Smilin' in RI

Finally, a sunny day today, that long-awaited chance to get some nice shots of us, and what happens? Hu-mom and dad take us out for a photo-opportunity walk, and after a few shutter clicks, the digi blinkie thing goes dead. Apparently its bat-trees died. no bats, no trees, no pictures.
But she did manage a couple. This one was supposed to have a nice sailboat in the background, but by the time she squeezed out one more photo & we both smiled, the sailboat had sailed out of site. Oh well.

And these are my personal flower-decoration bushes.

They smell soooo good, and they skritch my sides so nice, I love to plunge into them headfirst!

Then I wriggle and wriggle,and voila! I'm covered in tiny white flower petals!

Hu-mom says I really look like a snow-dog except that it's not snow. I think I look mah-velous! what do you think?

I like to carry them around on my fur. I'm very careful not to shake them off, at least not until I'm back inside the house. So that about wraps up the photo exursion, till they get some live bats back in those trees.



Holly said...

Such lovely pictures!!! I like your flower photo! I bet they make you smell exceptionally nice!


IndyPindy said...

Hey, I do that with plants and bushes too! We have a ficus tree in the living room and I love to plunge my face into it. I don't eat the leaves, I just like to rub the plant on my face. And I like to walk through bushes and have them scritch my sides.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh beautiful pictures! I love to walk under plants and bushes too!!!!!

The Army of Four said...

Bee-roo-tiful pictures! Did you try to eat the bushes at all? Those flowers look tasty!
Play bows,

Lee :) said...

You both are so fluffy! You defnitely look hugable (if that is even a word). RI is a good little state. We're partial to it since it isn't that far from Maine. :)

Shmoo said...

Wow! That pose look just LIKE Sammy's recent basking in the sun pose!