Sherman, heal!

Sherman's ordeal with kennel cough continues....after ten days of antibiotics & cough meds, he recovered for all of two days. With usual husky precision-timing, he began coughing again right after the vet offices closed on Saturday. I admit he had me a bit worried too, as he coughed for soooo long and sooo hard, that the poor boy was hacking up blood. Even the new neighbors came over to see if he was choking to death. (Nice to know they care.) Then he slept allll weekend, wouldn't play or eat or anything.

The only good thing about this is that Hu-mom's been sleeping downstairs on the couch so she can keep an eye on him. Now, how can she do that when her eyes are closed all night? Good think I'm here to really keep an eye on him!

Hu-mom talked to the new vet Monday morning, and now he's on round two of the antibiotics. Must be more going on than just the kennel cough bug. Please send him some spare woooos if you can. If this doesn't work, they're going to "x-ray" him. Sounds ominous to me.

I want my happy fluffy boy back!

Nurse Star


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

oh no, poor sweet Sherman! I hope that he can get rid of this cough! Star, keep us informed!

Holly said...

Oh goodness!! I sure hope he gets better very soon! We will send him some prayers!

Keep us updated!