Dalmations & Rottis & Cairns, oh my!

Sad wooos, but there's been a lot of our canine pals leaving for the Rainbow Bridge lately. Most bloggin doggiesknow about the loss of beautiful Sasha, but we've just lost 3 other friends, too.

Our dalmation-x friend Snoopy left for the Bridge on 3/18, with the help of his loving family. Poor Snoopy's health declined rapidly the past few months. We've had paws crossed & been saying prayers for him every day. Star & Sherman knew Snoopy & his 5 of his canine sibs from our old dogpark. He's leaving behind many happy memories, and is now seizure-free and clear minded, and perhaps Sherman met him at the gate with a play bow, like he used to do at the dogpark.

Our beautiful rotti friend Shadow also went to the bridge, on 3/17. We knew her from our PT dog pic-nics in Ohio. Her mom wrote a beautiful tribute to her, how she was only 6 weeks old when she came to live with her family for the next 12 happy years. Shadow has 4 canine sibs, her labby bro, Jack, is in the photo too.

And we just learned of the passing of a little Cairn character, McMurphy (on 2/24). Murph's mom has a business called Nothin' Butt Dogs, and she donated caps & shirts featuring husky butts (yup, you read that right), to the Adopt-a-husky auction 2 years ago, that drew one of the highest bids at that auction. Murph has two smooth collie brothers, Gulliver & Oz.

Wooos to our dear friends, may your days at the Rainbow Bridge be happy ones, full of everything that you love best, while you wait for your masters' returns. Be sure to look in on your families, they still need you. Say hello to our Sherman, we miss him so.

Wooos & Adieu a-roos,
your friends, Star & Jack
(We have to go now, humom's sobbing those salty things, she needs some husky hugs.)


The Army of Four said...

Sad wooooos. One loss is one too many. This is way too much.
Our condolences to all who have lost their friends.

Kapp pack said...

Lots of sad woos in the doggy world this week!

Kelsey Ann

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Sad woos here. It has been a hard week with so many of our pup friends leaving us. We hope they wear their silver harnesses with pride and run free of pain at the Rainbow Bridge.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

We are sorry fur your losses -

Kelsey Ann is khorrekht - lots of sad woos in the doggy world this week -

Too many sad humans AND too many lonely khanine siblings -


Phred said...

Sad *Yipps* from Ohio for our lost K9 Buds ...

We too knew dear Snoopy and Shadow, as well as dear Sherman - from Gathurins at the Findlay Dawg Park ... many Happy Times spent there.

Rest In Peace, dear Pals!

With soft *yipps* of Sadness,
Cinder & Smokey (and Dad)

Turbo the Sibe said...

Those are some nice words you woo'ed.

Holly said...

Oh that is sooo sad! I also learned today that blogger Lacylulu also passed away. Way too many doggies going to the bridge. I guess God needs them more than their humans did.


The Daily Echo said...

It sure was a rough week in the dog world. Our hearts go out to all of the families that lost their friends. We all hope to see them again one day.

kchuk7 said...

Sad mews at our house, too. Star and Jack, could you please comfort your hu-mom for me?
Thank you,