MangoMinster: Jack, Adventure Animal!

A-roos to Yous!
It's me, Jack, with my entry into MangoMinster's "Adventure Animals"!
I'm an adventurous guy, and love having real adventures and cyber ones, too. So lets start off with me impersonating one of my adventure heros- can woo guess who?
Ha-roo roo roo!
I've tried to follow Indiana Jone's example to be brave in the face of danger, resourceful and quick-thinking in the moment....
and to always rescue my buddies.
(I braved Hurricane Irene to rescue my Pengie)
Living on the Atlantic coast is great for seaside adventures.
Exploring the beach is always an adventure -
woo never know what you'll find on the beach!
My favorite part of the coast is the rocks -
sometimes we walk w-a-a-a-y out!
I love to look into the craigs as the waves come in & out
We have lighthouse adventures, too.
My sis Tori told a really good story about a lighthouse adventure,
and while dad relaxed at the top of the rocks...
...I ventured up and down the steep craigs,
and I don't want to lose my grip - its a steep drop - really!
Here's more lighthouse adventures - this one's on the next island over, its called Beavertail Light.
Other island adventures include trips to the windmill.
...where I get to visit friends...
...and dig for new ones.
I love to befriend other 4-leggers on my island adventures...
but woo do have to know when to keep your distance!
Some of my friends live in far-away places.
Going to see them is always an adventure!
and even met Khyra at the TOTTSHR Hike in '09
and I was a Sled dog with my friend Moon there, too!
Sometimes mom sends me on cyber-adventures,
like Pengie rescues at the North Pole:
I love pengies, I even rescue them here in Ri
...Crossing the dangerously slippery glacier between me & Pengie....
battling snowstorms till I find the Pengie in distress...
Sometimes I go for historic adventures, too.
In NH, I discovered a real piece of Sled Dog history --
This year's Siberian National was dedicated to Shorty, the woman who pioneered Siberian sled dog racing in NH- this is her training kennel. Please check out the posts- I learned lots of interesting stuff there.
I'm proud to pose in front of a monument to sled dog heros!
and check out this boulder in NH not far from the kennel!
I hope I've given woo a glimpse of my adventurous life.

Sometimes adventure awaits in my own backyard,
sometimes its across the world, but wherever it is,
I'm Jack A-roo, Adventure Animal!

A-roos to yous,
Jack A-roo


View from the Moo: MangoMinster *Too Darn Cute* +video!

Ha-woo dear readers,
Peek a Boo!
It's me, Moo!
Today's View from the Moo is my official entry for MangoMinster into the "Too Darn Cute" category. (With some intervention from his hugeness, Mango, Judge Fiona has graciously allowed me to enter!) So please enjoy the post & see if I'm cute enough to be MangoMinster's "Too Darn Cute" winner!

Mom's tells me all the time,
I'm such a Cute Little Moo!
...I don't bribe her with roses...
but I love to hug her!
I love to greet people with a special smile,
it makes them feel good and that makes me feel good, too!
I also love to play with my brofur Jack, teasing him is so much fun!
(He thinks I'm really cute, too, don't let those toofers fool woo)
Sometimes playing turns me into a cute mud puppy
Then its bath time!
(Mom says this is one of her very favorite pictures of my cuteness!
All bright & shiny again!
For special occasions, I go to the spa and even get my toenails done.
I love to get all dressed up for very special occasions...
I attend gala events!
... and meet famous people!
Do woo like my Derby Day outfit?
Can woo guess who I was for and Halloween?
I dress up for holiday photo shoots, too
But I have to admit that such a busy schedule
can really tire a girl out...
some days I can fall asleep anywhere!
Just in case woo still aren't convinced about my cuteness,
mom caught me doing my cute Moopaw Wave...
and I think woo'll agree...its pretty darn cute!

I hope woo all agree with my Mom,
I'm one Cute Little Moo!
Please vote fur me in MangoMinster's
"Too Darn Cute" contest!
and that's today's View from the Moo!
Miss Moo