier than those horses, and MUCH smarter, too. No bits in our mouths, and you can't make a husky do anything we don't want to. Zim, we're working on getting an ocean for you, we know how much you want one! Hey Maverick... look at this ship - it's The Black Pearl (really!) - anchored off Newport last summer - and there were Pirates in the streets, too!

Humom said that on her train trip, she sat next to a very sweet older lady who just loved dogs. She said she always had one, but now since she is quite old & likes to travel, instead of owning a dog, she volunteers at her local pet shelter. She collects blankets from yard sales, thrift shops, & friends, & donates them to her shelter dogs. She takes the little ones for walks, and pets & talks to the bigger dogs. she said the hard part is they all look at her with those big eyes, she wishes she could take them all home. She's even gotten older friends of hers to volunteer there too - and one of them told her he felt like he had a purpose in life again, working at the shelter. Isn't that sweet? It's good to know there are good-hearted humans willing to help out. We salute her with a big WOOO!

While it's good humom is home to wait on us again, the bad part is that she BROKE our camera on her trip!!! That means no new pictures of us being cute for a while.... but she's taken SO many pictures of us, she can post ones we've never shared till the flashy thing gets working right.

We'll have a special treat to post on Sunday - a birfday salute to Jack, as he turns three on Monday. You're all invited to "watch" him grow up!

Woos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack "almost the birthday boy" A-roo


Sea Horses

Easter Sunday beach walk - what do you think we're saying in the captions under each picture?

#1: Star_____________________ Jack________________________

#2. Star:__________________________

#3. Star_______________________ Jack___________________________

#4. Star____________________________ Jack__________________________

Wasnt' that fun?

My, that walk was exhausting! Time for a power nap.

Happy Easter to the bi-peds! Hu-mom got these pretty flowers, she thinks they smell prettier than the stuff on the beach did!

Till next time, woos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack "________________" A-roo


Dalmations & Rottis & Cairns, oh my!

Sad wooos, but there's been a lot of our canine pals leaving for the Rainbow Bridge lately. Most bloggin doggiesknow about the loss of beautiful Sasha, but we've just lost 3 other friends, too.

Our dalmation-x friend Snoopy left for the Bridge on 3/18, with the help of his loving family. Poor Snoopy's health declined rapidly the past few months. We've had paws crossed & been saying prayers for him every day. Star & Sherman knew Snoopy & his 5 of his canine sibs from our old dogpark. He's leaving behind many happy memories, and is now seizure-free and clear minded, and perhaps Sherman met him at the gate with a play bow, like he used to do at the dogpark.

Our beautiful rotti friend Shadow also went to the bridge, on 3/17. We knew her from our PT dog pic-nics in Ohio. Her mom wrote a beautiful tribute to her, how she was only 6 weeks old when she came to live with her family for the next 12 happy years. Shadow has 4 canine sibs, her labby bro, Jack, is in the photo too.

And we just learned of the passing of a little Cairn character, McMurphy (on 2/24). Murph's mom has a business called Nothin' Butt Dogs, and she donated caps & shirts featuring husky butts (yup, you read that right), to the Adopt-a-husky auction 2 years ago, that drew one of the highest bids at that auction. Murph has two smooth collie brothers, Gulliver & Oz.

Wooos to our dear friends, may your days at the Rainbow Bridge be happy ones, full of everything that you love best, while you wait for your masters' returns. Be sure to look in on your families, they still need you. Say hello to our Sherman, we miss him so.

Wooos & Adieu a-roos,
your friends, Star & Jack
(We have to go now, humom's sobbing those salty things, she needs some husky hugs.)


Happy Dance!

A-rooos everyone! Lookie what arrived for me in a package all the way from the Yukon:

It's A. Penguin glass bead! Isn't he cool? Mom ordered him from Bi-Eyed Beading (that's Ms. Tamara, for those who know about Wandering Spirits Kennel). She made him special, just for me. Mom ordered him a while ago, but now that my Penguin's gone...Penguin lives again! Mom held on pretty tight while I inspected him, cause he's "treat-size" & she didn't want me to swallow him (I was just trying to give him a kiss, Mom.) A. Little Penguin is going to live in the big see-through case along with mom's other tiny huskies. She says she can't have a whole kennel full of us real ones, so she's working on a collection of mini-mushers) I'm so happy, I could woooooo!

Woooooooooos & A-roooooos!!!!
Jack "Penguin defender" a-roo
& Star


Doesn't look "light" to me!

We spent a lovely afternoon on Connanicut Island looking at this- mom & dad called it a "light house", but it doesn't look very light to me. It's all big blocks, very heavy stuff. I guess I'll never understand humans.

The best part was the 40 mph winds whipping up huge waves crashing on the rocks! Humom couldn't get a picture to do them justice, but she tried.

We walked way out on the rocks, mom was afraid we'd get blown off!
Mom thought it was cute that I am using Jack as a wind block, but I'm still looking for ways to make him useful, to justify keeping him around:

Here's the whole scene, the rocks we're on are quite high up, you can see the swells behind us.

The next picture is looking up the coast, mom thought you'd like to see it too.

This enormous ship went by, it looked like something from Star Wars! (Jack & I were busy watching a lady with a mouthy beagle behind mom.)

Mom says that while we were enjoying the sunshine, my boy spent the whole day shoveling snow back in Ohio -- they got 20" !!!!! Still no sign of snow here....how pathetic.

Wooos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack-O-'Lantern- a-roo
(get it? Lantern, as in "light house"


Sad news, RIP A.Penguin

We sadly announce the demise of A. Penguin. Hu-mom awoke to this sad sight on Sunday morning: Penguin fluff, everywhere.

The damage done was too great to repair, no efforts were made to restitch him.

We're not sure exactly what happened. Could it possibly have been The Beautiful Ba-Roo herself who did the shredding? Nah.

It couldn’t have been Jack, he loves Penguin. It must have been a mystery dog that stole over/under the fence at night and did this dastardly deed. Yes, it had to be a stranger- we all loved Penguin!

A. Penguin joined our pack on Christmas Day, 2002. He led quite a long life for a stuffie. He was a companion to Rosie, Star, Sherman, and Jack…at least until now. His great adventure at the North Pole this past Christmas will be a treasured memory for us all.

A.Penguin is survived by his hat.

Jack fondly claimed the hat, tossing it about & play-bowing to it, jumping over it and flinging it in the air. He doesn’t seem to notice that the rest of Penguin is missing.
"Don’t worry, be happy!"

Safe journey to the Rainbow Bridge, A. Penguin. Sherman and Rosie will be there to greet you, and keep you safe (we hope) until we all meet again. You were one of a kind!


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Woos & a-rooos everyone!
Mom took us to a nice stretch of beach running along the side of the road. Jack is such a puppyhead - we walked over by this wall and Jack leapt up top of it so fast he almost went right over the edge!

Humom freaked - fortunately he managed to catch himself and promptly jumped right back off. Mom looked over the wall just to see what he'd have dangled over:


The air smelled great, tons of seagulls, tons of seagull guano, which we were not allowed to roll in even thought it smelled SO good... and tons of broken shells. Those bird brains have nothing to do but feast and poop.
Bird Feast:

If only we didn't have leashes on, we could give them something else to do!

Probably the most interesting thing humom saw was this:

This silly seagull-boy paraded up and down in front of a very bored-looking girl seagull, trying to impress her. He wouldn't let her have the stupid starfish and eventually flew off with it.
We like our beach walks, even if we do stay on leashes.

Looking towards Newport from the park on another beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Star and the Jumpin'Jack a-roo