BEACH!...sort of

We finally made it to one of the rocky beaches in Newport. Well actually, it's the end of the island where the boats are, not a sandy-type beach. But there were all kinds of exciting new smells there! See the people on the bench in front of this boat? They are from England. WE are the first LIVE HUSKIES this woman has ever seen! We let them dote on us for a while. The man had some yummy dried chicken snacks with him, too. He had two little bichons, but they joined us later, after the treats were gone.

We explored the beach.

Sherman stepped into the ocean and tried to catch some waves in his teeth. Don't ya just love his reaction? "Bleech! Too salty!"

After dunking my paws, I decided to stay on the beach. Something smells mighty good under this rock! Sooo good, I'd better roll around on it!

Then we went for a long walk around this old fort.

Now don't get excited, I'm not really off leash on the seawall - Hu-mom's been playing with photoshop. It was fun.

We sat & admired the view while the sun began to set.
(look, no leashes! *snicker*)

See what we were looking at?

Then we walked down the dock back to the car and fell asleep on the way home. We've decided we like it here.


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow you two, that is beautiful!!! I love the photoshop on the leash! mom has photoshop and has been playing with it too. She needs to figure out to remove a leash from a photo!!!

Holly said...

Wow! What an awesome day you had! I love all the photos! Sure wish I had a nice beach to go to!


IndyPindy said...

Hey, maybe you got the new-monia in New England!

Beautiful pictures!