This is what Sherman has looked like most of this week.
Not good, is it?

Hu-mom & dad got very very worried, because he wouldn't respond to them, or to food, or to anything, they took him back to the vets, and they did that x-ray thing to his insides. It wasn't as awful as I thought, he says it didn't even hurt. Anyway, his lungs look like an artic snowstorm, which, according to the vets, is not a good thing. He has new-monia. I guess the old monia wore out or something, but this one is new. I'm being extra nice to him. I even let him lay on MY spot, near MY toys. He's taking lots of pills now, Hu-mom "steams" him in the shower room, then thumps on his lungs like he's some kind of huskie drum. He gets lots of extra goodies like meat & peanut butter, and he's eating nothing but treats. I'm being extra picky about food too, just because the hu-mons are real softies right now. But I'm glad, because I really want Sherman to get better. I did cute little zoomies for my hu-mons tonight when they came home, just to make them smile.

Woos, Star


BEACH!...sort of

We finally made it to one of the rocky beaches in Newport. Well actually, it's the end of the island where the boats are, not a sandy-type beach. But there were all kinds of exciting new smells there! See the people on the bench in front of this boat? They are from England. WE are the first LIVE HUSKIES this woman has ever seen! We let them dote on us for a while. The man had some yummy dried chicken snacks with him, too. He had two little bichons, but they joined us later, after the treats were gone.

We explored the beach.

Sherman stepped into the ocean and tried to catch some waves in his teeth. Don't ya just love his reaction? "Bleech! Too salty!"

After dunking my paws, I decided to stay on the beach. Something smells mighty good under this rock! Sooo good, I'd better roll around on it!

Then we went for a long walk around this old fort.

Now don't get excited, I'm not really off leash on the seawall - Hu-mom's been playing with photoshop. It was fun.

We sat & admired the view while the sun began to set.
(look, no leashes! *snicker*)

See what we were looking at?

Then we walked down the dock back to the car and fell asleep on the way home. We've decided we like it here.


Sherman, heal!

Sherman's ordeal with kennel cough continues....after ten days of antibiotics & cough meds, he recovered for all of two days. With usual husky precision-timing, he began coughing again right after the vet offices closed on Saturday. I admit he had me a bit worried too, as he coughed for soooo long and sooo hard, that the poor boy was hacking up blood. Even the new neighbors came over to see if he was choking to death. (Nice to know they care.) Then he slept allll weekend, wouldn't play or eat or anything.

The only good thing about this is that Hu-mom's been sleeping downstairs on the couch so she can keep an eye on him. Now, how can she do that when her eyes are closed all night? Good think I'm here to really keep an eye on him!

Hu-mom talked to the new vet Monday morning, and now he's on round two of the antibiotics. Must be more going on than just the kennel cough bug. Please send him some spare woooos if you can. If this doesn't work, they're going to "x-ray" him. Sounds ominous to me.

I want my happy fluffy boy back!

Nurse Star


Smilin' in RI

Finally, a sunny day today, that long-awaited chance to get some nice shots of us, and what happens? Hu-mom and dad take us out for a photo-opportunity walk, and after a few shutter clicks, the digi blinkie thing goes dead. Apparently its bat-trees died. no bats, no trees, no pictures.
But she did manage a couple. This one was supposed to have a nice sailboat in the background, but by the time she squeezed out one more photo & we both smiled, the sailboat had sailed out of site. Oh well.

And these are my personal flower-decoration bushes.

They smell soooo good, and they skritch my sides so nice, I love to plunge into them headfirst!

Then I wriggle and wriggle,and voila! I'm covered in tiny white flower petals!

Hu-mom says I really look like a snow-dog except that it's not snow. I think I look mah-velous! what do you think?

I like to carry them around on my fur. I'm very careful not to shake them off, at least not until I'm back inside the house. So that about wraps up the photo exursion, till they get some live bats back in those trees.



A-rooooo there!
Since we're still waiting on a sun-shiney photo opportunity to show off our new digs, I thought I'd post a couple pics from the last event our hu-mom & dad took us to in Ohio before moving....the Pettalk pic-nic!

The people & pups came from all across the country, and the best part was that they baked delicious cookies for us canines! We feasted all day on yummy stuff. I oversaw the begging, someone had to do it. Frenzied beggers can get so unruly...
Since we knew they had these special treats, we were ALL on our best behavior. It was worth it!
The sad part was saying good-bye wooo-woooos to some very dear friends, but who knows? Maybe hu-mom will haul our furry little butts 800 miles & go to another event one day.
Good bye, Lucy! I'm turning over my job as Queen of the Dogpark to you now - Keep everyone in line!

Et tu, Brutus! (Hu-mom is really gonna miss you, sweetie)

See ya later, Chipper & Kia

So long, Sherman...........................................just joking!

And finally...a pic of yours truly,

Woos to all the humans & pups in Ohio,
Star of the Eastern Coast


Rhode Island at last...

After a grueling 16 hr. trip (because hu-mom gets lost a lot), we finally arrived at our new home. That last couple days before moving were rough. When our kennel disappeared and I saw my squeeky babies & big fluffy bed get packed up, I admit I got a little nervous. So I ate many of the unusual herbs growing in the part of the yard Sherman & I got tethered to while hu-mom ran around like a rabid squirrel packing & cleaning. This was apparently not such a good idea, because for two days my tummy rumbled like Mt. St. Helens, and I didn't feel very well. I decided a hunger strike was in order, which further distressed the humans. I finally ate my first whole meal in five days tonight. The offending herbs seemed to have passed without any fireworks. All I wanted to do was sleep...

Sherman also got sick. He developed "kennel cough", hacking away like he was going to drop dead, with gobs of mucus pouring out of his eyes. Of course it was the "weekend", which is when the animal doctors all agree to stay home. But this morning one took pity on our plight and allowed Sherman to come in & get treated. I'm happy to report he's doing much better tonight. See for yourself-

After 16 hours cooped up in a car while he breathed on me, I may just start hacking away too. That would really please hu-mom, wouldn't it? : )

We're enjoying the fact that we are finally allowed in the house. Ahhhh, soft carpeting to stretch out on, so nice! Here we are, see my new lobster squeeky?

Hu-mom wanted to post nice pictures of us lounging on beaches in the sun, but it's been gray & rainey since we arrived, so here's the best she could do. I refused to look at that flashy thing, but the large white squawking birds in the background were pretty interesting to watch. They look tasty. Maybe when I'm 100%, I'll try to nab one.

Woooos, Star of the Eastern Coast