Wooful Wdenesday

Remember this photo?

Some of woo asked what's in the hole. The answer is this: Nothing yet, really. Star made basins for mud puddles. Star's plan worked brilliantly. After a few days of rain, she had two lovely puddles of mud for lounging in.

Which leads to this:

Muddy fur! Does she care? Nope, she'd be just as happy if the darn meddling bipeds left her alone outside. Biped mom wasn't so thrilled, so Star got hosed off before she was allowed back in the house. (She's staying on the grass now)

Me? I prefer to find a dry spot and make myself useful - doing something like holding up the fence. I do it because I care.

A-roos to yous!

Jack a-roo
and a still slightly damp Star


Monday Movie Message

We're furry sorry, but there won't be a Monday Movie this week - mom forgot & now she says she's "too busy". Maybe there'll be one in a day or two, so keep the pupcorn in an airtight container so it stays fresh, and see woo on the blog screen again soon!

But here is a picture of me from the weekend being all serene & stuff.

A-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo


Friday Fotos-Horsin' Around

Meet Prince.
He belongs to a friend of mom & dad's. His girl rides him in shows and he has won many ribbons. We think woo can see why!
Such a handsome fellow....

Just warming up...

This is his "brother", Macho.
Look at the stripes on his legs - maybe he's part zebra?!?

And what about this guy? Part dalmation?

Mom says these two stable mates are sibe-size horses!

A foto for our feline friends - now that's one long barn cat!

And dad, doing what he always does...passin' out treats!
Have a galloping good week-end!

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo


Monday Movie: Sunset Beach

It's time again for our Monday Movie feature. We think woo'll really like this one! Grab your favorite chewie treat, sit for a moment, & enjoy!

Woos & a-ross,
Star & Jack a-roo

PS - "Diamond Dance" is by Bill Douglas, Celtic Twilight Vol.1


Saturday solidarity

On Friday, many dogs donned shirts to show solidarity with the OP Pack's Phantom. Our humans were at the human vet hosp all day long, but today I am posing in a shirt to show my solidarity for Phantom and Meeka (Echo's brother), two of my bloggin buddies who are going thru some tough times right now. Mom tried to get Star to pose, but she wouldn't look at the camera (Stormy would be so proud). Star says she earned this shirt by doing the Husky Hike for adopt-a-husky in OH, so its up to me to wear it.
Here's to woo, Phantom & Meeka!

Thanks for all your sibe-vibes & pawrayers for our dad, he's home & already feels better (maybe its those little pills he's taking?) When dad came home, mom said "OK, you huskies are in charge of keeping dad safe, make sure he doesn't get up & walk anywhere", so here's more adventures of...


"Last night, the brave and good Guard Dog stayed up all night with his trusty Wubba at his side, gurarding the yard from danger...."

Working around the clock, he then took up his post as bed-guard, making sure the prisoner.. er, patient... doesn't escape. He calls for an extra guard to cover all the escape routes.
A guard husky's work is never done...

a-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo


Friday Fotos: for Dad

Dad is at the biped vet today. They are taking the "mice" out of his ankle. We're glad, cause ankles are not good places for mice. (Those nasty mice keep making his ankle & footie-foot hurt.)

So here's some flowers, Dad.
(FYI everysibe & kat: Bipeds seem to like flowers a lot, flowers make them smile)

Woos & smooches from your furkids,
Star & Jack a-roo



Uh-oh Chippie-Woo, what happened?

Green guts all over the place!
And just who do ya think is gonna get blamed for this?

A-roos to yous,
Jack woo is me a-roo


Monday Movie: Shermaversary

In remberence of our dearest Sherman.

May he dance in the light forever,
as he does in our hearts.

With everlasting love,
Star and your mom & dad


An Historic Question

The bipeds once again left us for a day (& in the care of the fun neighbor, oh boy! Treats!) to go to Boston (as in "terriers"). They saw lots of historically important places, including the site of the Boston Massacre.

Now look at this print:

It's a ficticious depiction of an incident that led to a really really big fight between the English (as in "bulldog") and the English (as in"bulldog") colonists that lived in America, who became the Americans (as in "bulldog"). Confusing, yes? Anyway, all woo need to know is that this incident boiled down to a "stoopid fight", and the politicians dubbed it "The Boston Massacre" because 5 colonists got killed & 6 more were wounded.

A guy named Paul Revere made this engraving and as woo can see, he stuck a little dog in the foreground, (who, of course, would never have stood still with all that ruckus going on around him!) Apparently this has confused many people, as there is no explanation given of why Paul Revere stuck a dog in the scene.

Some people think it represents that the colonies have "gone to the dogs". Mom thinks that it is meant to inspire the colonists to remain faithful to their cause, i.e. freedom from British oppression. (Sounds a little too cerebral & high-falutin' to us).

We think Paul Revere just liked dogs and Scruffy filled the space nicely. (Jack decided to name him.) Of course, its possible P.R. just added Scruffy cause using dogs & kids is a good sales gimmick. But what do we know?

So, our question to woo is, why do woo think the dog is there?

We also think Scruffy was a real dog cause mom snapped this pooch in Quincy Market and we think he looks like he could be one of Scruffy's descendants:

If woo want to read a British & an American account of what happened, go read about the Boston Massacre. Or woo can just accept what the docent told mom: a bunch of youths were taunting the British soldier on guard and throwing snowballs at him, which made him fear for his life, so he went & got a few friends to come protect him from the mean American boys. Then a shouting match started up, more people gathered, and when a church bell started ringing, (which was the signal for a fire alarm), someone shouted "Fire!" and, well, the British did. Oops.

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo


Friday Fotos

All you need is love....

All you need is love....

All you need is love, love....

Love is all you need!
Have a lovely Friday!

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo



Mom & Dad left us for a few days last weekend. Actually, we had a great time while they were gone. Our furry nice neighbor came over & took really good care of us. He let us in & out & in & out, fed us LOTS of goodies, and shared some of his tasty bar-b-que with us. He took us for walks, and played with us, and gave us breakfast, dinner, & tons of in-between meal snackies. We had such a good time, we hardly noticed our usual bipeds weren't around.

But, when they finally came home, we realized...

It's nice to snuggle with mom and dad.
Plus, mom read us all the nice comments woo posted while they were away!

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo

PS - we promise we will make mom paw replies to all your blogs soon.


Monday Movie

Short & sweet!

Sorry about the nose smudges, Mom took this thru the patio doors.

A-roos to yous!
Jack a-roo & Moon too


Happy Independence Day

The bipeds made a special day just to honor Siberians (and cats).

It's called "Independence Day"

(And what word could describe a Siberian (or cat) better than "independence?")

They have picnics & feed us hot dogs & burgers and cheese puffs. They take a day off work to stay home with us! They remove our leashes & collars and let us run freely through the neighborhood! (OK, we made up that last part, its just wishful thinking)

So enjoy yourself to the fullest and have a safe &
Happy 4th of July Siberindependence Day!

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo


Friday Fotos

Just as mom was about to take a picture, a certain camera-hog moved in...
(at least it made for interesting perspective)

Here we go! This is the picture mom was trying to get! (Yes, I relented & let her catch me smiling in a photo, but just this once)

Woos & a-roos,
Smilin Star & Jack hog-a-roo


Thankful Thursday

Just feeling thankful today.... thankful fur everything.

Wooos & a-roos,
Star, Jack a-roo and Moon too